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Civil War ….ooopps

Iraqi WMD Trucks

Just recently the Head of U.S. Command & Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld (CNN) announced to the world that they dread the situation in Iraq is about to get worse and the Iraq might be headed into a civil war. Why am I not surprised !!!

Practically a year back it was Rumsfeld who stated on Aug 23, 2005 Iraq not fated to civil war (CNN) One year later they announce an impending civil war in Iraq. Either the insurgents/nationalist got the better out of the American forces or the Americans were simply hoping to be saved by a miracle. Three years back the United States of America went guns blazing into Iraq without the explicit approval from the UN and the rest of the world, they went to destroy the so-called truck laden nuclear production facilities which were then a looming threat to the national security of the United States. For people with a “very short term memory” I attach a picture of the images shown by Colin Powell to the world which became the core of this elaborate plot to invade Iraq.

What happened? Did the US accidentally loose these trucks armed with the high-tech satellites eye peering down upon them, did the US accidentally loose these trucks in the heat of battle or were they simply a big fat lie. My hunch is to go with the latter, A BIG FAT LIE

Back in 2003 the self-proclaiming heroic army called the assault Operation Iraqi Liberation, why live a lie when it should have been titled “OIL OIL We Come For OIL”. Call this invasion based on a lie with any name, defend it with the biggest media blitz, bomb the shit out of a sovereign nation, kill thousands of innocents (US calls them insurgentst) but a lie will always remains a lie and has the tendency to come back to haunt you later. If the US had quickly gotten out then this would not have mattered, but it seems the US has been caught as they say, with their hand in the cookie jar, or as they sometimes also say, caught with their pants down while the world watches this elaborate lie simply blow up in their face.

With a very heavy heart I feel the American citizens now realize the brunt of the mistake as they continue to see a never ending line of body bags piling up in Washington, it should not have taken three years for Commander-Idiot-in-Chief George W Bush to realize this problem. The US forces are actually invaders and the local Iraqis are defenders of their own country, maybe insurgents for an invading army what did u execpt everyone to drop their weapons and let you rape the heck out of the country, call these forces with the OH-MY-GOSH brand name m Al-Qaeda or any extremist terrorist you want but these are Iraqis (both rouge &/or organized) defending their own country.

Surprisingly the American forces were under the impression that the Iraqis would roll over and play dead as soon as they liberate Iraq from the WMD’s &/or Saddam but these three years of intense battle shows evidence that its far from a Liberation. The impending civil war is purely the creation of a mismanaged invading army which came into the country disguised as a Trojan horse hunting for the non-existent Chemical weapons and WMD’s when it faced a PR disaster to have orchestrated a lie turned to hunt down Saddam Hussein, then it decided to force onto the people the Americanised version of democracy and hoped yet again the streets would erupt in applause to the heroic efforts by GW Bush. Yet again the expectant thunderous applause was met with IED bombs which were damaging armoured plated Hummers. The Americans themselves played the fine line of Shia-Sunni battle pitting one to the other which has lead to a progressive decline of normalcy within the country.

Civil war in my opinion has been on the cards practically from the first day, only a fool would have believed otherwise. The Americans can justify all the want to the reasons of the invasion but to go in a country and leave it in a civil war is NOT the acts of a civilized nation.


  • wazeer |

    Politics is something temporary,irrational but have something called interst.
    This is a trick of american which revel their failure but r we not losing a point of power. what we call the unity . i think it is something we should try .