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Free Push Email for your Mobile Phone

Consilient Push Email LogoEver since the introduction of those hideous & ghastly looking Blackberry devices namely the model 7230 which was the first unit introduced by Mobilink in Pakistan a few years back, I used to hear stories that the device alone contributed to a number of wreaked marriages simply because the work email came home destroying any family time with the persistent never ending excuse ‘honey I have to answer this last email….‘, and the emails never stopped coming leaving behind a Crackberry drone.

I have been a Blackberry Pearl user for over three months and I cannot imagine how life is easier with the push email technology. Prior to the Blackberry addiction I was bonafide net addict, had this urge to check my computer every 10-15 minutes for any new email, I assure there was no critical business that could not wait a few hours but it was a habit acquired over 20 years of Internet addiction. The arrival of the Blackberry Pearl has actually pulled me away from my laptop and allowed me to spend more time peacefully away from the computer, which for me is a major improvement.

The trick lies is how you control your Crackberry addiction, I continue to see blackberry users reacting to every beep and vibration when a new email is pushed into their cell phones, this attention generating pulse results in a desperate scramble to check each and every email as it life depended upon it even if it were to buzz in the middle of a high-profile romantic dinner (UH OH!). As mentioned the trick lies in how you customize your phone for all email alerts, I have carefully configured my device to only display visual red light alerting me of the email, and when I ‘choose’ to glance at my cell phone the red light can show the presence or absence of an email. The important key word is ‘When I Choose‘, not when the Blackberry chooses to disturb me.

The utility of push email technology is irreplaceable and is bound to get more common, at the moment people checking ones email on a cell phone is a lengthy and tedious process but things are slowly changing to bring push email technology to every data plan enabled mobile device. One such company upon whom I accidentally stumbled across is Consilient which provides free push email utility for up to five separate accounts which can be hosted on Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and any POP3 or IMAP service. To answer your next question Yes it is available in Pakistan. Simply sign up for an account, they will send you a confirmation SMS and soon you will be buzzed every time a new email hits your mail box, the free account has a small ad attached with the email while a $5 upgrade bring you ad free premium content.

Before you jump the gun, check if you cell phone is supported by browsing their list of supported mobile phones, if your particular cell phone is not on the list then drop a message on their forum to place a request.

Push email is a double edge sword, embrace this technology responsibly then alone will you over come any lingering crackberry symptoms, otherwise call 1-800-CrackBerries-R-US


  • MB |

    “over 20 years of Internet addiction ” ??
    You must be kidding right ?

    first came X86 then P-shit and along with it the boom of IT and laptops ETC phir ye black berry. . . . insan kisi haal mai khush nai. Do one thing DOC. You keep the BLACK BERRY and give me your LAP TOP. I promise i shall use it to perfection.

  • ali |

    i wana recieve my email on my mobile phone my email is ******@gmail.com i m gmail user right now also using yahoo. i wana know how to send messege sms n mms to other mobile users from my pc from a site . i wana know any one know kindly mail me plz thx **************

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  • Jamil |

    i wana recieve my email on my mobile phone my email is ********** i m gmail user right now also using yahoo. i wana know how to send messege sms n mms to other mobile users from my pc from a site . i wana know any one know kindly mail me plz thx **************

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  • irfan |

    very intersting site i like to transfer my all yahoo mail to my ufone connection on nokia 6600

  • Abbas Khan |

    Good alternative to Telenor SmartMail, built on the same Push technology.

    I just have configured it on Nokia 7610 and noticed two side-effects:

    * Beep alert on incoming emails is terribly slow and there’s no option to increase volume.
    * Isn’t vibrating even its enabled.

    GPRS Consumption is magnificent economical so, i would just say in a nut-shell “SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTING!”
    So, still cooooool!

    Great job, Teeth Maestro !
    Many Thanks!

    Abbas Khan aka Bashu Khan.

  • lexydoo |

    very intersting site i like to transfer all my yahoo mail to my nokia 6600 phone.
    anybody wit usefulinfo on how to do this will be appreciated.

  • Nathanry Novilla |

    I want my email 2 be received in my nokia 6680 phone,how? pls help me,i appreciate good samaritans

  • Nathanry Novilla |

    Pls help me know how to receiv my emails in my nokia 6680

  • Mohammad Zohaib Siddique |

    Hello. Sir I want to know that can wI recieve full length enails on my mobile? Another question perplexing my mind is that IS THIS REALLY A “PUSH” EMAIL SERVICE, i mean can I really get email without any effort, like an sms on cell?

    Please reply, if any of u have answer to thissssss….?

  • muhammad khabbab |

    Okay, a few words for those having low end phones and not those having blackberry or windows phone, Following are the options for receiving email directly on phone:

    1- Use of direct mobile email: Warid(and other operators) offers mobile email for customers e.g. 032xxxxxxxx@waridtel.com and i can send email from my phone using this feature. No problem. BUT when i send a small email to this email address, i get mailer-demon returns email and mail does not reach my cell phone email. So, i can send email from my phone but can not recieve on same address.

    2- Use Gmail forwarding service to ur cell phone email: I tried forwarding my emails to my cell phone email address as above but again no success

    3- Flurry (http://www.flurry.com/) was a fantastic service. When i had ufone, i use to get sms alert for every new email in my inbox. This went for few years until Flurry closed its services few months back. Also, it did not work for warid that time.

    4- Emoze: They claim that it can be used for any device in the world. Unfortunately my Nokia 2600 classic is unable to install a jar file more than 250 kb so i could not do it BUT i would like you guys to do try it on ur cell phone.

    5- Momail – They provide free email on ur cell phone but when i tried it they responded that Pakistan is currently on invite-only stage :(

    6- Consilient- As recommended by the blog author,i tried but again my cell phone had compatibility issues.

    7- Mobipush – It is not push email rather a program on ur cell phone goes into sleep mode and checks new email after some interval – not recommended due to GPRS usage

    8- Mail2Web – They do not support SMTP and pop3 in trial period.

    9- Moveamail.com and morange.com provide mobile applications for checking emails, attachment and others but no genuine push email on ur cell phone.

    If any one comes across something usable for warid then do let know. thanks