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TAG IT! on Bloggers.Pakistan

Bloggers.Pakistan now boasts another nifty feature called TAG IT!

A community driven tagging system perfectly designed to improve the overall blog reading experience for everyone using Pakistan’s First and Only Blog Aggregator – www.bloggers.pk. In the first week of launch we have processed over 70 applications of which a few are still pending due to technical errors (mostly inaccessible feeds and a few due to our inability to incorporate Urdu Unicode). All registered blogs have in turn submitted a massive total of over 800 posts into our system. Eight hundred posts is indeed a massive number and for any human to filter and digest its contents naturally a herculean task. We needed a creative solution….

At first I experimented with using categories as identifying tags and crossed my fingers letting the incoming blogs to create their own set of categories, easy as it sounds, it was the start of the jigsaw puzzle, majority of Pakistani bloggers are using blogspot as their primary blogging platform, and unfortunelty blogger does not enforce a category system (unlike WordPress / Movable Type) so in the case of Blogspot we then crossed our fingers and hoped that the blogger would be technologically aware and be implementing some sort of an external tagging system which we can use on Bloggers.pk…. that too was dream with little hope of turning into a reality.

Taking matters into our own hands was the only solution and the idea of a community driven system to tag was the answer. Communcity driven tagging is now referred to as FOLKSONOMY (mixture of FOLKS and TAXONOMY = people driven taxonomy). Locating the ideal plug-in was difficult but were pleased to come across Ultimate Tag Warrior 3.1 plug-in which perfectly suited our requirements.

To use this system you need to be a registered member of Bloggers.Pakistan, naturally registration is free. Once registered and logged in, every post will then display a convient text box where you can enter any relevant tag that you may like to associate with the post. Please remember that you are taking part in an community driven system and naturally you have been entrusted with the responsibility to help improve the overall experience of the Pakistan Blogosphere, don’t misuse it.

Register at Bloggers.pk – HERE


  • Zack |

    If you need help with incorporating Urdu there, drop me an email.

    I have a few questions about Bloggers.Pakistan, if you don’t mind:

    1. I understand you are using WordPress. Which plugin are you using for the aggregation?
    2. Are all blog posts stored on Bloggers.Pakistan for all time? On Urdu Planet, we only take a current snapshot of the Urdu blogs in the last week. So any posts that are deleted by the author don’t show up. Similarly, any changes show up almost immediately. What are your thoughts about this whole issue?
    3. How much of a processor load is your aggregator creating? Do you think it will scale well?
    4. How much traffic are you getting at Bloggers.Pakistan?

    Thanks. And great job at Bloggers.Pakistan.

  • Mutant |

    Excellent Work,Doc! Its a very nice effort to aggregate the bloggers of the Land of the Pure.