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Dentistry in Karachi

Teeth Maestro is actually the pen name of Dr. Awab Alvi who is a dentist by profession in Karachi, Pakistan. He has been practicing Dentistry in Karachi since 1999 when he graduated from de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore and has since been practicing with his father Dr. Arif Alvi at Alvi Dental Hospital, which is located at

23-B Sindhi Muslim Society
Karachi, Pakistan

If any one wants any dental assistance you are more then welcome to email me or call us up to schedule a dental appointment at your convenience


  • Sania Ahmed |

    Hi, could you give me the cost details of a full denture replacement implant surgery? for a patient suffering from periodontal disease..the gums not in a very good state.

    please do reply soon,


  • Asma |

    Hey….I have big front teeth…..i want to get them reshaped,is that possible in karachi

  • Rani |

    I think Dr.Mohimal is the besssst dentist in lahore…We shud always listen to his wise and sincere advices…He s a v sweet prson wid a beautiful heart..i just wish him my best wishes wherever he is in this world now.

  • Rani |

    If u dont listen 2 Dr.Mohimal…u will regret like me for the rest of ur life….1079….may Allah give him all the success of the world and watever he wants in this lyf and in heaven.ameen.

    sum ameen.