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Khi BombBaluchistan Liberation Army has claimed to have bombed the PIDC building which houses PPL and also a KFC outlet, on first thought people assumed this to be another attack on the multinational franchise KFC, as it would then actually be the third hit on Colonel Sanders. The bomb blast took place early morning during the morning rush hour traffic in front of PIDC which is across the road from two five-star hotels, PC and Sheraton. It sadly claimed three innocent lives with a considerable damage to the surrounding property.

The initial speculation was to point a blaming finger at RAW (Indian Secret Service) – we as a matter of habit blame each other for these events, it was also rumored to be the hand of a so-called “sleeper Al-Qaeda cell”. But all doubts were put to rest when a spokesman of the Baluchistan Liberation Army called Associated Press to claim this as an act of the BLA.

First reaction, what is BLA? BLA is a rouge organisation run by a number of the Baluchistan Feudal Lards, they are the same agency that has continued to be a Pain in the ass for any progress in that region a few prime examples are the problems faced at Sui and Gawadar. This bomb was meant to alert Pakistanis of the problems of the Balouchies. It is sad to see that killing innocent lives is not an important issue for them, never has been as these illiterate feudal lords continue to line their pockets ensuring more suffering for their slaves. I am furious

Read more about the BLA at Dawn.com | Asia Times Online


  • FM |

    If thats right than f*ck those f*ckers [BLA]. Whom they are bombing with bombs, whom they are killing , whom they want liberation from…from their own people ….thats insane..b*llshit stuff. I dont talk sh*t but this has really infuriated me that our own country people are doing this and to achieve their own aims. Killing innocent lives is not a problem to them.

    I think BLA should be banned immediately and an operation should be done in Balochistan to remove the fuedals. Akbar Bugti is also a criminal , who whenver he wants, bomb Sui Power Plant which costs Pakistan a lot of loss and he doesnt understand that. He wants his own reign in the region and wants his demand fullfilled thats why he bomb Sui Power Plant. I think for the progress of the country , Akbar Bugti and other feudals should be nipped in the bud.

    with regards

  • Destitute Rebel |

    Its sad what lengths some people would go to to get their point across. I did’nt know that BLA had taken responsibility for the bombing. Our country has enough troubles already and we do not need more liberation front. The ones who suffer are not, sardars, or nawabs, or chawdrys who sit in thier palaces ordering these sorts of attacks, its about time we broke free of these feudals and start living for our selves for the greater good of our nation and not for theis concieted idiots who will do anything to stay in power.

  • Faiq Shaikh |

    i totaly agreed that culprits of these bombing should strickly be treated no mercy to them but dont forget a root cause of problem.First of all understand who is created and support these feudal lords…u know these Army generals and politicans used them for their purpose,when mutal intrest are not same these balochis become terrorist dont play game like Americans…these Army generals can take over elected govermnet,change consitution but unable to destroy these feudal sardars.its hard to understand.

    i am not any balochi at all but i think the proper way to tackle this problem is to educate and remove poverty in these areas(not by build Amy Cantoment).just by giving bad name to balochis and do Army action might work now but not in long run.(like America do) .After all these balochis are our Brother.May Allah save us All.

  • Yasir Salam |

    Well we have been into bombardment since 1990, when 2 giant powers PML (N) and PPP tried to escalates their rein from each other and when botcher-benazir took charged on 1992-3, he declared karachi folks as terrorist and becum botcher begum to killed thousand of Muhajir whom she so-called terrorist, whom she so scared to give em aids rather than rights,this is our topsy-turvy tragedy that whoever came in ruling made his/her own rule and suppress to so-called terrorists (urdu speakers) according their will and later their own elective president dismissed and overthrow their throne.now one can imagine how obvious culprits they are who made feeble to our country into several sects.
    I ask that who produce BLA, none other than PPP, they are PPP production and they are also ahead to killed Muhajir during benazir 93 rein. Nowadyas mohajir gotcha reign/rule.so BLA cant digest it and wants to disrupt karachi over-all seducing suiation towards betterment.
    I wanna ask Balouchies that why do they follow benazir footstep who is cabal culprit who’s hideous-hubby was Mr.10% and he swallowed sordidly Pak-treasuries and yet balouchies are suffering from clean water in Liyari and in Balochistan province,what did benazir do with BLA, nothing just used em, just filled hatred in their hearts against MQM and is all bout PPP=Perverse Politic Policies which has ruining our kool karachi city since 1990.

  • Shaheen Malik Baloch |

    I am a Baloch, and also against BLA. All this will eventually lead to the separation of Balauchistan, which Indians want, but one interesting this seen here is that, why arent these people being reffered as terrorists, whereas militants in FATA were. THE QUESTION I WANT TO ASK IS,,,, ARE THE AMERICANS BACKING THE BLA UP……

  • haani |

    No cause warrants killing and hurting innocent people,that includes terrorism by any Group and that includes the STATE. Killing of innocents at PIDC is as horrible as the killing of innocent women,children and odinary civillians using US supplied gunships by the current government. We should be balanced and condemn both

  • MARRI |

    im also a marri baloch but i just wanted to say that pidc bombing was not done by the bla.Bla is only fighting with army on mountains of balochistan speciaaly in area of marri tribe kohlu and kahan so if any one still think that pidc bombing was done by BLA so thats totally false and yes (FM) before saying any thing just think one time that wat r u saying and dont u se abuse langueges for any one or on any topic when u dont know the complete story OK.

  • Mir-Hammal (A brave Baluch) |

    First of all BLA has nothing to do with other parts of Pakistan as one mahajir was trying to show the another face of BLA.BLA is just an army fighting for their independence and we all baluch are with them,What pakistan has done in last 57 years with Baluch and Baluchistan that is all infront of us,Not only dictators but civilians too.In 1973 5000 Baluch were killed by using iranian Gunship helicopters,This time those chemical weapons which were supplied by USA to target Taliban they are using on Baluch,Every picture has 2 sides … dont view only its one side,Dont blame any one Pakistan itself is responsible for BALUCHISTAN LIBERATION ARMY, BALUCHISTAN LIBERATION FRONT, BALUCHISTAN FREEDOM MOVEMENT.
    If we consider history as well,we will get to know that Baluchistan was never the part of Pakistan or India.So for one Baluch,His Baluchistan comes first.
    For one lady who was using the Baluch name pls stop making fool .. we know you are not a Baluch.

  • bla baloch |

    BLA IS doing a very good Job we r proud on them i my self want to go to Bla and want to defend my balochistan with this pakistani and punjabi jackasses.few last lines in balochi(wah baloch wah balach tara salam ay jaaan bramdhug main shaan main jaan nawab akber bugti main diljaan ay maari tara salam)


    who will pick up the guns with you balochi no way.?
    any body who is baloch and supports freedom of speech freedom to study freedom to live u consider him not a baloch.
    i think u guys r f..king indians or masoods(israiels).
    there r thousands of baloch in sindh and punjab and one of them is my friend AHMAD ALI KHAN YOUSUF ZAHI and he is more patriotic than me always wears a pakistani flag on his three piece suit,
    BAlochistan are the oldest Pakistanis because if u see the history many MALIKS AND KHANS AND KAKA ZAHI who are now punjabis there roots and great great grandfhers were balochis .so MR SADAM BALOCH ur result will be the same of SADAM HUSSIAN may ALLAH kill U and mnay others like you soon or we the orginal Balochis will do it.

  • crackminder |

    bla in my blood bso in my mind blf in my front nd the rules of nawab akaber bugti and marri baloch are in my harms ….dont call tht the blf is terrroist nd they are our freedom fighter mr pakistanies balochistan are a nt part of pokistan nd it made by qudoajaam the part of pokistan inshallah we gt it soon nd we brak pokistan nd no we all baloch wants freedom if any baloch with pokistan we will also kill him like these dog punjapies nd we know tht no one baloch love pokistan ( Lesson NO 1 Don’t EVER Mess with BALOCH Do u Undersantand U Pokistani Punjabies IM B THE SON OF BLA OF BALOCHISTAN ITS K PUT IN ON THE POKIES WOMAN’ W CALL OUR’ LANG’… PANJOK THE SYSTEM OF BALOCHISTAN RULED’; OVER THE WORLD;S BUGTI WWAS THE Tiger of Balochistan

  • saeed baloch |


  • Khaskheli |

    Well, lets say Barochis get freedom.

    What would happen after that? Right now the blame is on Panjabis but then it would be Our Own Baluchi Feudal Lords raping the common baluchis.

    Its a fight between elites, the Tribal Feudal Lords and the Generals. Common people just suffer at the hands of one elites or the others.

    I’m tired of hearing rants about Panjab. Go check the people of Panjab they suffer in the same way as the Baluchis or the Sindhis. Its only the ELITES who enjoy, not the common people.

  • Karim |

    Right on! Nationalism and Religion, two most effective tools to manipulate masses. Always works.

  • gooder |

    we all are brothers with the blood of same color we are muslims we should listen to eachothers point of view and strengthen our nation before india takes over people of bla are also brothers not the enemies.

  • Bullshit Pakistani |

    I think we should respect the Baluch right that they don’t want to be part of Pakistan. In fact, they never wanted to be a part of Pakistan and were an independent nation until March 1948.

  • Salman Iqbal |

    First of all thank u khaskheli and FM and others who want to ban BLA.

    Second and the most important, everything what is happening is because of RAW and Masood. They are paying high sum of money to BLA and other organizations.

    Now let me tell you the truth. 1948, Pakistan Army was not as strong as you think. Our army was very few. There was so much tension. Pakistan was settling as a new state. Balochistani’s rulers met with Mohammad Ali Jinnah and told to join Pakistan. At the same time, Kashmiris also came to Mohammad Ali Jinnah to join Pakistan. There was so much tension, too much work to do, that taking over Balochistan couldn’t be possible. We have a huge strong enemy on the other side of the country(INDIA) who fixed their soldiers to the border near Pakistan as well as entering Kashmirs through planes. Pakistan’s 80-85% of the soldiers were on the other side of the border than how can Balochistan can be taken over through this situation. Balochistan entered in Pakistan through a good ruler, it was all because of the Muslim Brotherhood. There is still a Muslim Brotherhood and will always remains in all the four province of Pakistan. AMIN!!!

    Balochistan inshallah will always remain a part of Pakistan. Inshallah. Allah meri dua son lay. AMIN!!!

  • baloch |

    My brothers and sisters Bla is not a terrorist organization it is and organization controlled by baloch youth who are very educated and politically aware.they balme panjabis because 75% of the army is panjabi.and the army has taken over Baluchistan and it from march 1948.As balochistan was a free country. the organiztion you people siting in panjaab sind , karachi or anywhere else blame and say that the are terrorists and are not the real representatives of baloch people but i must say that it is only a group of baloch youths who are very against “pakistan” ie they think controlled by punjab.and this is true in balochistan where ever you see pak army men the are mostly panjabis.an this army has oppresed the baloches since they took controll since 1948. depriving the baloch people of their cultuure,language ,triditions , resources and even their original identity. balochi in balocistan is only spoke among the baloches and no propper research is be being done on the language nothing in written and this is waht is happening. it is due their high spirits and their hatred angainst the oppressers{ie they blame the army of majority of panjabis} which makes them perform these acts.
    recently in the last few years drought had struck in balochistan more than one hundred thousand people were displaced due to the pak armies unjust operatio in balochistan . chemical weopons are being used due to which there are are many casses of children’s failed kidneys in the areas of opration.
    during the flood which struck balochistan last year more than three hundred thousand people lost theis houses and everything they had , until aid ie equal to nothing has reached the people.
    in balochistan nothing good is being done by pakistan genuinly for baloch people as it has been going on.
    if you people sitting in others provinces blame the feudal sardaars and nawabs so i must inform you thatmore than ninty percent of these feudal lords are supported by pakistan and are with pakistan.only a few sardars are with the baloch people.
    Pakistan burns prisoners alive: Despite the election of a democratic government in Islamabad, Pakistan continues to abuse human rights in Balochistan. “…Four Baloch prisoners have been burned alive in hot coal tar by the Pakistan army during military operations in annexed and occupied Balochistan, according to the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC). Last week the AHRC received confirmation that Pakistani soldiers arrested four people on April 5 2008, in the Dera Bugti district of Balochistan, and subjected them to torture. They were asked to identify local supporters of the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA). After failing to get any names from them, the victims were immersed in scolding hot coal tar. Three of the men were literally boiled and burned to death. A fourth died later from his injuries….”
    This article has apparently infuriated the Pakistan government. Through the Pakistani High Commissioner in London, they have demanded that The Guardian remove it from this website or publish an apology and correction…But The Guardian is, thankfully, standing firm and refusing to bow to their bullying…Interestingly, the Pakistani government did not object to my report about its army burning alive four prisoners
    the real thing is that the people of Balochistan have been persecuted repeatedly for their demand that they be given control over their natural wealth.
    five human rights activists have been arrested this week.
    so still you pakistani say that we should sacrifice and forget our language a thousnd year old culture and and even give up our identity for a counry that gve us only deaths of our brthers

  • rasool bakhs narejo |

    Salman Iqbal,

    Good point.

    But the problem is emotions. Its easy to start hate and break things and its all hard and painful to accept the trught and build things.

    There is no doubt that these Gandoo Sardars are playing for their own clans but the poor youth…well what can you say. See the same thing among the youth of Karachi, well they are educated and most of them are well off. If they can fall into emotional speeches of Altaf Hussain then why blame the balochis.

  • baloch |

    it is not godd to kill poor low grade punjabi sipaahis and even punjabi shopkeepers they arent recponcible for what is going on they cant be blame but still they should leave our land