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Rape Trap

Rapex A Los Angeles Times Story about a South African inventor Sonette Ehlers and her new anti-rape female condom.

“Rapex”, the condom-like device bristling with internal hooks designed to snare rapists while in the process of committing the rape. The device, concealed inside a woman’s body, hooks onto a rapist during penetration and must be surgically removed.

Fellow men, consider this a medical warning, you had better keep you pecker in your pants as it might be a tad bit too late if you accidentally run into a Man-hating-Woman to serve you, your own pecker for breakfast. I can only say OOOUUCCHHH!!!!! That’s gotta hurt…… I plead to all women to please have mercy on us poor men !!! ;)


  • AsianSmiles |

    :) :) :) Maestro…. the “device” is indeed cruel… but no one will be hurt by it if the woman won’t be raped, right?

    just a thought. if push comes to shove, i guess we might as well use it. lol.

    :) :) :)

  • Fahad Majeed |

    lol..what a great thing…man i cant get to terms with this …its really a bolt from the blue to see such a device. Great!

    with regards

  • Fahad Majeed |

    I found a flaw in the rape trap i.e something else a person should insert now of the same dimensions. The device cannot know what it is so it will stick to it . ho ho …Rape Trap broken ;)

    with regards

  • Teeth Maestro |

    Bravo Bravo – You have saved all men from this torture.

    Now all we have to do is have the woman place a sign in front, as I think it might be a bit too late after the initial slam dunk ;)

    WOMEN WOMEN WOMEN – arent they sometimes too cruel to us men folk ;)

  • AsianSmiles |

    “WOMEN WOMEN WOMEN – arent they sometimes too cruel to us men folk ”

    nah. :P


    Ouch is right! I think a rapist deserves that though. I have no compassion or sympathy for anyone who rapes or attempts to rape a woman. Nothing will fire me up more than running into one of those scums.

    My only concern is that a woman uses it to get back at an ex. Like lure him in and act like she wants to sleep with him, it’s consensual and then in the back of her head she is thinking “pay back time asshole” and that thing snaps down on his dick.

  • Zag |

    Diamond: LOL!!!! Man, this will take care of affairs as well….. hmmm rape and affairs gone out the window… two birds one stone, what an amazing device ;)

  • Zag |

    btw, i just thought of this…… how did they performed the test??? did they ask for volunteers??? :)

  • Zag |

    Herez a scene from American Pie 4…… you know how there are free condoms at clinics in US…. well, after this, they’ll have free rape traps also… so side by side they have both. The A**hole walks in the clinic trying to get a free condom cuz hez about to get lucky, and instead grabs a trap….. well, you know what’ll happen after that :)

  • Teeth Maestro |

    Diamond – thats exactly what I worry about, ex’s going in for revenge. Can u imagine the perfect device to get back at the boyfriend, Make him suffer…..

    Zag – The question that remains to be seen if it will be allowed to be marketed in the US as without proper testing no medical product can be launched without FDA approval, no wonder they had enough volunteers in South Africa. Volunteers come-on you must be joking even if I offered you $ 10,000 would you be willing to offer the sacrifice for the benefit of mankind, and then serve as a good practice case for doctors to unhook you. I would not be too surpised if one day we see a rerun of a similar scene on Reality TV.

  • Asif Ali |

    Ok, Doctor Saheb you know me by Hassan,great instrument but I bet even this invention cannot prevent men from raping women, that is if the assailant and rapist decides to “flip the coin” means enter from behind, Oh boy, its gonna hurt bad…..bottom line – no good for ladies


    Oh I don’t think I need to give women any ideas, some chicks are crazy enough to think of something like that all on their own. :P

  • Adnan Khan |

    I don’t think the inventor thought this thing through. I mean, if this device gets
    ‘engaged’, the perp will be physically attatched to the victim, until such time
    that they are surgically seperated.

    The perp is not going to be a pleasant companion til that happens, which is
    not good news for the victim. It would have been another thing, if that device
    were to coat the appendage with some chemical acid, allowing the female
    to ‘disengage’ and escape. Otherwise, I am reminded of that sheyr:

    Hum Tou doubay haiN sanam, Tujh kou bhee ley doubaiN-gay

  • Zech |

    To reply to that which Adnan stated, the trap doesn’t slip in to the female to become attached to HER; but, rather, to strictly maim the assailant. The whole thing would be useless if both victim and assailant were held together.

  • slaveboy |

    Awesome!!! Anyone know when and where they are available for purchase? My master wants me on the lookout to find one ASAP. I guarantee these things will be high success selling items as sex toys. What a way to be tortured. I CAN”T WAIT! Where where where?

  • kubie5789 |

    I read somewhere in these comments that someone used the word “maim” in regards to this new device. I think that means any masochist silly enough to use it (or allow it to be used) on himself would likely do it only once.

    I suspect, however, that masochism is not the greatest threat to the popular use of this device. It’s the evil in the human heart we need to worry about. I’m sure most women would only use such a thing to protect themselves. There is, however, a small contingency of the female persuasion who might indeed use it to get back at a cheating spouse or an abusive boyfriend. A physically abusive man might deserve it, but the device was intended to prevent rape. Any other use should be considered a crime, just as it is a crime to abuse a woman.

    Then there’s another factor that, thus far, has remained unconsidered. There are absentminded women out there who might unintentionally maim an unsuspecting but otherwise loving husband or boyfriend. Is there anything about this “rapex” to prevent this? Is it so comfortable that a woman could forget she’s wearing it?

    As far as the distribution process goes, I find it unlikely that rapex will be available for free at clinics around the country. Its potential to be used as a weapon precludes any such possibility.

    Kubie the frightened Dooby

  • don't rape me in the cornhole |

    mr slave you are a pervert with your s and m thing, but that’s not why i wrote this.the device has to be removed by the hospital or by sugery

  • anon |

    Rapists are bad and they deserve what’s coming to them but on the other hand this device has a major weakness that I think someone pointed out in less than clear grammar. Since this device is designed to latch on to the intruding appendage, it will be useless if the attacker inserts something else first that may cause even more internal damage. Much like a traditional mouse trap, if the mouse hits the trigger with another object, they get free cheese. Fortunately mice aren’t that smart but rapists may be.

    On the lighter side, can you imagine how well this would sell in prisons.

  • what a stupid idea |

    ok first of all now that ppl kno it exists im pretty sure they would check if its ther wit sumthin other than ther dick. criminals r horrible ppl but they usually arent stupid. an ther is always anal rape which would b alot worse. this is more like sum kind of crazy sadistic bitches phantasy play thing that has no place in society. an i dont even want to kno what pushishment will befall the bitch that acctually catches sum 1 in this. i kno i wouldnt b the happiest person after that an crimials r known 4 ther violence ppl. this is a cute little idea but its not well thought out an will end up doin more harm then good. also if the criminal discovers ur wherein thys b 4 he gets caught ever consider the fact that he could jus turn it inside out an use it on u. how ironic that sumthin made 2 prevent rape could acctually b used 2 make the experience worse. ther r just 2 many flaws in thys an probly wont b produced in the US becuz we acctually hav sum damn sense

  • readinglord |

    But this happens naturally in every case of dog-bitch sex, both consensual and non-consensual. The dog in fact gets himself entangled or toe-chained through his penis but gets freed when discharged. It may be enjoyable for the dog but he does get beating sometimes by the naughty urchins. Men would perhaps welcome such an arrangement with pleasure.

  • Oh my god |

    What a bunch of morons. Rapist are already violent enough. This will make them murderers