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Nanospheres to cure Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth

The Institute of Physics in a conference recently revealed some interesting research related to dentistry, preliminary findings show that Nanospheres could finally solve the age of problem of sensitive teeth.

Sensitive teeth or ‘dental hypersensitivity’ is a condition that arises when the dentine of the tooth is exposed. The dentine is made up of thousands of tiny fluid-filled channels which radiate outwards from the nerve endings at the centre of the tooth. Heat, some chemicals, and physical contact can cause the fluid in these channels to move – in or out – triggering the nerve endings and causing sharp pain. So if these channels (or ‘tubules’) are fully or partially blocked, the flow can be reduced and the pain stopped or significantly reduced. Currently, the only way to treat this condition is through good dental hygiene – using special toothpastes and fluorine mouthwashes which encourage re-mineralization of the dentine coating.

If this new research slowly develops into some good viable solution, it could really help thousands of people suffering from sensitive teeth and surly we as dentists would now finally have a way to help many who come to us for relief.