“The Media is Definitely Playing Havoc with your Mind”

This was the recent comment from a very respected online acquaintance, who wrote in response to my recent US-Bashing barrage, We Will Not be Silent and also in the post titled Muslims Dont Hate Freedom, They Hate Oppression.

You are very right, and I too feel this sentiment coming through on all of my posts, little can one do when every news report that I read, every email that I exchange, every person I converse is repeatedly pounding the same message – “The US has evil intentions of conquering the world“. I have tried to rationally think, looking at the facts, beyond the fiction, often attempting to read between the lines but despite all my efforts I continue to get the same message anyway I look at the puzzle. The Americans might not like all this negative sentiment brewing around the world but my tea leaves show that things are about to get worse.

I consider myself fortunate to have the power of the pen, to be able vent my frustrations on this blog, but for a moment can you picturize a person who simply can’t release his pent up adrenaline, he continues to hear a lot, sees a lot and feels a lot of emotions, but is unable to properly and peacefully vent his anger, this frustration then continues to build up with time one day simply blows up in a volcano of adrenaline. He could at this time be easily labelled a Terrorist as much as a Freedom Fighter, as they say, one mans Freedom Fighter is another mans Terrorist, which side would he fall entirely depends on whose side YOU are on

9/11 naturally changed the world, the US was both physically and emotionally hurt by this atrocious attack, and they naturally felt the need to bounce back and chose to go on the offensive. Afghanistan was swept under the rug with ease and was soon followed by Iraq, where the lame excuse of a magical potion of WMD did the trick only to have later been a lie. But what really hit the Muslims hard was when Israel took an initiative to attack Lebanon this was when all hell broke loose, the simple gesture by America to keep quite sent some hot warning signals around the Muslim world. To watch Condoleeza Rice walking around in Washington simply too busy to head into the Middle East hot-zone stated quite simply that the United States did not care about Muslims and they simply played a game of musical chairs for three weeks allowing IDF enough time to inflict extensive damage on the Muslim dominated regions of Lebanon.

Let there be no doubt that I consider the American people as one of the best people I have ever met, they greet you with a simple and seriously care about your well being regardless of race, color or religion. I was a witness to their love and understanding during and after 9/11 and am sure it remains the same even today, quite literally the people are not evil. But we object to their International Policy as being adopted by this Republican White House. One sometimes does wonder if we, the Muslims, would have been better off had the White House been under a Democratic leadership which predominantly concentrates its effort on the local economy with little worry about global invasion, in contrast to the invasive mentality of the Bush family, Bush Sr went into Iraq presumably with a far more valid reason since Saddam had invaded Kuwait. But this time around Jr has lead his country into a never ending saga Afghanistan first, Iraq next, and Iran hot on the to-do list.

I now sit and wonder is the media playing havoc with my mind OR is the world actually changing for the worse, personally I see a very bleak future, Iran remains on the agenda with or without UN approval. Pakistan should not be far off on this list as we have become the top breeding ground for Freedom Fighters, for some other excuse it could later be Saudi Arabia as there are simply no guarantees in this new post-9/11 world that we have come to live in.

Someone needs to physically knock sense into this raging bull to shut up and mind his own business. History tends to repeat itself, people at one time said Rome will never fall, yet it did, the reason being that the Romans believed themselves to be the savior of the world, and when the ego takes over logical thinking Ruling Generals tend to go mad with power. Can I say this Roman Empire might fall, I hope not, but then again they are no different then what the Romans did before their downfall. Waiting ever so quietly on the ranks are the Chinese who are set to become the next major superpower, time will only tell what the future holds for us all, but when this Goliath finally does fall he will not fall quietly but more so in a large exhibition of military might I just hope I’m not around to watch this rotten bully fall to the ground as its going to be awfully messy.

Am I the only one going crazy out here?



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  1. ADEEL MOHSIN Avatar

    the peace of world is relation to many factor some are visible other not. In single solution cannot acceptable to all but a way of most promising settlement only possible through some hit and fit theory. the Muslims are very much limited to some single cause that is lack of unity. that is never and ever visible in this sessions.