Update @ 13:40: Police Outside LUMS, Lahore

An email has just come in that the Inspector General Police has given orders to the Police, Rangers and Ant-Terrorist Force to arrest the students from LUMS where a protest rally was scheduled today at 13:00

Four Army trucks and a police convoy have been positioned outside LUMS. The protest is still to proceed only the venue has been shifted to the Sports Complex.

LUMS Wednesday Afternoon and Police outsideLUMS Latest Updates:

  • Students running around the campus to evade the police it seems the administration is supporting student protest
  • 2:35 PM Right now they just trying to get the students into the hostels but the place is too big
  • 2:34 PM Police men have entered they can not canvas the campus
  • 2:37 PM police have also called in a contingent of female cops
  • 2:38 PM I think they are going to retreat and wait till more police and female police reach army is holding
  • 3:04 PM me: police have retreated out around 500 students have made a wall and sat down on the road in front of the academic wall
  • 3:05 PM while the police have blocked the road on the other side of the gate its a staring contest

Read details at Lahore Metroblogs – Protest @ LUMS – November 7th, 2007 & Live Campus Updates* – Protest by Students of FAST – NU, Lahore, Pakistan.



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6 responses to “Update @ 13:40: Police Outside LUMS, Lahore”

  1. Haris Avatar

    Around one hundred students gathered at the gate of FAST, Lahore along with a few faculty members including Dr. Durrani for a peaceful protest against emergency. Police, after getting this information and expecting that this crowd will grow large in numbers and will be heading to somewhere , reached the campus. Seeing the police, all the protectors moved into the campus through the gate. The police later closed the gates of FAST and is still there monitoring the situation though the purpose was just to show a peaceful protest and it was totally an unplanned activity, the crowd was not heading anywhere other than to protest being there at the campus gate.

    Source: Hassan Rehman

    Police has arrested one of the students who was protesting!

    Source: Amber

  2. Haris Avatar

    Imran Farooq: The students had *already* dispersed *peacefully* when the police closed the gates (as if the protestors were about to raid the core commander’s home)

    Syed Ale Natiq: Police entered into the campus and arrested 3 guys. They have surrounded the campus as if its Lal Masjid.

    Imran Farooq: yes the campus has been surrounded no one can come in and no one can go out

  3. awais Avatar

    appreciated at step of student of LUMS for alteast making mind to protest KEEP it UP dudesss

  4. Babar Bhatti Avatar

    Impressive rally. This post has been highlighted at WSJ in their latest article (pls contact me for the full article):

    Pakistani college students and professionals have been communicating via blogs about the latest protests and detentions. These are some examples:
    • Blogger Teeth Maestro, self identified as a dentist who practices in Karachi, reminded readers to “remain peaceful while demonstrating,” and tracked the arrival of police at the Lahore University of Management Sciences before a planned protest.
    • MicroPakistan blog suggested people not to go out on the streets but protest instead by sending flowers, and to spread the word online.
    • A detention list was made available at the wiki Pakistan 2007 Emergency, created on Saturday, Nov. 3, and updated regularly.
    • A list of Pakistani bloggers is available at: Bloggers.pk

  5. Mirza Abdul Nasir Avatar
    Mirza Abdul Nasir

    I am feeling that Soon “Mush” will order to force… to arrest all (more than 160,000,000 ) pakistanis at their own homes…

  6. conan Avatar