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Musharraf & his Hair Pulling Fenzy

Musharraf Pulling his HairThe Economist recently published an image in their August 16th issue which was a perfect reflection of the emotional roller coaster faced by General Pervaiz Musharraf and his feeble attempt to remain in power by a thin thread.

Last week the Supreme Court of Pakistan handed him yet another lethal blow by nullifying all agreements that were made between the Army and Sharif’s hence allowing the duo back into the country. While the entire country celebrated, it literally shook the Presidency including the lady in Abu Dhabi who may have gotten a bone chilling reminder that the Army has for the umpteenth time taken the Bhutto family on a roller coaster to disaster.

The Sharif Duo may apparently be celebrating the Supreme Court verdict but I suspect they are at the moment facing a critical decision of their life to either return like heroes and face the corruption cases against them (which have a definite consequences) or stay over in Saudi Arabia in peace but be labeled as cowards.


Musharraf is most definitely nearing his end, since March of this year things have progressively nose dived, each time people said he might recover but every month he continues to get into deeper shit, he has tried practically everything and anything compromising any and all of his principles just an attempt to save his position of power, and practically all moves have blown right in his face.

Its either fate, or the Curse of 64 that is dragging him to disaster but whatever be the reason he has come up to yet another dilemma which will make his re-election to the Presidency even more difficult.

The moment Musharraf realizes that he cannot manipulate the Constitution to re-elect himself to the President House that same midnight you will see him hop on a chartered plain scampering to a foreign land (most likely the US) seeking a self exile and never to return to the country he so proudly called “My Country”. The following day Pakistan will see a desperate chaos and a mad policial frenzy to grab the vacant Presidential throne, but the people of Pakistan might indeed celebrate the end of an era which they would definitely like to put behind them.

Sharif Brothers

The Sharif family has been served with a a life saving decision by the judiciary literally opening the doors for their return from exile. The entire city of Lahore is jubilant and Punjab will most likely accord them a heroic welcome which will have the energy to gather enough seats to be a definite force in the elections. For the past few days the family was heavily considering their return, not because if they want to, but are concerned because of an active and volatile Supreme Court which may open up some old cases which had better been left sealed till eternity.

Hence the dilemma facing to the two Ganjas is to either risk living a life in Jail or enjoy a peaceful life in exile. Reports have continued to pour in all major newspapers that they might return before Ramadan (Sept 10) but to be honest its still a long way and one can always have second thoughts. In case they don’t show up it will be a political suicide forever. Time to Call the Bluff


Mohtrama Benazir Bhutto has without doubt been taken for a ride yet again courtesy the Army, her emotions hovered from despair, confusion and jubilation when finally Musharraf came knocking at her door for a ‘deal’. She danced gleefully across the world media, rounding up a new wardrobe and tons of age-reducing makeup to prepare for the premiership. She believed that with Musharraf backing her up, she could waltz in and take over the country for a third time lucky. Benazir was aware that such a deal had definitely damaged her local support within Pakistan, but how could she miss a perfect opportunity when it came knocking on her door, after all its business and emotions rarely mattered.

Without doubt Benazir had committed political suicide the day there was confirmed reports of an understanding in Abu Dhabi between two arch rivals, but this week it may have actually dawned on her the implications of having gone behind everyones back to have reached such an understanding.


  • binary-zero |

    i guess every one should be given a chance in elections and Mush has no right to stop any one – let them come and try to get votes.

    Sharif family is definately a strong power in Punjab and keeping them forcefully away from elections will only make room for MMA/Qazi like Mullah based parties. And no one realy can’t deny the fact that Mush is also a fan of Administrative skills of Shehbaz sharif.

  • asa |

    Mushy is not only loosing his battle for presidency but also loosing his sense of direction. I dont know why he thinks that as long as he is in power, Pakistan will survive, otherwise Pakistan will collapse. Pakistan suffered more during his regime than any other corrupt democratic government including BiBi and Sharif government.

  • Maliha Siddiqui |

    i think that all of the above politicians, yes politicians because they are not worth calling calling leaders they couldn’t rule honestly back then and they for sure shouldn’t use our country and us as puppet dolls they can put us in any circumstances and condition that suite there pockets and bank accounts…

    any person with brains was taught this golden rule: (when a person lies once they can lie again) thats the simple translation of it that our parents taught us when we are kids.

    please Pakistan is not a rats lab that any other person can come back from exile ( they were sent there for A VERY VALID REASON IF SOME MAY HAVE FORGOTTEN ) and play house house with our country and lives.
    they should be ashamed and leave us the hell alone and let a new person who proves his loyalty and true dedication to SERVE SERVE our land. this is like an employment session for Pakistanis we are employing the better candidate to manage our HOME, so lets pick the best of the group not the damaged goods. PLEASE PLEASE and yes once more PLEASE

  • Ordinary Pakistani |

    We as Pakistanis have very short memory and we always want change for the sake of change knowing that this isnt going to change the situation.

    I am not a big supporter of present Government and General Musharraf. They have done some good and some bad things during their tenure but they could have done far better for the country and nation considering the fact that it is easier for a military backed government to take the tough decisions.

    If we want change, then why not go for a new face rather than people which we have already tried and everyone honestly knows that they will not bring a major change in the lives of Pakistani People.

    However, people who are jubilant and are ready to accord Sharif brothers a heroic welcome should try finding the answers to the following questions:
    What were they doing when he was ousted from his seat by army? At that time everyone was happy that they got rid of the corrupt Government. Even then everyone was fed up from the rising inflation and commodities prices.

    Why had Nawaz Sharif and Company gone out of country in the first place after submitting a request to Prseident Tarrar that his sentence should be pardoned.

    What was Nawaz Sharif doing in the last 7 years. If there was no agreement, then he could have come back anytime. His political statements started coming when he shifted to London with an excuse that he needs to look after his ailing son.

  • Asad |

    I agree with Ordinary Pakistani’s comment above.

    If NS or BB come back and got some seat of power, Pakistani citizens will be fully responsible for their (NS/BB’s) actions and fully deserve such leadership.

  • mamoolee Pakistani |

    B!tch is talking as she has already been selected as PM

    Well if Shaukat Aziz can fly to Pakistan and become the Prime Minister, then the b!tch certainly has more right to be a PM.

    Sher Jungle kaa badsha, andda dey yaa bachaa sher kee marzee.

  • One More |

    NEW DELHI, Aug 30: Noted Pakistani filmmaker Hasan Zaidi was thrown out by a Mumbai hotel on Monday for bearing his countrys citizenship but he said on Thursday that the city remained a home for him with many warm friends.

    “All my Indian friends were outraged by the incident and they all opened their homes to me, Mr Zaidi told Dawn from Mumbai.

    He said several film personalities, who he didnt name, as well as close friends helped him move to a five-star hotel on an exclusive beach.

    The filmmaker had arrived from Karachi on Monday and checked into a hotel where he was booked by a colleague from Mumbai. “I had barely entered my room when they sent for my passport and said they didnt put up Pakistanis or Bangladeshis.

    The erring hotel manager later informed him that several other hotels in Mumbai followed a similar policy towards Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. The two countries have figured as suspects in recent blasts in the city. But there is a communal angle too, prompted by the power that the rightwing Shiv Sena wields there.

    In fact, Pakistan and India have not been able to open their consulates in Karachi and Mumbai, partly because Pakistan has been unable to find a piece of land in Indias commercial hub.

    Mr Zaidis unfortunate story became a major feature on TV channels and newspapers, something he said he didnt want to happen. When the manager of the erring hotel came to know of his profession he apologised to the visitor.

    Mr Zaidi is involved in a project with Mahesh Bhatt for a film that would be shot in Mumbai and Karachi. The shooting begins in January and could take a year to finish. “Its a commercial thriller with Mumbai and Karachi links. There are Indian and Pakistani actors and technicians involved, Mr Zaidi, who is a frequent visitor to the city, said.


  • Malik Doepner |

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