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Jackson Not Guilty

Moments ago at 2:15 am Pakistan time, Michael Jackson has been found not guilty on all 10 counts. To me this was surely a very surprisingly judgment that the Santa Barbara jury passed allowing him to run free for all the molesting charges. I was completely dead set at having him sent to jail for the maximum 18 yrs. Im stunned

Update – More comments: Looking back at the trial it gives you a good idea how the US media works. Gone are the days of being innocent until proven guilty as with the media frenzy its more like Guilty Until Proven Innocent. That is exactly how this trial went, media had, to the last moment determined for itself that Jackson was Guilty and all the pundits were already warming their butchering knifes and were revving up for a victory celebration. It must have been a missed heartbeat for the editors to scramble a new story line once they started hearing the words Not Guilty. I was sure if MJ was found guilty the media would have danced all over him for atleast a few additional months but now with a not guilty verdict it no longer remains a juicy story and will fade away within a few days as its no fun trying to ridicule an innocent person. Sitting all the way across the world in Pakistan, I and many others were exposed to the constant media bombardment of Jackson being a child molester and were throughly convinced that a guilty verdict was soon to follow – hell – I was extremenly disappointed at hearing the Not Guilty verdict and for a few hours felt betrayed by the American Judicail system. A good nights sleep put things in better perspective and I was satisfied at Jacko being innocent after a well fought trail. Jackson I now make peace with you and hope you continue to mavel us with a few more stunning music pieces.


  • Ali |

    No way MJ could be found guilty! The accusers lied blatantly and used MJ, MJ was innocent all along. I am happy for MJ.


  • shobz |

    i have no doubt that mj is an eccentric person. however i cant digest the fac tthat he molested someone. i am just glad he doesnt have to go to jail. he doesnt look like the type of person who would harm anyone.

  • Khushal |

    I don give a S*** to whats the TRUE story wether he was involved in such a DEVIL’s deed or not ,but what bothers me is the US and international Media ,O my Gosh they covered his all journey from the Court to his home ,LOL was he an Angel or waht …they’ve got so much spare time for these things…

    And yah i dont want any comments on this….

  • Yasir |

    Well I was MJ big fan like others could be in across the globe.i just like him bcoz of his dance and his lyrics like earth song or beat it or billie jeans.but i bet he is a gay guy.if you read his remarks and his child-co-stellar remarks who performed in Black or White VDO.he said that I’ve been slept with MJ on his bed and MJ himself said that there’s no harm to share bed to whom you love.well now you can imagine,he is genuine gay guy.And I got mad when I read his song JAM lyrics.do you know what did he say in his song..he said that “False Prophets Come and Cry for doom” now you can imagine how he thinks like any other american do thinks.he called Prophet (who are the pure prophets means messenger of GOD )as a “False Prophet” shame on him if you cant follow prophet footstep at least dont say em False,Could the prophets ever be FALSE?
    we can be false but prophets never,I wish I could case at him for bout 10 million $ on behalf of his remarks against prophet.Is there anyone who can help me to do so,???I’m waiting now I hate MJ= Mental Jackson