Mr. 10% to run the Party till Bilawal reaches 22

Pakistans most corrupt leader Asif Ali Zardari also known as Mr 10% will head the Pakistan Peoples Party till Bilawal Bhutto Zardari completes his education and reaches the age of 22. MAY GOD REALLY HELP US.




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21 responses to “Mr. 10% to run the Party till Bilawal reaches 22”

  1. Karim Avatar

    By the time Bilawal sits on the throne, the running rate will be 50%. Congrats PPP, congrats Pakistan, may All Mighty watch over you while you bring down this Banana Party and this Banana Republic! Good Luck to you. In the mean time I need to go out to the streets to shout Zindabad and Murdabad..see ya later!

  2. Pathetic Avatar

    Can it get more pathetic than this?

  3. Silence Avatar

    Establishment wants that and its going to happen, even before PPP minus Benazir was acceptable for generals and Makhdum Amin Fahim was offered to be PM. The major hurdle was BB which is no more now, rest of the team is not anti establishment.

    Secondly unless status quo breaks, no one will get hands on power without Generals consent, but question is weather Civil Society and Anti Establishment forces are that strong to defeat the most powerful and corrupt army in world.

    I think this is fate of this nation untill its a country or goes through a civil war we will get what we have today.

  4. Ali Khan Avatar
    Ali Khan

    Has anyone noticed Talat Husain on Aaj TV acting like a total jiyala, there’s no pretense of any sort of Objectivity..really sad..and look at Nawaz Sharrif, what was the hurry to boycott he’s now going reversing his decision AGAIN!!! This is our leadership…God really help us!!!

  5. Karim Avatar

    I am saddened by the death of so many innocent and ignorant people who were around that car on 27th. I am angry at and totally condemn the scumbags who for whatever misguided heavenly promises carry out these attacks because they serve no purpose. They will get Islamic Waderas, Generals and Choudhrys at the most but they will be one of the above three, oh..oh..I forgot, the Moulanas (seems third generation are preparing to enter the field). What this god forsaken country now needs is PEOPLES REVOLUTIONtake out all the bastards, take away their privileges and destroy their belief that they have a god given right to rule this country. Take away the stolen lands from them (yes including the Bhuttos), give it to the farmers, force the Mians and the Choudhrys to play by the rules, and finally a revolution to remind the armed forces that they serve at the pleasure of nation and not the other way around. AND if this nation of 160 million cannot find the will and the people to do that, than the ultimate thug and charlatan Altaf Bhai might be right, probably creating this country was a biggest historical blunder! The intellectuals (I am hoping that there must be some honorable ones left) must get their heads out from the depth and darkness of their behinds and face up to their responsibilities (oh where are you Faiz…) and say it as it is, they must provide guidance and wisdom rather than be content with tenure or other corrupting goodies offered by the west, its way too late, there needs to be a true leadership in this country to break the shekels of the privileged class and military thugs, we need a Mandela, a Gandhi, a Mossadegh some body, not these half ass cartoons that call themselves leaders.

  6. zen Avatar

    An assassinated leader ‘wills’ the chairman ship of ‘her family’s’ political party. A 19-year old becomes chairman in absentia. A corrupt former first husband becomes de facto leader of party.

    Its a slap on the face of other leaders of PPP.

    BB was no Aung Sun Suu Kyi. She had herself elected as leader of PPP for life. And left the chairmanship to her husband\son in her will. This is how democratic our leaders are.

    Maybe we should have a word for it – patrimonial democracy.

    Is there no end to this?

  7. Saima Avatar

    Karim, you couldn’t have said it any better. Thank you!

  8. Karim Avatar

    No Saima, I can not adequately express my wrath..I wish I could do better!

  9. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    PPP dynasty…!

  10. Silence Avatar

    Unaiza, This is a reality;

    Nawaz was clever enough to take over Zia dynasty.

    Fazul Rehman took over Mullah Dynasty and through others out,

    BB herself took over Bhutto dynasty;

    Someone here has refered Altaf, he himself has became on of them, PIR Sahib,and somethig like a prophet for his followers.

    This is the style of politics in a fudal society, live by it or break it, unfortunatley every time you stand up to break it, the establishment would be there to save them as they work as a team.

    I think actually the Judiciary’s cause, CJ, Itazaz, Lawyers movement and everything what civil society has done died with Benazir.

    Another decade or so, may be we can see some movement once again!

  11. hassaan mirza Avatar
    hassaan mirza

    yes .. really REALLLY help us !!

  12. Dr! Avatar

    NO, I’m not in for it. WHy??

    Look at the people who are choosing a leadership based on relationships. I don’t want to be one of them, not me.

    Go ahead burn more cars, loot the banks and spill all the hate, I wouldn’t follow you

  13. Dr! Avatar


    I wouldn’t generalize the whole army as corrupt because of a few corrupt Generals.

    Long live Pakistan Army, May Allah clean it and may Allah give it izzat, Ameeen.

    I disapprove the appointments of ex-service men as heads of organizations like KESC, WAPDA etc.

    But listen to this story.
    One of my friend used to work for KESC. He applied for immigration to overseas and finally was packing to move. Just before a month he planned to fly, his company car parked outside of his home was stolen.
    He tried to file and FIR but was only given a temporary ‘parchi’ that the car was stolen.

    This ‘parchi’ was not acceptable to administration and some people working in the admin told him that he will not be able to get the NOC and a few among them accused him of a coverup.

    The police station was not ready to issue a full FIR saying that you may find it soon and its not advisable to file an FIR. With all the stress he had and with no connections in the ‘higher ups’ he was frustrated and couldn’t figure out what to do. He went to the officer who was incharge of administrative affairs, he was an ex-service man. The guy listened to my friend and intervened. Upon his involvement the Police station finally issued an FIR.

    My friend belonged to a middle class Muhajir family with no connections in the higher ups. If that ex-service man hadn’t intervened he wouldn’t have gotten the FIR and his plan to immigrate would have been jeopardized.

  14. temporal Avatar

    in her death she spoke like a feudal she was at heart treating her party like her jaagir

    we have been told PPP has a large number of supporters, members and sympathisers

    apparently not many amongst them have any conscience, if they had an iota of it they would have resigned at this blatant travesty of democratic norms

    but greedy, and tickets, and wins are more important and poor Pakistan and its many problems are a distant second

    today, greed won once again – god save pakistan

  15. Karim Avatar

    Okay, I had enough, if we are going to have clowns, lets have some real ones running this country, here is what I suggest, Moin Akhtar for CE, President, Chief, Commander, Capo de tuti capi whatever it is they call THE GUY, Lehri governor of all 4 provinces (is he still alive?)Omar Sharif the police guy (of course for the whole country) Nanha for justice, Nirala for Defence and Munawar Zarif for Interior and last but not the least Rangeela for Prime Minister. If any or all the above guys are not alive their suitable sons or duaghters will do.. how about that, any body wants to second me on that?

  16. mat Avatar

    Its a shame that we have Mr 10% again rising on the dead body of benazir and grabbing peoples party
    where are the so called leders ofPPP.
    Charity begins at home and if democratic parties are like kingdom then why to talk of democracy

  17. JIbran Patel Avatar

    Corruption jin ka Eman ho,
    us say bana Haram ka makaan ho.
    Bhatiji leny ko jis ki jan ho.
    Nara roti Kapra or Makaan ho

    Bhai k khoun say rangey hath,
    Seyah`sat main jitna bhi diya balidan ho.
    Mr. 10% 4 saal hath laganay say 2 gaam ho,
    bete ki shakal jese Imran khan ho.

    Be-zamir oh be-nazir, jo bhi us ka naam ho,
    Sarey Mahal main me`y pay jis ki sham ho,

    Bhooki Awam ko Tassali, or Shahi astabal,.
    Seeb k marabey

    Loutna ho ya lotna ho, Sarzameen-e-Pakistan.
    Bura hoA, Chalo jo us ka Anjaam ho,

    Wadera` raaj Looter Asif,
    Bilawal Teer or baap Kaman`ho..

  18. Condemn Bhuttos Assassination Avatar

    Condemn Bhuttos Assassination

    Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, 54, died Thursday evening after being shot and seriously injured from a suspected suicide blast at her election rally at the Liaquat Bagh park in Rawalpindi, some 30km south from Islamabad.

    We, the undersigned private citizens, join Pakistan, Russia, and U.S. to condemn this attack as we mourn her death.

  19. engr MOHSIN ALI SIYAL Avatar

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    asalam o alakum
    i am mohsin ali siyal from ghotki sindh.i have support ppp since my birth but ppp has not given us any think.i loved ppp i am loving ppp i will be loving ppp till death.
    i am doing private job in news1 and tv1 as junior satellite engr.i have passed engr in first division in electronics…i want to get job in govt
    so i am requesting bilawel saheb,asif ali zardari sahab,makhdoom sahab and all pppp authority that help me in govt job…sir i am waiting for help of ALLAH and u
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  20. mr shivji Avatar
    mr shivji

    i have to say that thses fedual comrades that the ppp-zardai the doulbe sword of both us libeal establihment and the sindhi feadual estalibhment and only mr imran khan is the great leadr of united pakistan even mr singh and mr bush dont like his pakistani nationalism thses days,
    pakistan zindabad,
    ik zindabad.

  21. hnby qsxznrp Avatar

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