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Update @ 0205: ARY Uplink Dead

Following on the footsteps of the recent ban of Geo.Tv in Dubai the ARY Network has also been pulled off air from Dubai as well, more updates to follow as this news develops


  • Naveed |

    Fallowing steps of GEO TV. Ary was also doing Yellow Generlizim and trying to get cheap popularity. And now Geo and Ary must not get angry on there result. As they were also doing wrong

  • ange |

    Naveed I believe you are wrong, and only time will prove that right ;-) Dubai has just screwed up it’s chances for potential investors planning to float business deals in Dubai no thanks to Musharaff. Dubai is pretty much a lead in the mideast when it comes to financial investment and the like, and by the time the general’s madness is replaced with an elected government with free and fair elections which is NOT under martial law, Musharaff is not going to be someone welcome around here, atleast not in Dubai where 90% of the population are expats.

  • Claude Almansi |

    I don’t know Urdu so I only have second-hand knowledge of the broadcasts COAS-President requested the axing of as a condition for the continuation of Geo. The reviews I read described them as excellent if critical enquiry journalism.

    Geo and ARY prefered silence to government-imposed self-censorship. I trust Ange on the international economics involved, but also if you stick to the broadcasters themselves, this ethical choice might prove profitable soon, when Mr. COAS-President’s “interim government” is replaced by a democratically elected one.

    Perhaps sooner, actually: international pressure on Dubai to allow Geo and Ary to broadcast again is building up, and international media articles presenting Mr COAS-President as a goner, failure and even liability multiply.

    As a language teacher, what strikes me in comments defending the shutdown of Ary and Geo is their repetitive formulation. As if there were a small team fishing from a database of ready-made arguments. Of course, other explanations are posssible, but they are even less flattering so I won’t write them down here.

  • Faisal.K |

    Not to mention the fact that these so called investors look at things like
    1) Stability of government decisions
    2) Lesser curbs on civil liberties

    It is quite shocking that the Government in Dubai allowed a legitimate news channel to be blackballed and stopped in its broadcasting by the pressure exerted by the government of another country.

    Says a lot for the people in charge there.