Enlightened Moderation – My Ass !!!

Protest PictureOver a number of years photographers have captured stunning pictures which have later turned into defining pictures for the year. This picture in my opinion quite easily summarize the moment of truth for the seven year regime of the Enlightened Moderation era enforced by Dictator Musharraf.

It is a true representation of the Pakistani people in the present day and age, we stand literally naked on the streets and all types of authoritarian adminstrative forces come one-by-one to whack us with all their might, rob us of our heard earned wealth and leave us for the dead. We have no rights whatsoever, let alone the security one so much desires, simply said we are at their mercy.

Its been over 7 years, 2 months & 19 days since Dictator Musharraf came into power, he promised Pakistan a paradigm shifting leadership concept, but more importantly he promised Pakistan an honest leadership. For many, this romance barely lasted a year and then it seems as if the power of the seat gravitated Musharraf down the same path of looting and corruption which has been the hall mark of all Pakistani leaders who have ruled our country previously. If I were to name a leader who truly meant well for Pakistan, there can be none, none at least who left a positive mark on the history of Pakistan, none who I would be proud to have called a true leader for Pakistan.

In the case of Dictator Musharraf its been the same old story, as they say in Urdu jaab chaksa lag jata hai tau choorna mushkil hai (loosely translated: when you start enjoying [the position of power] its difficult to let go). More importantly when a leader starts to ‘believe’ the world will come to an end if he were to abandon his seat, then it is surely a path towards destruction as he knows there is are no check and balances so he then continues to do as he pleases.

Musharraf has been playing a game of charades with the west, often ducking accusations of Martial Law by hiding behind a rubber stamping national assembly and recently he warded off all attacks by successfully commandeering the American lobby with his recent lap dancing performance at the White House. To return with a pat on the back and is now concentrating to enforce his rule within Pakistan, even crossing the border of civilized rule by abducting any individual who choose to speak up against him, his actions appear to be perfectly in line with a full fledged martial law. Come to think of it, it has been a martial law ever since the fateful day seven years back on October 12, 1999 when he conveniently called it his divine vision of Enlightened Moderation, which should have been aptly named martial law, and sadly we idiots fell for the bluff.

Our economy is in shambles despite posting figures of an astonishing growth rate, but someone has to think how can these numbers be correct when the biggest revenue generating sector which happens to be the textile sector is on its knees begging for mercy, hundreds of SME’s have closed shop and larger textile units downsizing to improve profits. Petrol remains at an all time high despite a sharp decline in international prices, of all things Milk is damn expensive. So with items like petrol and milk are on the rise I am sure the poor are getting crushed under the immense weight of the richer upper class of our society.

If you believe in Pakistan then its time to stand up and speak out against this tyranny. If you believe in Pakistan its time join Mohammad bin Masood and defy this tyrant ruler. If you believe in Pakistan, then I want to see who you are and lets together work for a change, granted we can’t move mountains, but at least we can try doing it rather then not have tried at all. Shed a tear for the belief that Pakistan can one day become and wake up from this silence ……. is there anyone out there who believes in Pakistan or do I stand alone, with tears in my eyes watching my country go down the drain.



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19 responses to “Enlightened Moderation – My Ass !!!”

  1. Jaded Avatar

    It’s heartbreaking to see the truth beneath the cold and cracked veneer of civilization and modernization that we wear. This picture is our real truth.. This is the way each of us is and this is the way we will remain because it is out fate to be humiliated, to die hungry, to beg for each moment of life, for sustenance… It is our destiny as the people of Pakistan to suffer this way because we lack the courage to even speak about it anymore…

    On this day, before the year ends, another tear falls and another axe in the vision that had been the Islamic Republic of Pakistan!

  2. shobz Avatar

    it was really upsetting to see how that poor fella was humiliated in public. Why is his royal majesty so scared of protesters that he has to resort to using such tactics? shame on u musshy. i thought you would be great for this nation when u ousted baldie. now i think you are just like all those assholes.The universe will have its own way of getting back at you some day. We will die someday and meet our maker and wont be able to escape our fate.

  3. Kashif Avatar

    As I said elsewhere, Ghunda Raaj

  4. publia Avatar

    This is a great post. Unfortunately, when using Internet Explorer the picture covers up much of the text. I have seen this problem repeatedly on your blog. It looks fine if I use Firefox, but I think most people are still using IE. Not a criticism, but thought you might like to know and look at your post in IE. These are important comments that the world should see.

  5. Ali Mustafa Avatar
    Ali Mustafa

    Havent written in a while so I’ll try and keep it short. I see myself as an objective moderate in the social political realm. Pakistan is relatively fucked.

    We are probably the only society that is determined to rape itself out of existence. In our hearts we are pagans, even if our skins claim righteousness. We worship righteousness. IT is our God. Crooks, thats what we deserved and thats what we got. Lets be realistic though, this is a system that has existed for around sixty years, Musharraf wasn’t even conceived when Pakistan was created.

    Consumption; this system consumes good, even in dictators such as Mush. Blame not the man, it is his existence that is cursed.

    We are beggers, our shifts, let alone paradigm shifts cannot free us from that reality.

    Its incestuous almost, our need to kill ourselves like this.

  6. Abizaib Avatar

    Ali Mustafa, yes Musharraf was conceived when Pakistan was born, he actually migrated from India right after Independence. But thats besides the point. I am copying my response for this post again:

    First of all this incident is not unique to Pakistan, nor Musharrafs Government. To say this and people disappearances happens only under Musharraf is an issue of selective memory for those who obviously are not very fond of him. This also opportunes them to use Musharraf as a punching bag for taking their anger out at him.

    These kind of incidents are not personally ordered by Musharraf. Someone rightly said it, its a reflection of the society you live in – this is who we are on daily basis with our children, wives, students etc. etc.

    There are tons of video footages available on YOUTUBE and GOOGLE VIDEO on Police brutality in “civilized and “democratic western countries including US and UK. A simple search on those sites will render this info for you immediately Go knock yourself out!

  7. Asad Avatar

    This is not unique to Pakistan in any way and to use any random event of injustice to blame Musharraf is like saying, “I drink Lipton because Tapal Danedar is on discount so the latter must be rotten and of low quality.”

    Dr. Sahib, let people form their own opinion about Musharraf.

    I have done that, and have found that even if Musharraf is a dictator, his time period has yielded better results than any of the previous so-called democratic leaders of the country.

    However, my support of Musharraf is virtually lacking where the issue of American forces violate our borders time and again is concerned. I wish Musharraf had the backbone to order retaliation against any penetration of our borders.

  8. Rehan Avatar

    Hum dekenge, Laazim he key hum bhi dekhenge…

  9. wildanjel Avatar

    Believe it or not, the future of Mush is same as Saddam and i can bet on it

  10. Raheel Avatar

    Bloody Politics.. everything else is okay.

  11. Raheel Avatar

    Bloody Politics.. everything else is okay.

  12. xainab Avatar

    Its time someone oust him just the way he ousted nawaz shareef,Pakistanis need justice and democracy,I am so so atrociously tired of self serving evil dictators in form of so called democratic governments such as that of PPP and Nawaz shareef or some ambitious dictators,but pakistanis dont have the balls to fight for their rights.

  13. Harris Avatar

    I am absolutely speechless. Rome is burning and Nero is playing the flute.

  14. Aishah Avatar

    For our country and its position I would qoute

    “beggars cannot be choosers”

    they are never given a choice of their own, dictatorship n “enlightened moderation”…we must wake up not only as a nation but as Muslims that we are, no one can change this system without any certain beleif in ones religion…some of us have started to think “secularly” Modernization is taken as the enlightened thinking when it isnt really about showing foreign awards n movies openly that do not fit into our culture at all. if all these things were to happen, then there was most certainly no need of “Separate Islamic Republic” that came into being and sadly its one of the worst example of Islamic republic-come-Secular state like Turkey!

  15. TheMushFactor Avatar

    I got the name of this book ‘The Musharraf Factor’, from one of your blogs and I ordered a copy rightaway.

    As I’m going through this book, I realize how big of a fool I was when MUSH couped against Nawaz and I celebrated..

    MUSH, NAWAZ, BIBI and PEER SAAB – One great F@CKUP after ANOTHER.

  16. ANEES Avatar

    i juts want to say IT’S NOT THE TRUE IMAGE OF PAKISTAN

  17. khalid pervaiz Avatar
    khalid pervaiz

    Now that Mr.Zardari soon will be in power,Its a misfortune that thae distiny of 160 million people is at the mercy of such common thiefs

  18. Kohprush Avatar

    If we as a nation had a little "Ghairat", Musharraf would have met the same fate as Mussolini of Italy where he would be shot and executed in public and then his body would hung outside the parliament and people would spit and or throw their shoes at his dead body and someone who's still not satisfied can think of his body as a punching bag and have a go at it.

    But along with Mussolini his girlfriend met the same fate so i guess in this situation that unfortunate woman might be Kasmala Tariq or anyone of his buddy General's wife with whom he was having an affair.