Nancy Johnson (R-CT) hits out at Pakistan

No to Nancy Johnson

Nancy Johnson (Wikipedia) a republican congresswoman from Connecticut has recently launched a TV commercial where she actually depicts Pakistan as the source of terrorism. Watch the short commercial here.

We as Pakistanis object to such accusations and must work against people who label Pakistan as a terrorist state. Ever since 9/11 Pakistan has stood shoulder to shoulder in supporting the grieving American nation in helping it root out all forms of terrorist. The Government of Pakistan offered full unrestricted cooperation since 2001 which actually meant going against popular local vote and offer a supporting helping hand to the Americans in their battle against terrorism.

Five years down it continues to be a battle fought by the United States of America and even now we stand along side in any decision handed to us by the United States. But what really hurts a peaceful nation which has chosen to lend the Americans a helping hand, is when a congresswomen like Nancy Johnson, a republican, who chooses to highlight the name of Pakistan as a terrorist state. We then have to reevaluate our unconditional support to the United States of America asking ourselves if it is OK to offer a helping hand to an arrogant nation which has no care for its allies and friends.

What can you do

  • Write an email to all CT newspapers pressuring them to ask Nancy to issue a PUBLIC APOLOGY – copy all these email addresses into the BCC field of your email and send them a strong letter in protest.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Forward this as an email to all your compatriots and publicise this issue so that people can join and protest against Nancy Johnson
  • Pakistanis living in CT must rise to the occasion and organize a force to counter Nancy in the upcoming elections
  • CT Voters support Chris Murphy for Congress



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    11 responses to “Nancy Johnson (R-CT) hits out at Pakistan”

    1. DestituteRebel Avatar

      American politicians are the same as politicians anywhere else in the world, useless liars and manipulaters. They will open thier mouth and babble whatever get them votes. In this particular advertisment the congresswoman has specifically pointed out Pakistan as a country from where terrorists operate, but I can bet what the american voters are seeing is that the law would infringe on their rights to privacy. For us it matters for her voters, shes being passionate about what they care and vote for.

    2. Destitute Rebel Avatar

      Thats true we should not go down without a fight. Republicans and democrats are all alike I fear. I met a democrat senator who very proudly stated a little after September 11th that we do not talk to non-democratic governments, Musharraf had come to power by initiating a coup and thus allying with Pakistan was out of the question, you know quite well what happened after that. They will use whoever they can when they need. I had the chance of meeting the same senator again and asking him why his government had declared Pakistan as an ally when the circumstances for the US changed, and I had the pleasure of seeing him a little embarrased and come up with another excuse another lie. Thats politics for you.

    3. shobz Avatar

      i hate white trash. she may not be white trash but i hate ppl who dont get their facts straightened before making allegations. that bitch should get a reality check. it reminds me of the forum at where some of the ppl were pissed off at teh pakistani government coz they stopped filming of the mighty heart. they actually believe that we are a terrorist state and jealous coz the “US supports India”. agh ignorant ppl drive me nutz.

      ps. how did u get that youtube video on ur blog? i have been trying but no luck so far.

    4. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      I would have to agree – for politicians its only a matter of how many votes, calculations and issue positioning is solely based on that specific analysis.

      But for a republican to use Pakistan as an example, especially when Bush continues to use Pakistan as its guinea pig – it then hurts yet again – We should not go down without a fight.

    5. Ahmed Avatar

      Actually this is the way they try to target their voters by hitting emotional issues and presenting it on tv like they really care. In Illinois these days there is a similar campaign where two candidates criticize each other in their tv ads and believe me they talk trash abt each other by making CHEAP statements one of the candidates says that her opponent lies so much that her dogs run away when they see the commercial. The truth is they really dont care a damn they are like hollywoods dumb blondes they just want a position. What you described is just another example but targetting Pakistan to get votes and defaming her opponent like that is really cheap.

    6. Abrar Siddiqui Avatar

      Good Stuff, Dr. Alvi, I did see this news items in an email from AOPP.I was very much disturbed to see that such ads are running on televisions in CT. I also, replied back to them with similar action itesm. I am happy to see that you have posted this on your blog.

      I think you should add one more action item, that other bloggers can copy your post and put it on their blogs, so that this messgae can goto more and more ppl.

      And along those lines, is it ok is I could take the information you have and post it on my blog!!


    7. Phil Avatar

      I agree with #1.

      I am Phil, and I totally disapprove Nancy Johnson’s message. LOL. There are alot of Puerto Ricans, Hispanics, Italians, Pakistanis and Indians in CT. They will certianly not vote for her, as so happened with Lieberman who was voted off for supporting the War on Terrorism. Its not a war, its a hysteria!

    8. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      Abrar, you have my permsission to use this post on your blog.

    9. Publia Avatar

      Every good Republican knows that Pakistan has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the United States(including Nancy Johnson.) So why don’t you just call her office at
      (202) 225-4476 and tell whomever answers the phone or the message machne that you have a problem with the ad? You might even ask her to issue a statement that recognizes the help that Pakistan has given the United States.

      When I hear the words “a phone call is placed to a known terrorist in Pakistan” I know the ad is about a specific US law that terrorists definately want repealed, and not about Pakistan. That law is an issue in the upcoming elections.

      Who do you think placed the call? Probably a terrorist in the United States. Does that fact mean she is also insulting the United States? I don’t think so.

      Pakistan has stood stong with the United States against terrorism because terrorists also threaten the safety of people in Pakistan.

      Organized letters-to-the-editor campaigns are a staple of political campaigns in the weeks leading up to an election. I am shocked that the challenger would stoop to trying to get people not only outside her district but outside her country to do the work that local Democrat partisans should be doing.

      I am very grateful for the help that Pakistan has given the United States. With the elections a few weeks away, it’s a good time to call for all US politicians to recognize Pakistan’s efforts, including Nancy Johnson.

    10. nocturnal Avatar

      We need leader like George Galloway, our leaders specially those who are in government should learn some thing from Galloway.

      Can’t they just show mirror to those who accuse us like Galloway did in the american senate.

    11. Mahrukh Avatar

      @nocturnal (#10)

      our politicians cant even speak urdu, u talk about speaking like galloway !!