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Musharraf, transformation from a human to a dictator

Found these images at Al-Qamar which I thought were interesting to see how a regular army officers could transform himself from a simple young military officer barely making Rs.30,000 a month into a ruthless cold-hearted multi-million dollar dictator. Probably one of the biggest hazards of stying in power for too long, one tends to loose touch with reality.


  • syed sajid mahmood |

    Yes, Junaid I agree with you…….. He proved he is an ordinary man who always said “Pakistan First” but always moved in the opposite direction i.e. “Personal Interest”

    The history of Pakistan is filled with “Na-guzeer” people. and he also considers himself one of them 🙂

  • Mohammad Junaid |


    i think President Musharaf was the last hope for Pakistan, He was the most powerful leader but his advisors were user, they used him & left him alone, but people of Pakistan always like him, we wish he should come back in power & run this country. These loosers who have no idea what to do, they even dont know each other, one day they are friends & next morning they are enemy, they are like school boys.

  • mb pitafi |

    he has sabotage rule and law. he has divided pakistan…..shit musharaf…

  • Observer |

    "He was the most powerful leader but his advisors were user, they used him & left him alone, "

    Yes, the dictator was powerfull, but was he so DUMB that he let himself to be used by his advisers? He liked to give the impression of being a smart guy. Has he all of sudden become a fool in those circles?

  • Observer |


    Was Roedad Khan and/or Imran Khan Musharrafs advisers?

    What is your point? Still acting like a roaming vagabond? Come on, I believe you can do a lot better than this kind of cheap propaganda.

    • Aamir Mughal |

      Sir, I am just expressing my opinion and following the Decency Guidelines as advised by Dr Awab and you have already said that it is a public forum therefore I am just giving my opinion. Your own quotes are as under:


      Observer says: – January 6, 2010 at 4:48 pm – @Aamir This is a public forum,


  • Observer |


    As usual you will not explain or bring proofs. Your dishonesty is dominant in your jiyala comments.

  • Fatima Khan |

    Musharraf was a president but just for this world ,in the Hereafter he will be punished severly . Becoz he has destroyed Pakistan and Zardari has eaten up the waste of Pakistan !