Update @ 0500: Hundreds Rally in Manhattan to Support Pakistani Attorneys

NY Pakistani ProtestHundreds Rally at Courthouse to Support Pakistani Attorneys,” New York Law Journal, “About 700 lawyers rallied yesterday afternoon in front of state Supreme Court in Manhattan to show support for lawyers and judges in Pakistan battling for the restoration of the rule of law. Addressing the throng that poured down the courthouse steps and spilled onto the sidewalk, Barry Kamins, president of the New York City Bar Association, said the rally was called ‘to embolden” the Pakistani lawyers and judges who have been “physically manning barricades and trying to face down an entire army.’

Kathryn Madigan, president of the New York State Bar Association, also called for lawyers to speak “with one voice in defense of the rule of law” in Pakistan. The American Bar Association has called for lawyers to march around the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., and attend a rally on the courthouse steps tomorrow.

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One response to “Update @ 0500: Hundreds Rally in Manhattan to Support Pakistani Attorneys”

  1. Mohammad Yaqoob Khan Avatar

    we the Pakistani Lawyers and perticularly Lakki Marwat Bar Association(NWFP)are very greatful to Learnend Barry Kamins and entire community of NYC Bar Assiciation for expressing their solidarity and unity with us.we,lawyers’community,have been greatly affected by what the Rtd General declared,not to mention the civil society.According to him,the emergecy has been imposed because of curbing the curbing the terrorism across the country but everybody has witnessed that the situation got worsened ever more,for instance,protest of the lawyers’community,Journalists,civil society in addition to what;s going on in northern area(SAWAT)+(NWA).In my view, terrismcould not be bottled so easly untill the assurance of fundamental rights as gauranted by the 1973 constitution of Pakistan are made. it is giving rise to continuation of terrorism and extremisim with break.And i am afraid lest it should DISINTEGRATION OF PAK:like this illfated nation had witnessed in 1971.Anyway we will keep persuing our movement till he is brought to justice because he has commited a crime treason.last but not the least,we realy do appreciate your stand taken with us lawyers and hopefuly,it will continueas long as the crisis is going on. And just because of your bold stance,Lakki Marwat Bar Association headed by me(Mohammed yaqoob khan)decided to award you lifetime membership on November 15th, 2007. I hope you will acceted thus distinctin.With best regards.