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APDM Boycotts Elections

Reports are coming in that APDM has resolved to boycott the elections – this is a good move on behalf of the opposition and must be hailed widely. The pressure will now be on Musharraf to somehow try to salvage the his notion of Free and Fair elections. It must be remembered that a proper democracy is only possible under a free and independent judiciary in Pakistan.

At the same time it is sad to see that the US Government still wants to play an influential part in supporting Musharraf and his notion of democracy, I quote a statement appearing on the Geo.tv website ‘The White House on Thursday called on Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf to lift state of emergency “as soon as possible” to pave the way for free and fair parliamentary elections in January’ I wonder how they expect it to happen when Pakistan has been raped clean of it judiciary simply because one person could not tolerate a decision against him

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