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Cough – Cough – I’m Back

For the past week my website was undergoing a series of heart attacks and strokes…. My previous hosting solution was up for renewal, though I was satisfied with them for the past 4 years, but in the mean time I had acquired a whole bunch of new domains which surprisingly totalled to be a good fifteen in number. It was either dig in deep to shelve out for each separate domain or find one that will handle all the crazy bunch. Was I in for some excitement when I discovered Dreamhost which on its basic package offers 20GB of space and 1TB of bandwidth, Unlimited Domains and Unlimited Subdomains, it seemd too good to be true but I saw some good reviews which made be resonably convinced of subscribing to their service. I now stand fully enrolled and enjoying the comfort of such an awesome network.

Since it was the first time I played with a fully customizable server, I naturally had to axe my foot a few times before I could even start rolling. The first three days was a DNS issue created by yours truly, next three days followed an error in the WordPress SQL database which probably happened while I was uploading my entire database onto the server, the homepage appeared fine but the permalinks leading to all comments were being messed up and I realized a strange silence from my blog only after three days of inactivity. I ended up scrapping the entire Database and uploading the last saved version (Backup – Backup – Always Backup.

Read a few of my computer horror stories

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    3- I am Back with tons of Static electricity

After which I have learned to comply with the Backup Pundits. It appears I am back hopefully without a glitch – though I keep my fingers crossed….


  • shobz |

    good thing that u had a backup. i hate it when i loose my blog posts and dont have any backup.ps. i am still not on top of the list.

  • Poo Poo Head |

    Sorry for scrapping you here as I am, not allowed there.

    If thats ad. for Google then atleast we Karachites could not apply. I saw their ad two months ago and one of the requirement was ‘Punjabi’ language. :-)

    I hope you are doing good now and also hope that you would not mind me scrapping here.