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Greatest Office Game

Sitting in the office one has a lot of time to waste, it specially gets very interesting if the King-Pin (Boss) conveniently requests you to throw a bunch a papers in the trash. Taking the opportunity you roll up your sleeves position a dustbin about 6 feet away settle down and officially begin the trash-paper-basket game. The goal is to pocket all the paper into the dustbin, carefully calculating distance, wind speed and some serious colleague/crowd pressure (of course its even more pressure on the nerves if the game is illegally being played, then ensure that you have an appropriate exit strategy in case any of the senior colleagues accidentally walk in)

Until the golden day comes, when your boss actually gives you the offer to trash soem paper, practice your aim at this online version. My best is 9 consecutive shots, what’s yours.

Play the game at Widro.com | a digg.com story

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    Is it sad to admit that I’ve actually played the virtual paper wastebasket game before? I did pretty well too! :P