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PPP to contest election & Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Chair of PPP

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has just now addresses a press conference while Makhdoom Amin Faheem and Asif Ali Zardari flanked him on the side. Bilawal spoke in English but emotions got the better of him. Asif Zardari when addressing the press conference announced that PPP will contest the elections on time and confirmed the reports that Benazir wanted the Pakistan Peoples Party to be led by Asif Ali Zardari as Co-Chair.

Sad to see this nomination system prevailing in a so called democratic party. I feel its time for civil society to re-group and re-strategies its struggle and start the campaign against the elections, PPP under the leadership of Asif Zardari can only mean further doom and Musharraf at the helm of affairs being President of Pakistan. God Help us, with this recent development Benazir death changes nothing and crooks continue to feed on this country of ours. I now strongly feel the elections must be boycotted by all parties and civil society should refrain from going to the polls


  • yo yo |

    Teeth..I think it was time you realized and accepted Musharraf as the right leader for Pakistan at this time. There is no democracy in Pakistan as you can see the largest democratic party PPP is a family run enterprise. And there is no leader otherwise.

  • ann |

    democracy will rise and dictator ship will end.musharraf is the man who is killing people all these bomb blast are planed by agencies.

  • Saadia |

    How naive can u get if u think Musharraf is the one killing people. Those who prpogate such nonsense are actually serving the cause of extremists and terrorists. This is exactly what they want in Pakistan confusion, chaos and infighting.

  • fahad |

    I am seriously disappointed by the decision taken by the PPP higher management and by the will signed by BB. I was expecting that, as should of democracy dictates, there will be a referendum and PPP workers will choose their leader democratically. Someone influential having broad vision (such as Aytazaz Hasan) will come to the surface and will be offered to run the party. I have no personal grudge with Bilawal, but thing is, in civilized west such things only happen in movies (like harry potter or in shrek, he is a normal person, suddenly he comes to know that hez gonna lead a state).

    But unfortunately, just like a kingdom or a private company, they have selected a naive person who knows nothing why his grandfather got killed and a person who has never spent life in Pakistan and does not know anything about common man’s problems. And for proper marketing, they have also renamed the product.

    My question:

    – This is dictatorship: isn’t it? or in other words, just like running a family business, sharing assets among family members.
    – Can DNA carry self developed attributes such as ideologies, thought processes etc?
    – If it is so, then why aren’t direct descendants of Muhammad Ali Jinnah running Pakistan?
    – If I add Bhutto against my name, will I automatically inherit the characteristics of Mr. Bhutto?

    Is it safe to call it ‘Dictatorship in parties fighting against ‘Dictatorship’?


    About Bilawal:
    Bilawal attended Rashid School For Boys in Dubai, where he was Vice President of the student council.[3] He is also a black belt in Taekwondo.[4] He is currently studying at the University of Oxford as his mother Benazir Bhutto did,[5] whereas Bhutto attended Lady Margaret Hall, Bilawal attends [B]Christ Church[/B],[6] as did his grandfather. When he found out about his mother’s assassination he was at the family home in Dubai for the winter break from university.[7]

    [B]Despite speculation that he is unable to speak fluent Urdu, the national language of Pakistan[/B], Bilawal was appointed Chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party on 30 December 2007.[8] His father had been named the new chairman in Benazir Bhutto’s will, but he asked for his son to be appointed instead.[9] Asif Ali Zardari will be co-chairman.[10] Bilawal will complete his studies at [B]Christ Church[/B] before returning to lead the party full time.[11]

    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilawal_Bhutto_Zardari

  • ALI |

    hi my name is ali i am student
    g meere khayal say party ka new chairman m.a.f ko banana chaye tha
    because wo mutarma jab dubai mai thi to wo party ko lead karee thay,,

  • hina |

    i completly agree with the party desision.because we want a democrated contry n i hope when ppp come they will come with full zeal n zest.and all the very best to bilawal bhutto who is the hier of his mother n we hope that he will one daY MAKE HIS ALL COUNTRY PROUD ON HIM.

  • hina |

    jab b.b. khud hi yeh chahate thin tou kyon na bilawal lead kare jab zia ne mr bhutto shaheed ko katal kia tha tab bhi tou b.b. ne sambhala tha aur ab jab is hakumaat ne yeh assasination kiya hai tou ab bhi bilawal hi sambhale ga. aur main ap sab se request karte hoon plz ap govt par zor dein k u n se investigation karain gayein.

  • Lala Lajpat bheel.Th |

    Ham bohat sharmand hoon k ham se apni ledar k hefazat nahen hue! Ur wo ham sab k khusheo k ley yanh apane jan hathele p rakh kar aae thi. Lekan ham jo kuch hua us ka badla ham tarek se len ge. Ham umed karten hen k ppp k co-charman Asif sb, khabardari ur sachae se awam ko leed karen ge.Un k pas M.amin .F jese ur atzaz jese baazamer ledar mojod he jo tarekh shahf he k wo kabhi ousoolon ka soda nahen karte.Tab tak Mr Bilawal khud ko es mation k kabal baneny k lei aapaney tarceat kark es zakhame awam k dardoon ka darman ban jae ga,keon k wo es halatoon ka barek beni se tajarba karen ge.Wo ek nojoan ure shaheedonka garm khoon he. Aaj os ko Tilti bula rahe he.

  • humayun |

    thanks God someone in pakistan has thought some sense. I am an astrologer by hobby and can see things more clearly. u are on right lines. take care

  • ALI K.K |

    salam as we all know that our great leader is not among us now this is the time to complete her mission by casting the vote and inshahALLAH on 19th feb we will tell mohtarma BENAZIR BHUTTO that DEMOCRACY has won.
    so i think that the leader which is going right now is good we will discuss on it after the success in election (inshahALLAH)

  • qadeer |

    cogratulation to p.p.p i wish i would get a good job in this governement other wise i am fed up of all these politicians Muhtarma benazir was the last hope.well lets see what will happend in the future

  • Reader |

    What kind of democracy do we have where the most corrupt leader is going to be our president.

  • Irfan Mirza |

    For the most corrupt citizen there are the most corrupt leaders.
    The nation will only get honest leaders once they start digging for the truth and accept and respect nothing but truth.

  • hira |


  • D M maharaj |

    MASSAGE ON 4TH OCT 2009 ANIMAL DAY from Bright Future Social Welfare

    Organization Badin.

    Badin is district head quarter of Sindh province, lies at 240 39 North 680 52, east’s. Badin is small but important town in southern Sindh Pakistan. This district lies, 93 km (58 miles) east of Karachi, 98 km (61 miles) west of tharparker 50 km (31 miles) south east of Hyderabad.

    This district is divided into five Talukas such as Badin, shaheed fasal Raho, Matli, Talhar, Tando Bago and dehs 497, UC 46.

    This area based on agriculture, life of people that is farmers, kisan, zamindar totally depends on agriculture, live stock,, fisheries, man crops sugar can, cotton , wheat, rice, chilies and so on.

    In district Badin the most of income of peoples depends on domestic animals such as buffalos, cows, goats, sheep, camels, donkey etc.


    There are three types of buffalos found in district Badin:

    1. Black buffalos

    2. Brown buffalos

    3. Black and brown buffalos


    Is the second interested animal of the people because the milk is thin instead of buffalo.

    Goats or sheep

    This is most common domestic animal cash crop because their races increase very quickly. It is estimated about 75% goats are died every year due to diseases,

    There are about 885 dairy forms in Badin. In each dairy form about 07-200 buffalos under care but still the demands of milk is not fulfill due to week animals and poor diet, there are about 07 weakly animal sale point and yearly one donkey sale point on country level from where people earn money for the safeguard of life.

    Many buffalo’s kids died at birth or after birth due to lots of reasons. It is about 20% new born buffalos died due to unknown reasons.

    There are 50 % animals died every year due to non-availability of medical facility that is the major loss of poor people who depends on live stock.

    The other reason of death may be the improper diet of animal and mixture in the diet of animal. The second reason is drinking water due to shortage of water for animal use and use of dirty water cause diseases because there is no proper arrangement of drinking water.

    Hygienic condition

    The environmental pollution, rain fall, sanitation water cause mosquito and insects in places or congested dairy form that cause so many diseases and death of animals.

    There are very few animal dispensaries in Badin which are in far filing areas, non-availability of medicine, and diagnostic lab. Poor people can consultation from doctor for their animal but they cannot afford the cost of medicine.

    Suggestions/future plan

    1. The proper arrangement of free consultation for animals

    2. The Bright Future Social Welfare Organization wants to participate with shareholder and who want to help them.

    3. Hospitals should be established UC vice

    4. Shelter and drinking water

    5. Proper sanitation arrangement

    6. Spray to kill the mosquito

    7. Provide natural environment (plantation, grossing)

    8. Arrange for diagnostic lab for Taluka level.

    D M Maharaj president bright future social welfare org..


    D M Maharaj president bright future social welfare org..


  • D M maharaj |

    27th December Shahadit Day of Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto

    Bright Future Social Welfare Organization Badin want to take it in notice to all humanity of world that we belong to remote area of Sindh where there is no basic facilities for us but we have a deep love and affection for our country which shows from statue of Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto. Recently the exhibition with the title of " Womenza Exibition 2008" had been held at expo center Karachi from 29th Aug 2008 to 31st Aug, 2008 in which participants from all 23 districts of Sindh, social organizations and NGOs have taken part. The social welfare department of Badin also allotted the stall no. 13 & 14 in hall no. 02 where home made material (Handy Craft) have been displayed for sale, the main attraction of stall were the Statue corner where marble Statue of Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto with the weight of 260 kilogram of our beloved leader looks like alive standing in the exhibition.

    The Federal and Provincial Ministers among which Dr. Fahmida Mirza Speaker of National Assembly, Shazia Marrie, Information Minster of Sindh, Mr. Ayaz Soomro, Law Minster of Sindh, Mrs.Touqueer Fatima Bhutto and the representive of Pakistan in U.N.O. visited the stall and take keen interest in the statue of Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto. At least 5 million people around the world visited the stall in which about 50 thousand foreigners, 2 lac women 1laacs gents and 1.5 lac children. The Foreign delegation of USA, Japan, India, Singapore, also included and praised the work of Mehraj Khushal Das with association of D.M.Maharaj to brought the statue for exhibition to Karachi and they offer that, the exhibition of statues made by may colleague be held Internationally.

    At least 42 Channels of the Media Telecast the exhibition of statue of Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto and presented their views on it. DCO and EDO Badin were appreciated our efforts to make arrangement for bringing the statue to the Karachi for displacing in exhibition.

    On 2nd September 2008 a member discussion had been held in Sindh Assembly on the statue of Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto and it as decided unanimously that the culture department will held the exhibition off the statue all over the country.

    The leadership of PPP show their burning desire to fix the statue at Bilawal house for the remembrance of Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto which were accepted by us after that statue was carried to Bilawal house with full protocol.

    It is also appealed that in the days of Shaheed Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto the Ministry of Minority Affairs had initiated the Policy of awarding awards and financial assistance to artisan so that they can continue their work with keen interest. It is prayed that we may be benefited for granting financial help so that we can serve the benefit to nation.

    It is further stated that the artist Mehraj Khushal Das has also made a statue of former Indian Prim Minster (late) Rajiv Ghandi and to donate it to the Ghandi family as a good will gesture from country and for this foreign affairs ministry may be directed to make necessary arrangement for this purpose.

    PPP Co-Chairman and President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari also convey good wishes for us for noble work and assure that, Whenever he visit to Karachi, he will inaugurate the statue to install in Bilawal House for ever remembrance of Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto.

    It is further stated that the Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto was a worldwide leader and her statue want to be exhibition in which country where Muhtarma was educated, participated in politics lectures, seminars, workshops etc. because the mission of Shaheed Zulgfiqar Ali Bhutto, Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto and his family. It is very proud for the Pakistani nation, if you sir the exhibition of statue of Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto will made in the world direct to the TDAP for exhibition.

    Respected sir I, President of Bright Future Social Welfare Organization Badin D. M. Maharaj work hard for all above stated facts and require special attention for inclusion in the provincial/District committees for solving the problems of poor people of far filling areas of District Badin and it is also requested that the Sabil may kindly be done for the esahal-e Swab of Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto every year district level on 27th Dec.

    required comments are



    Bright Future Social Welfare Badin

    Darshan clinic, coaster

    Stop, Badin.

    Phone No: 0297-861850

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