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Update @ 1905: Asma Jahngir appeals for support to lawyers and judges in Pakistan

The following e-mail was just sent in to us from Asma Jahngir (Chairperson of HRCP), appealing for support to members of the judiciary in Pakistan who have been attacked and arrested alongside scores of lawyers who have been disappearing after being detained and arrested at peace rallies over the last few days:

I am fortunate to be under house arrest while my colleagues are suffering. The Musharaf government has declared martial law to settle scores with lawyers and judges. While the terrorists remain on the loose and continue to occupy more space in Pakistan, senior lawyers are being tortured.

The civil society of Pakistan urges bar associations all over the world to mobilize public opinion in favor of the judges and lawyers in Pakistan. A large number of judges of superior courts are under arrest. Thousands of lawyers are imprisoned, beaten and tortured.

In particular the cases of Muneer A Malik, Aitzaz Ahsan, Tariq Mahmood and Ali Ahmed Kurd are serious. Muneer A Malik, the former President of the Supreme Court Bar Association and leader of the lawyers movement has been shifted to the notorious Attack Fort. He is being tortured and is under the custody of the military intelligence. Tariq Mahmood, former President of the Supreme Court Bar Association, was imprisoned in Adiala jail. No one was allowed to see him and it is reported that he has been shifted to an unknown place. Mr. Ali Ahmed Kurd, former Vice Chair of the Pakistan Bar Council is in the custody of military intelligence and being kept at an undisclosed place. Mr. Aitzaz Ahsan, President of the Supreme Court Bar is being kept in Adiayala jail in solitary confinement.

Representatives of bar associations should approach their governments to pressure the government of Pakistan to release all lawyers and judges and immediately provide access to Muneer A Malik, Tariq Mahmood, Ali Ahmed Kurd and Aitzaz Ahsan. The bars are also urged to hold press conferences in their country and express their solidarity with the lawyers of Pakistan who are struggling to establish the rule of law.

Asma Jahngir
Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan
Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan


  • Ehsan |

    Oh how convenient , Let Musharraf clean up the Mess created by the Judiciary these were the ones who let the Terrorists Loose and now they are asking Musharraf to correct there mistakes and this is what he is doing because its for Pakistan, and this isn’t going to be easy either they have to pay from there mistakes and i think House Arrests is an easy way to pay for them so they better be quiet.especially Atizaz and this Chodury guy should be given the worst penalties in Pakistani History.

  • KAWA |

    The thing that confuses me about this tyrant General Musharraf is as to why he has a different set of rules in dealing with MQM (Muhajir Quami Movement) and it’s terrorist leader Altaf Hussain.

    They kill with complete freedom, they threaten media and other political leaders with complete immunity while other are held accountable for simple acts like throwing a stone or for not addressing a Minister or him bowing on knees…

    Is it because Musharraf as a Muhajir (Urdu Speaking Immigrant from India) beleives in the MQM cause so dearly that he is willing to put his entire legacy at stake? The people of Pakistan are questioning his motives? It is common question being asked by the officer cader of Pakistan Armed Forces.

    The acts of terror and murder of 60 people on May 12th by MQM activist and sector commanders is still fresh in the minds of every citizen of Pakistan EXCEPT Musharraf?????