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Pakistan morns the Death of Benazir Bhutto

Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has been killed in a suicide attack today in Rawalpindi outside the Liaquatbagh rally she addressed moments earlier. In all honesty, I was never a fan of her style of politics corruption but on hearing this sad news it leaves me and the entire nation in shock, quite literally forgiving her for everything, May Her Soul Rest in Peace.

As the country plunges into chaos with news of riots already afoot throughout Pakistan. Yes we will recover, yes the world will move on, but we will surely remember her ultimate sacrifice for Pakistan.

My analysis of who is to blame may be quite simple as we have been repeating the same thing over and over again – The Americans MUST stop their adventures and infiltrations into other countries and their war on terror has destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan stands on the edge ready to plummet into darkness. This war on terror is a war of the Americans and NOT our war.

We Pakistanis Plead with the movers and shakers in United States to Please For Gods Sake Leave US ALONE


  • shobz |

    It was a big shock for all of us when we found out that a suicide bomber assassinated Benazir. I could not believe what i saw on tv when i found out that she was no more. Even though i was also not a big fan of hers i felt really bad because of the way she was murdered. She had a family and three children who will never experience the love of their mother again. I felt some tears coming out as i did not what to do. These were tears of sadness over her death, for the people of Pakistan and our wellbeing . It is difficult to come to terms with this tragic news. Allah save our country from our enemies. How much more do we have to suffer? I pray that the situation calms down soon InshAllah.

  • Marit |

    Sincere condolences from the U.S. I am in shock.

    Teeth, I think you have been doing a wonderful job covering this. I can only hope that this violence does not hurt the chance for a true constitutional Republic/Democracy for Pakistan.

    I am headed to New Hampshire to cover the primaries. I will open up my blog then.

    Warmest regards,


  • Junaid |

    i dont think it is americas war anymore, although i doubt those elements you mentioned are behind it but i would call it an assisted assasination.
    still it is not war of america since suicide bombings started it is our war even before 9/11 . how can we tollerate barbarians in our midst out of control.
    i think mushy should leave now or he would get us into worst.

  • Steve Collins |

    Most Americans are grieving along with you, including me.
    But it is not America that allows terrorists to spread violence and hate through Pakistan and the world. It is up to you, in Pakistan, to build a democracy that provides the freedom you need without letting assassins and killers remain at liberty.
    I hope that my government will stand with those who are seeking a new Pakistan that treats its citizens with the dignity that all men and woman deserve, a new Pakistan that won’t tolerate barbarism, a new Pakistan that can stand as a model for the Islamic world.
    We have all lost a brave champion against the force of evil, but I pray that somehow today’s horror will lead to a better future for all of us.

  • Rick Johnson |

    Emotion at such times breeds many actions. But please, don’t be so eager to jump on the U.S.

    It’s ludicrous to try and tie this latest tragedy to U.S. involvement in the region. You have NO proof, you have NO evidence, that any of this can be linked to U.S. actions in the region.

    Better to look right at home; better to look in your own back yard or the NW Frontier Province… not to the U.S.

  • Dr! |


    How dare you???

    They don’t interfere in our space. They just want to liberate us like they liberated the Iraqis.

    I wonder why MUSH is not good enough for them.

  • Abu Hashim |

    Steve, Rick

    You are joking right? That is delusion bought on by blind patriotism!

    The day the USA goes home, or is sent home from Pakistan and all other Muslim countries, we will have removed the divisive and poisonous force at the heart of our societies.

  • Muhammad Ali |

    This is the most sad and tragic event in Pakistan, I am damn sure that Musharraf and ISI are involved in it, the way this mission was carried out, gives clear indication that it was planned on high scale. Bastard Musharraf is taking this country into balkanization, hope it doesn’t happen.

    As a youth of Pakistan, now I am seriously thinking of taking arms against Pakistani Army, this is our only hope to make this country a better place, else Musharraf will leave this country after destroying it and will keep on telling to himself “I didn’t do it” it was not my fault…..Anyone remember Yahya? these are the words of turncoat Yahya.

  • rhonda |

    What is it going to take for human beings, namely our “youths”, to stop taking up arms??????? Anger is a direct result of fear; and this applies to all living creatures, even Americans.

  • malik |

    Here are few facts.

    1. Every thing living has to taste death.

    2. Date, time and place of death is fixed. It cannot be changed.

    3. After the World war II, UK handed over the reins of global political/terror games to US of A.
    Because the Empire ran out of money.

    4. If you look at the history of the world, you will see US of A behind almost every crisis, in one form or the other, from South America, Asia, Middle east, ….

    5.The leaders of the third world countries are slaves of the rich countries of the world. The North Africans are slaves of France, while many are slaves of US and UK and some of Russia.

    6. These leaders are pawns used and replaced.

    7. Majority of the population is naive and they do not know the games played at global level.

    8. The global strategies are made years in advance and are implemented in years.

    9. A 1998 (the year when the new king of PPP born) BBC documentary, The Quran and the Klashnikov, predicted that Islam will be demonized as there has to be “global threat” to continue the status quo.

    10. The leaders and their supporters/relatives plunder the wealth of the nations. This is a global phenomenon where there is dictators/feudals/kings. They do not remember their death.

  • Majid Maqsood |

    this pain cant be expressed in words, the assassination of Muthrama Benazir Bhutto has lost our World, we have lost every thing and we feel ourselves orphan. its big conspiracy against Muthrama Benzair Bhutoo and people of Sindh.its a work of political orphan people who did it with help of goverment and its agancies.Pakistan is looking numbered and ruler are saying that Pakistan can be disintigrated, Assassination of Muthrama Benazir Bhutto would be main reason of the disintegral of the country.

  • William Cullinson |


    The press reported that the assassination of Benazir Bhutto was carried out by terrorists loyal to the taliban and that it was a suicide bomber who carried it out. However the witnesses who were there said they heard multiple shots from buildings nearby before the bomb went off. Originally Scotland yard who investigated it said there were shots and then reversed themselves and John MacBrayne , chief investigator said that there were none.
    The CIA wanted Bhutto dead, they had a contingency plan to sanction her from years back if she ever attained the leadership of Pakistan, Much of the leadership in the CIA did not like this decision and Porter Goss resigned over this issue. If Bhutto had won the election and even stating that she was the terrorists worst nightmare there would not have been a big change in the status quo however the CIA knew that Bhutto had intended to demilitarize Pakistan basically throwing out all U.S. military and intelligence advisors and operatives.
    The terrosist were not intimidated by Bhutto but the CIA was. The assassination of Bhutto was typical CIA black bag operations, the suicide bomber (diversion) for the three triangular snipers in the buildings beyond. Then the facts and evidence are quickly erased.
    All the bodies and evidence were cleaned up within a couple hours of the incident. Husnain and Rafaqat The two supposedly taliban terrorists being held for investigation Are CIA operatives trained by the covert assistance group wing of the CIA training Pakistan operatives in Pakistan
    Thus the CIA, American Military Advisors and intelligence operatives are set in Pakistan and President Pervez Musharrafâ??s Cooperative to the U.S. administration is secured.

    William Cullinson Manager of Racetrack, East Orlando, Florida


  • arsh |

    I AM youth of dis so called Pakistan wer no democracy leads us to right path..murder of BEnazir bHUtto is jst a shocked yet for us..being a women ..mens world cant let us go for developing new ideas n progress..even though i have no personal concern bt m sad for this grt WOMEN MAY ALLAH BLESS HER soul ameen.