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Asia Society update : Ali Ahsan makes a point while Conversation remained pro-Musharraf

As per my rant barely a day back on the upcoming discussion at Asia Society on Pakistan where three (pro-government) panelists were invited to present the case for the Government of Pakistan. It started off with Nasim Ashraf who may have been the only one to have argued well at the forum, it soon followed by the clueless Barrister Ali Saif who would have better served if he had been told to shut up and finally Kashmala Tariq a die hard faithful of the King’s party.

After the first round of comments by the panelists the floor was opened to question and the highlight of the talk was when Aitezaz Ahsans son Ali Ahsan came to the mike and openly called the entire team liars and corrected many false statements issued by Barrister Saif and Kashmala Tariq. He was to the point but maybe a little emotional, which quite rightly so since his father was at the receiving end of some harsh treatment in Pakistan. He was enough to corner Kashmala Tariq who ended up eating a few of her own words and in her ramble went a little to criticize her own government on a few adopted position.

The 1 1/2 hour event was predominated by comments by the panelist and none were actually put to the test as even the important challenging questions were not addressed properly. A suggestion to Asia Society and any other organization wanting to run a debate is to have two learned people from opposite sides of the argument actually come together and argue all issues in detail,

It actually seemed that this was not a discussion as claimed by Asia Society but instead a press conference held in New York. Check out Asia Society page, or PkPolitics for more details, while the podcast is available for your interest


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