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Bush Needs a Potty Break

Bush needs to pee“I think I may need a Bathroom Break? Is this possi..” This is a note being written by George W. Bush during the 60th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York yesterday.

A call for nature is usually very urgent and it won’t even wait for the President of the World George W. Bush seated in a very important meeting with the other heads of states (who probably relieved themselves prior to the event). Reuters photographer Rick Wilking catches him while passing the note to his ‘nurse’ Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to ask her permission to exit the building.

A few questions were raised on the originality of this picture and the mainstream press alleged Reuters for posting a doctored image claiming A closer look at the picture the first part of the note which includes the text “I think I may NEED a BATHroom break?” appears in a thick block script while the other phrase which reads “Is this possib” is in a different writing style, NewsBusters conducts a very detailed investigation bringing in signature experts to verify that this is indeed real. You may also want to see the larger picture which shows him writing the note on Yahoo News Photo

Wilkins, the photgrapher later commented that he took upwards of 200 pictures during that UN meeting, on first glance he did not find any picture useful but his editor just happened to zoom in on this specific picture, and lo ‘behold we have the Bushism of the Day

Read more off the investigation on NewsBusters.org | Reuters Pictures


  • Shirazi |

    The moment I saw this, I somehow was sure this news will appear here. After this, one can be sure that he is mortal human. No?

  • shobz |

    it could have been worse. what if the note said “meet me in the back room condie” or “i need to wank off”. no offense. 😀


    Ha-ha. Well when nature calls, you don’t want to delay. Remember his father? In 1989 President Bush (senior) vomited on Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori’s lap! If only he had asked for a bathroom break too, perhaps that could of been prevented. We don’t want that type of history to repeat itself, or even worse, Dubya shits his pants!

  • Fahad Majeed |

    Next time Bush will arrange a secret code to ask Rice for a washroom break., so that this type of thing dont happen :D..the photographer was all over him and will be in the next meetings as well :P.

    with regards

  • Yasir |

    one day a friend of mine asked me a question does everybody poop or not? he was wonder that high-profile folks may not poop.well i gave him an answer,i told him of course everybody does poop.so do grandmothers, priests, king, opera singer beauty queens,and nuns even president poop which has now apparent in the bove letter.well i am wondering bush gonna push his shit into iraq and afghanistan.which is also apparent to the whole world.all i want is that to bush to push his poop out and mix rice in it and have it in a delicious dinner.LOL

  • Christine |

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