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Army the biggest Real Estate Mafia

Apart from controlling the budget of our country the Army has a tremendous control over the freely available real estate of our country. Lets take a glancing look at the statistics, the Army has 22,500 acres of land sanctioned to its own profitable use while the Navy has 712 acres and the Air Force has a measly 536 acres. First of all ‘What has the Army done to deserve such a bulk share?’ Secondly we Pakistanis know how these army officers have slowly climbed up the social scale to start driving Mercs and Beamers in town, one often does have to wonder with a normal pay-scale how can serving in the Army be so profitable.

The scam is simple – they ‘earn’ a few pieces of land ‘for their faithful service for our country’ and have then earned the right to rip us dry, the well located plots are sanctioned to them at a dirt cheap controlled price and soon they make a handsome proffit mostly entering into the millions more often a 100 times proffit for a quick turnaround.

Well thats pure business at the cost of bleeding our country dry. Name one thing that the Army has done which was performed in true spirit and has proven to be profitable ONLY to Pakistan without any vested interest, they have handed us a handful of martial laws, a few lost battles here and there and not to forget our recent escapade of ‘Enlightened Moderation’ which tries to teach us ‘Pakistanis’ to work hard to improve our economy, why? so that then the Enlightened personnel can commence a ripe picking season to make more money off its citizens.

It also seems strange that all important burecratic positions are also assigned to some ex-Army personnel as in their arrogance feel that their discplined Army training has taught them to run ‘any industry of their choosing’ seems as if they fool themselves into believing that they are the only saviours remaining in Pakistan. The country needs to be run by qualified individuals not an expert in the art of war and now ‘feels like he can run a company’ Hell! I am a dentist but I feel I can put together an Atomic Bomb!’ Honestly I feel I can! But will you let me! Enlightened Moderation my ass.

Read this article on SA Tribune, I am aware that SA Tribune is anti-establishment so read the article with a tinge of salt just to comprehend the overall picture Title: Corrupt Musharraf’s Generals, Exposed by Musharraf’s Generals

What do you have to say about the Army?


  • Kamran |

    Very well written. Dictators have always pushed Pakistan more backward. I just keep thinking about the amount of money those military officers get so quickly. I have no personal enemity with them, but there should be some extent to what an army,navy,airforce officer can get in return for service to their country. But the situation here is totally opposite. I heard that almost 80 percent of our budget goes to Military?? now that does generate a strong (and strange) thought!

  • Farooq |

    Lets be honest here Kamran… Not 80% budget only 60-70% …. and with less than 5% for health and education….. No doubt we are a third world country obsessed with our missiles and Khakis…