London Under Attack 7/7

Lodon Under Attack

7/7/05 is now also another sad day going down into the history books. London is now offically another target for terrorists and sadly suffered a huge attack with numerous bombs going off in various localities throughout central London. The minute I heard the sad news, my heart skipped a beat, and it got even worse when a sleeper cell of Al-Qaida Europe took full responsibility for the attack. This is a now a huge blow for rebuilding process. It now means that the world would continue to hate muslims who are principally a peace loving nation. These so-called Islamic terrorists can by no-means call themsleves Muslims as Islam does not preach the killing of innocent people regardless as to what the cause or Jihad maybe. 9/11 has already cast a very bad image to the overall religion and now this incident of 7/7 will add to more trouble for all.

I along with all peace loving muslims condemn the attack and pray for the few souls that passed away in the event and also wish a speedy recovery for the wounded. Ameen






8 responses to “London Under Attack 7/7”

  1. Shirazi Avatar

    I join TM to condemn an attack on humanity any where.

  2. fizz Avatar

    I totally agree.A molvi here has also given fatwa that Islam and Muslims are against such brutality and in no way support such acts.

  3. Yasir Avatar

    I condemn….

    I also condemn Teeth Maestro for making so little posts lately… Hope everything is awrite… the last post was after 10 days break and now again silence… are u ok? were u in london or something?

  4. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    This recent pause in the Blog was due to my sisters marriage which was quickly followed by the marriage of a very dear friend technically I got through the fiasco just yesterday – so now I AM BACK — Ready or Not Here I Come 😉

  5. shobz Avatar

    the attack on london saddened me to a great extent. two of my friends cheated death that day. its a good thing they had passed through russell square five minutes earlier. the atmosphere is a bit tense over here.i guess i am paranoid as i cant throw any trash without thinking that people are staring at me. i have a fear of travelling on the underground. the memories of that day still linger in my head. however the people of london refuse to let these events affect their lives.everyone over here feels bad about the events on thursday. i just hope everything turns out all right. i am optimistic. i havent faced any harrassment as yet. some people understand that Islam is a peace loving religion. some of them fear that the nationalists might use this as an opportunity to attack Muslims. Christian faith leaders have issued a joint statement along with the Muslim community condemning the attacks and supporting interfaith harmony. i am so glad i didnt go to the university of london that day.

  6. Hammad Avatar

    london attacks are somehow, cant define able but others have to undestand or we have to told them by our acts that all fingers are not equal, they are extremists, so plz dont spoil our peace, coz we are unable to do anything, expect condenming such attacks…by the way train disaster rocks ghotki today….

  7. essjee Avatar

    YEs Islam does not preach any terrorism or any misconduct even.this is just a misconception. we all condemn such acts it a muslim or a non muslim.

  8. dan Avatar

    Are we really a nation that breeds these terrorists?

    I’ll have to say yes. Have you seen how many people MMA is able to gather for their hateful speeches? Have you seen what some of the posters that they carry say?

    We created hundreds of thousands of jehadis during the afghan-russian era through madrassahs funded by the US. most of these people have no other knowledge than how to use automatic weapons, create bombs and bits and bobs from the Koran. Since that war, they’ve been at large and a disaster waiting to happen.

    so the US is as much to blame for the creation of these jehadis who don’t mind killing defenseless women and children in the name of Islam. And our Mullahs are the worst, cuz they preach this hatred. Some of them even get visas to travel to other countries and incite hatred and fuck things up for the local muslim communities in those countries.

    these people have nothing to do with islam. the only reason why we’re in this shithole is bcuz of ignoring what the koran and hadith teaches us, ie. tolerance, and listening to mullahs.