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Update @ 0130: Geo News DDoS’d

On Friday at around 2030 the Geo.tv started to received a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Serice) attack and they were able to recover from this surge of artificial traffic after two hours of down time by around 2235.

Geo.tv reports that this is the second time such an attack occurred on its servers resulting in bringing down the news website. According to Geo News Webmaster Asif Lateef the DDoS attacks were still in progress at 2235.

DDoS attack means that millions of hits are artificially made to strike a website in such a manner that even a very powerful computer sever is left unable to cope with the artificially boosted hits traffic

Barely a few hours earlier in the afternoon HRCP website also went down and the recovered a few hours later, at first the system administrator suspected government sponsored censorship and issued a press release accordingly but was later understood to be suspecting a potential DDoS attack as well.

It must be noted that both Geo.tv and HRCP continue to take a stance against the Martial Law imposed on Pakistan by General Pervaiz Musharraf for the past week.

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