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Nominate Edhi for Nobel Peace Prize 2007

Abdus Sattar EdhiThere is an effort around Pakistan to strongly put forth a petition to nominate Abdus Sattar Edhi for the 2007 Noble Peace Prize. Edhi simply needs no introduction and little can I say in his praise will do justice for the man who has lived his entire life for the poor in Pakistan. We have only seven days left for the petition to end on 1st February, so we as Pakistanis must rally together for the cause and push to nominate him for this peace prize, this is the least we owe him for all the work he has done for our country.

Read his entire biography at wikipedia, but before you click on that biography, please head over to the Edhi Foundation’s Nomination Page and enter you name and email address within the box located on the right hand sidebar to cast your vote and join the thousands who have already nominated Edhi for the Nobel Peace Prize


Credit for the post goes out to Asad Asif of My Little World


  • Asad |

    Thank you for helping with spreading the word Dr. Sahib. I appreciate it.

    And yes, Edhi deserves all the appreciation and help we can give him and for his hard work.

  • Shari |

    Well done

    It is really a wonderful effort, Edhi Shahab has done so much for Pakistanis and its time for a pay back and we should all vote for him.

  • Adeel Ansari |

    I don’t know what kind of people we have there in Pakistan. You people really don’t have brains or what. There are some cases where a real witty, wise and evil genius jerk screwed up the nation. But here any fool can jerk you guys. For example you can take, Altaf Hussain, Bhutto, Peer Pagara, Musharraf, Edhi, Aamir Liaquat, Kokab Noorani, Babar Choudhary anyone any ********** (edited by blog owner for profanity)

    How about asking noble prices for all. Or I think you people deserve the noble price actually.

  • bilal qureshi |

    I have read numerous stories about Edhi selfless acts over the year to help humanity. He is at the same caliber as mother teresa.


  • Tasneem Usmani |

    I would like to nominate Edhi Sahib for the Nobel Peace Prize. He has worked all his life selflessly to help the poor and to people who had been rejected by their own family. He did everything without the expection of any reward.

  • Maryyum Usmani |

    Edhi Sahib truly deserves this nomination. If he won’t get this prestigious award, who else will?

  • Talat Rais |

    Sattar Edhi is an icon who always helped the needy without expectation of any rewards. This man gave all his life to those people who rejected by the society and thier own families.

  • Farooq Munis |

    Abdus Sattar Edhi is a real icon. He is a warm hearted person who feels pain of crises all over the world. No doubt, he deserves nobel prize for many years. His country wide ambulances, jhula and other allied systems are really appreciable. His efforts and network benefits are not fully recognized yet, otherwise, he is a embassador of love for needy and suffering humanity.

  • Lubna |

    I absolutely agree. Mr Edhi is an angel, a man so selfless and so active even at the age of 84. Unfortunatel i came across this website just now, I wish i had seen it earlier and would have forwarded to friends and family. I am sure every Pakistani will stand up in favor of Mr Edhi. He is the Pride of our country!
    What is the current situation on his nomination front?

  • anila |

    its realy proud that Mr edhi is part or our pakistan………but i hv an question in my mind that if there is unmarried matured working women want to addopt one or two kids then can she ? if yes then wat r reguirements r requried will be …kindly reply me and guid me with lot of thanx mis anila

  • waqar |

    He gave every thing for humanity. He is a warm hearted person who feels pain of crises all over the world.

  • Ali Soniwalla |

    Edhi is an Angle of Mercy, he deserves to be awarded noble prize. I vote for him. I have not come accross anyone else in my life who has done more for humanity as Edhi has.

  • Taimoor |

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