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Mushy: I Pledge Allegiance to …..

Musharraf Addresses the NationToday as anticipated, General Pervaiz Musharraf addressed the entire nation on national TV simply, in an attempt to talk to his people and try to convince them that his actions in the Lal Masjid issue were justified. It was probably the icing that needed to be added despite the propaganda effort played out by the entire bureaucracy for the past ten days to sanitized any and all Anti-Govt opinion. To be honest, I did not have the stomach to even stop for a moment, while channel surfing, to hear all his propagandistic Pakistan-Paindabad Bull-Shit by Musharraf.

For the fleeting moment when I did stop on PTV, I noticed the stage, which was in the typical style sitting next to the image of Quaid-e-Azam over his right shoulder. He chooses to place the image of a leader which built Pakistan brick by brick, but he on the other hand chooses to stoop, bowing down on his knees willing to sacrifice the countries respect and honor for some other persons agenda. The image of Quaid-e-Azam along with Musharraf was hypocrisy at its highest form. The stage would have looked perfectly norm had if the image would have been replaced for the image of George W. Bush. And to wrap up the encore presentation he could have also sung to the tune of ‘I Pledge Allegiance to the ……‘.
For these recent days the buzz word around the movers and shakers of Pakistani Politics, there remains a strong conviction that he was under tremendous ‘external pressure’ to take a stern action and has been quoted by many to have said that Musharraf, was under heavy duress from his ‘Allies’, no brownie points for guessing who those allies might be, its definitely not anyone within the Pakistan as Musharraf has reached a mental condition where he trusts no one, but himself.
Musharraf, was under heavy duress from his ‘Allies’
For those who feel I adopted a bash-Musharraf policy on this blog, to be honest I cannot silence what I truly feel. I try desperately hard to look beyond the smoke but even then I see Pakistan heading down a winding path to doom, which makes me weep. This country is as much mine as it is yours, I along with readers like you work hard earn our daily bread and pay taxes (almost accurately !!) but then when I watch these power hungry monsters plunder my homeland and lead it towards doom, I then cannot keep quite.

It is my belief that Musharraf is at the moment the root cause of a lot many problems in Pakistan, I must concede, back in 1999 I lauded him for his honesty and sincerity to our nation, but my romance fizzled out somewhere around 2003 after which he has sadly lead us from one problem to another just so that he can remain at the top of the food-chain. Greedy Ass Politicians!!!

Lets have some fun !!! I am looking for an interesting caption that will go perfectly well with the image above. Any suggestions?

Update: Ahmed has made a good suggestion for the title of the image

‘In Bush i Trust’


  • Muhajir |

    Musharraf seems very successful in takeing Pakistan enroute to Iraq.

    When would he get the ‘Knighthood’, I’m just waiting.

    Is Pakistan all ill-fate bound. NO, NO I pray NO.

    Bani Israel were let to wander in deserts when they refused to objey Moosaa for around 40 years, until their new generation was ready, who obeyed GOD and achieved a homeland. We Muslims already have a homeland and have been wandering for quiet a while, more than 40 years. O Allah don’t make us loosers like Bani Israel, and give us better than Bani Israel and let us have a country where peace and justice would prevail. Ameeeen.

    Don’t loose hope.

  • ReallyVirtual |

    Great work.

    I don’t watch TV, but did he really a-DRESS like this or is the suit photoshopped too?
    The least he could have done was to wear something more SUITING, like our national dress, or even his uniform. Doesn’t he have a PR team? He’s already got himself in the line of IRE.
    The nation did need a DRESSING though.

    Sorry, lack of nicotine is firing off random neurons. I better go to sleep before some other cheesy puns surface.
    The title that came to my mind (after all the random neurons firing) was ‘AMBUSH’… but I can’t remember the reason, so nevermind.

    But how about
    ‘Musharraf – A Dressing’

    as in
    (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/dressing #4)

  • asa |

    look his address,that was absolutely noting,did he thinks that his nation has no brain.
    I think only his bastard generals or pmlq poppet who always say yes in front of him what ever he says like donkeys.

  • Indscribe |

    Great post. I must say its a gutsy thing to be so candid about your feelings and write so openly.

  • shobz |

    doc i know that musshy is an asshole but at least he is the lesser of evils (hope that term is right.) it’s true he has been a bit tactless and has been taking the country down with him. i guess he doesnt have much choice coz his masters expect a lot from him. however i guess he had no choice but to launch such an operation. I dont want to get drawn into a long debate coz i am not so well informed about a lot of stuff. My opinion is that this operation was something which couldnt be avoided. It reminds me of the time when pakistan was persuaded to join the “war against terror” to prevent it from being bombed back to the stone ages. anyway the people at the lal masjid brought it upon themselves. One cant keep appeasing people like that. I mean you cant just go and take the law in your own hands. on the other hand musshy should have drafted a proper course of action before the problem got out of hand. I dont think anything would have changed if there had been a different course of action. Anyway it’s no use weeping or shedding tears for a lost cause. I am not a pessimist but I am forced to say that I dont think anything will happen. It’s just wishful thinking. Even if something were to happen I would call it a miracle. It is indeed the end of days.

  • Wadood |

    “Verily, Allah does not change the condition of a nation unless they themselves make the decision to change.” (Glorious Quran, Chapter Ar-Rad: 11)

    “A society can endure with infidelity but can not endure with tyranny, said Sayedna Hazrat Ali (R.A.)

    Your Honour,

    Register Murder Cases Against Terrorist Musharraf and his Terrorist Ministers

    Pakistani Courts of Law Should Hang to Death All Terrorist Generals, Tyrants and Dictators – the Poisonous Snakes of Pakistan

    1. The High Courts and the Supreme Court of Pakistan should order the Pakistani Police to register murder, high treason and many other criminal cases against General (Retired) Pervez Musharraf – the top terrorist tyrant, evil dictator, fugitive outlaw, notorious thug, corrupt criminal of Pakistan – and his ruling tyranny of PML-Q and MQM led by terrorist Shaukat Aziz and terrorist Altaf Hussain. If the Pakistani justices/judges are really free and independent, then they should bring the Musharraf-Aziz-Altaf Crime Mafia of criminal terrorists to legal justice.

    2. During 1999 to 2007, the Musharraf-Aziz-Altaf Mafia has illegally subverted the Pakistan Constitution; rigged elections; unlawfully occupied the Government of Pakistan; appointed corrupt criminals as ministers, governors & administrators; sabotaged all democratic institutions; enslaved the judiciary; victimized many judges/justices, especially Pakistan Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry; murdered countless Pakistanis & Afghans – including women, children, men, business executives, lawyers, journalists and politicians – through repressive military-police operations; sold innocent Pakistanis & Afghans to make money; illegally arrested or kidnapped numerous human rights advocates, political activists & other citizens; wounded Pakistani attorneys, journalists & protesters through the criminal police; persecuted Opposition leaders; repressed women & children; oppressed various dissidents; abused human rights; violated civil liberties; suppressed the press-media; stole & wasted public funds; embezzled & misused foreign aid; usurped public lands/properties through the Property-Grabbing Mafia; misused the Pakistani military, police & security forces to oppress, persecute & enslave Pakistani citizens; destroyed mosques, Islamic schools & homes; institutionalized official corruption; increased unemployment, poverty & lawlessness; failed to provide free/affordable medical care, education, electricity, cooking gas & social services to ordinary Pakistani citizens; failed to generate new jobs for millions of unemployed Pakistanis; failed to improve Pakistan’s economy; undermined all pillars/principles of democracy; fooled/conned the U.S.-Canadian-European regimes to milk financial & military aid from them; and committed many other barbarous crimes to rob and rape the Pakistani Nation.

    3. Therefore, the Pakistani judiciary should order the arrest, indictment and prosecution of terrorist General Musharraf, all other terrorist generals of the Pakistan Army, terrorist and sycophant Shaukat Aziz; terrorist and sycophant Tariq Azeem Khan; terrorist, sycophant,Lota and Khwaja-sara Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao; terrorist and sycophant Zafar Iqbal Warraich; terrorist and sycophant M. Wasi Zafar; terrorist and sycophant Sher Afghan Khan Niazi; terrorist, sycophant, Lota, low calibre Sheikh Rashid Ahmad; terrorist, sycophant , low caliber and Lota M. Ijaz ul Haq; terrorist, sycophant, greedy and low quality Shujaat Hussain; terrorist and sycophant Pervaiz Elahi; terrorist and sycophant Arbab Ghulam Rahim; terrorist and sycophant Mir Jam Muhammad Yousaf; terrorist, sycophant ,Lota, Khwaja-sara, low calibre and low quality Mahmud Ali Durrani; terrorist, murderer, fugitive and production of agencies Ishrat Ul-Ebad Khan; terrorist, killer, fugitive and child of agencies Altaf Hussain and all those terrorists in the Pakistani media-press who are supporting & promoting the infamous official criminals & heinous crimes of the Musharraf-Aziz-Altaf-PMLQ-MQM Mafia of evil terrorists through Geo TV, ARY TV, Aaj TV, Indus News TV, Dawn News TV and certain other Pakistani sycophantic TV channels of corrupt megalomaniacs.

    4. The Musharraf-Aziz-Altaf Mafia of Satanic terrorists is NOT above the law. It should be held accountable in courts of law for its horrible crimes against the Pakistani citizens. Terrorist Musharraf, all other terrorist generals of the Pakistan Army, all terrorist ministers and all terrorist aides, abettors & supporters of criminal Musharraf should be hanged to death quickly when they will be convicted in courts of law by the Pakistani justices/judges, after they are thrown out of power by millions of oppressed, persecuted and enslaved Pakistani citizens.

    5. Indeed, the millions of people, judges/justices, lawyers, journalists, human rights advocates, students and teachers, businesses, farmers, factory worker, transporters, engineers, doctors and other healthcare workers, technicians, mechanics, clearks, accountants, labours; anyone who is not mentioned here; and all other progressive, oppressed and exploited forces of Pakistan and the rest of the whole world should unite, join hands and share their resources to oppose, expose and bring the Musharraf-Aziz-Altaf Mafia of criminal terrorists of Pakistan to legal justice.

    Justice delayed is justice denied and please do not support dictators, terrorists, evils, and mafia anymore.

    Thank you, Your Honour!

    Click here if you are agree and want to sign:


  • Shafiq Ahmed |

    Thank you for your efforts to bring such facts to the Pakistani people. I will just add “even a non muslim Kafir will never do which Musharraf did” to kill his innocent people, to stop the people from worshiping, women and men who devoted their lives to AlMighty Allah he stopped such men+women from Allah’s path and this was done by Feroh of Egypt and other incidals mentioned in The Holy Quran. He knows the Allah’s revenge for this
    May Allah guide him to the right path.