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Why Sunnis Blow themselves up

An interesting article appeared in Asia Times Online which tries to analyze why the US forces continue to face a great deal of resistance in Iraq with the latest surge in suicide bombers targetting the US military personnel. I quote a few intersting argmuments extracted from the article.

What should frighten Washington is not the quantity, but rather the character of attacks against coalition forces….. The resistance lost its capacity for frontal assault after Fallujah, but has undiminished capacity for suicide attacks, a method that bespeaks incurable desperation…. Even if foreign Islamists provide more than their due share of the cannon fodder [militants], Iraqi Sunnis are willing to kill themselves to get at their American as well as their Iraqi enemies. … Evidently, the Sunnis see their prospects differently than does Bush. Rather than Wal-Mart and the Parent Teachers’ Association, Iraq’s Sunnis see an endless horizon of poverty and humiliation

Read more at Asia Times Online

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  • Asad Asif |

    Asia Times is an Indian rag. Most of the writers are Indians. The site has little, of any, credibility for me.