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Update @ 1410: Supreme Court dismisses five petitions against Musharraf’s eligibility

The newly appointed bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan resumed the hearing of petitions which were challenging General Pervaiz Musharraf’s eligibility as the President of Pakistan. Within a few hours the bench had been able to dismiss five out of the six petitions against the self appointed dictator. The sixth and the last petition will come under discussion on the next hearing date which has been set for Thursday 22nd November

With a martial law (politically correct – Emergency) in effect throughout Pakistan and a judiciary sworn upon a military sanctioned PCO which incidentally suspend the Constitution of Pakistan, it is not surprising to have come across this quick judgment now the sixth and final petition remains to be dismissed on Thursday after which the Supreme Court will authorize the legality of the Musharraf as the President of Pakistan for another five more years. God Bless Pakistan… and please hurry!


  • JZ |

    That was expected, so no surprises here. And when the Supreme Court had to give this verdict then why waste time and resources unnecessarily? This is a banana republic and we all are silent spectators. At best we email, text or blog. Some of us go a step forward and participate in some protest here and there. Many are sitting and watching it with sheer apathy and lack of any concern. We are a nation that does not care, does not bother and does not give two hoots to what is happening in our homeland. We actually welcome military before cursing them and we elect politicians after calling them traiters. In a nation of 160 million, there is no leader who could mobilize people simply because their own lenins are dirty and they lack the genuineness and charisma to draw people. When those living in ultra luxury talk about the poor it sounds nothing but a joke. That is why although people are anti musharraf yet they havent come out in the streets. Their question is simple… should we come out for Benazir or Nawaz? no way. We got better things in life to do. I wonder where this all will lead to.

  • Faiza Alvi |

    In the darker days of emergency, WWW has once again proved a beaconhouse for me. Not only can I remain uptodate with the news from disparate sites, but also can read articles and views on the blogs like this.

    To contribute my little share to raise awareness, I would like to share a link, where if you want you could watch GEO New on web, even with an average bandwidth.



  • JZ |

    Sorry for my such comments but I was too disgusted at the Dogar court. I pray for this country.