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Israel Palestine Map

Do take a look at this map of the Israeli occupation from 1946 to 2000, a region predominantly occupied by the Muslims back in 1946 has slowly diminished to barely a few green spots on the map. It blatantly appears to be an invasion slowly expanding its territory and shoving the Muslims into extinction. Under UN Resolution 242, Israel is required by international law to withdraw from all the territories occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem. The United Nation’s General Assembly has repeatedly condemned Israel’s occupation of the territories as illegal (see UN resolutions 338, 1397, and 1402, among others). The Jews continue to defy all orders passed by the UN and the International Court of Justice, refusing to follow the rules created to stop this unrest and peace. They play a game of charades by signing a middle east peace deal but back off themselves for one lame excuse after the other blaming the other party for a minor offense but refuse to accept their own methods of invasion and torture.

Yet again the pictures of the unrest in the Middle East come back again to haunt us, and yet again the images touched the bleeding heart seeing an innocent girl morning the loss of her family, after the IDF “accidentally” bombed their picnic party. Shells fired from a gun ship located practically a mile off-shore, call it whatever type of accident but trigger-happy soldiers who were unable to visually identify a group of innocent picnickers should not be trusted with even a simply driving license, the disease is commonly known as “blindness”. The picnickers were in plain sight and in my opinion can be considered as a blatant attack against humanity – yet another violation of human rights.

When I try to analyze the Israel-Palestine conflict my opinion may be a little skewed towards sympathising with the Muslim side, argue all you want but every time I try to logically evaluate this situation there seems to be a serious imbalance of power between the two warring factions. Israel can be considered as the bully and Muslims the easy underdogs getting the beating of their life, it started off as a small occupation which has turned into an invasion of the Muslim territory. There can be no doubt all this was accomplished by a strong Jewish lobby in Washington making sure the US develops a blind spot on Israel. This lobby ensures no drastic statements or measures are made against the Jews and we often see a simple stern glare and a scolding restricted to being simply a public statement rather than stern actions to stop this atrocious war in Israel.

Palestinians on the other hand have none of the glittering arsenal but rely only on their physical strength to keep their country together. The emotional population after being repeatedly assaulted and raped by Israelis, practically loose their sanity and hence are left with no choice to blow themselves up in a crowded market just so that they can get their revenge. Many wonder how a person can be pushed to committing suicide, Imagine for a moment every member of your family being killed by the Israelis, you will have lost every person you have ever loved, your only goal then in life is to take revenge even at the cost of your own life. The human brain is easy to understand and you don’t need a degree in psychology to understand what makes a suicide bomber.

Someone needs to step back and let things cool down, a tit-for-tat reaction only makes the situation worse. Either one of the factions has to finally say STOP, I assure you this nation will be the true winner of the battle. Hammas in the recent past due to whatever reason issued a seize fire, it was a bold move and a step in the right direction, lasted a good year but with continued irritating onslaughts by the IDF the patience finally boiled over. I would not be surprised if things start to get worse and then the Jews should be held responsible for the escalating situation

The world continues to blame the Palestinians for carrying out suicide attacks but the the Jews retaliate with even a greater force resulting in an equal number of deaths if not more within the Palestinian territory. The F-16 flying high above drops a GPS guided bomb in the middle of a shopping district in Palestine, killing hundreds within seconds, the pilot and aircraft safely exit without even as much as a scratch since the Muslims have no weapons to fight back, apart from the handheld weapons acquired from the black market.

The Israeli public statement proudly announces the elimination of a terrorist – touting the same post 9/11 slogan “war against terrorism” getting laurels of praise from the right wing US media moguls. How ironic, the world sees Israel an equal partner to this terrorist activity but is sadly accorded a friendly pat ont he back from the US, probably equally to blame but the media chooses to portray Israel as the hero.

To top it off the US continues to support the Jewish army providing them the best arsenal including the technology to produce 200+ odd nuclear warheads that have been produced by Israel. I refuse to fathom the hypocrisy by the United States of America when it itches to flush out the WMD’s held by Iraq, Iran and North Korea but somehow ignores the trigger happy gun totting Jewish army which repeatedly uses devastating force on humanity. How could the Israelis be considered as responsible members of the nuclear club when they can’t see a picnic party practically a mile away. At the same time I even doubt the responsible attitude of the United States of America as they are the only nation to ever use the deadly nuclear weapon, not once but twice and that too in a short span of three days, yet for some strange reason they refuse to ratify the CTBT, there must be a reason for non-compliance.


  • PoliticalCritic |

    Well written analysis. I’m still shocked that the U.S. supports the Jewish military so strongly. Do they ever stay out of any conflict?

  • alias |

    It all comes in perspective once you see the jewish lobby in place in the US. From Hollywood to the Whtie House to the Pentagon to the entire media. They’ve got it under control and with enough influence to make Bush do as they please.

    For them, the Jews, by their religious doctrines they are just getting back the ‘promised land’ and slowly making their way towards greater israel. Have a look at the picture of that map if you can in the israeli parliament.

    But while my heart cries out to the Palestinians like you, I know the very creation of Israel are an enactment of God’ s words in the Quran, to collect them all in one place and destroy them there. Time eventually clarifies everything. Do a little more research and you’ll see what I mean. :)

  • Adnan Siddiqi |

    Well written analysis. Im still shocked that the U.S. supports the Jewish military so strongly. Do they ever stay out of any conflict?

    Because there is a strong influence of jews over US.So simple.Even sharon made a clear statment about it.

    “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”
    – Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001.

    Googe search result about the statment.

  • Olive Ream |

    Awab, I think you ought to do pieces like this more often. Your rant has the requisite audience (as based on your stats) so keep ’em comin’! Well done ma’ man!

  • Dr. Shaheen Iqbal qazi |

    Long article with passionate support of Palestinian approach towards their homeland.

    First the map: Very powerful image, yet deceptive in nature. Palestine was not just the area included in this map. Here is the complete Palestine.


    Now see how the original Palestine has been mostly taken up by the modern day Jordan. I tried to go back to the references to the map shown in your essay. The farthest I could go back was to Thepeoplevoice.org that happens to be an extreme left-wing source of info.

    Sure we in Pakistan love to bash Israel. However we ought to realize based on our history that you get land and you agree to keep it. British carved up South Asia and we in Pakistan pretty much accepted the “international borders on Punjab, Sindh, and Bengal”. The division was not fair, but we moved on. The only problem area was Kashmir but it was never part of the original division hence not an accepted international border.

    Had we tried to upset the international border with India, and lost big chunk of our territory, there is no way in heck we could get it back. Look we lost BDesh territory and we can’t get it back.

    Arabs in generals, and Palestinians in particular did not accept the demarcation of borders in 1948. That was chance number 1 clearly missed.

    Fast forward in 1962, again Arabs initiated fight, and lost. Chance #2 clearly missed.

    1973, another chance lost..

    This map does not show how Palestinian and Arabs lost all that.


  • HebrewHummer |

    listen you all!

    ISRAEL AND PALESTINE is the same word! palestine is a hebrew name that they gave the holy land years and years ago! then Jorden’s kind desided that he wants all of his prisoners out of his country! he through them all in israel! they hated him! they didnt know what to call them self, so they call them self palestiniens!

    but it is all bull shit!

    this is the hebrew land that belongs to all of the jews! it will be our land forever! nobody is going to take it from us! we had 6 wars just in the past 60 years! we never last even one! if any body wants to take over israel, JUST TRY, LETS SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN!

  • e3453try456 |

    rise up and destroy the muslims! Your children’s freedom depends on it!