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Sunroof injury couldn’t kill Bhutto: Toyota official – ?

It is being reported in Daily News & Analysis that an official of the Toyota company that manufactures the vehicle states that “We are convinced that it can’t be a lever (that caused the fatal head injury) but we are still looking into more details,” According to the official, the lever could not have caused the head injury as it was installed inside the vehicle and was at least six centimeters from the edge of the sunroof. At the same time, he did not dispute the fact that there could have been bloodstains on the lever. “This is understandable. If she was hit in the head by a bullet, bloodstains could have been left on the lever.”

Reading the entire news report and looking at the official pictures of the Land Cruiser which was being used by Benazir Bhutto one tends to wonder if this vehicle was actually bullet proof?. If it were, then were the modifications made by Toyota themselves, I could be wrong but armor plating and bullet proofing is is done by outside contractors and generally not undertaken by the manufacturers themselves.

Would any of the readers here care to speculate on this issue as I feel its an issue that needs to be thought out as it remains the ‘official version’ of the slaying of the PPP Chairperson in Rawalpindi, as presented by the Government of Pakistan. Though the story stands in some conflict with the some pictures that were first published on this blog



  • Ahmer Karimuddin |

    I am a General Surgeon. I have served on a trauma team for 5 years, 3 of them as a Trauma Team Leader. I have seen all kinds of traumatic injuries, inflicted in all kinds of ways.

    Let me explicit about this: There is no way a human being could generate the type of force required to cause a skull fracture by returning into their vehicle, through a sun roof or not. You see these kinds of injuries, as our government seems to be describing, when someone hits a skull with a hammer or a blunt instrument of some kind, not from falling down into a seat. Further, no one dies the way BB died from a skull fracture. Death is slow and prolonged, unless there are associated injuries such as a gun shot through the neck and the chest. The manner of her demise fits clearly and explicitly with being shot in the neck and the chest.

    I’m sick of the lies. Just sick. I’m sick of those who say it was her fault for standing up to wave goodbye. I’m sick of those who blame anyone else but the Government who should have provided security and the pieces of shit who think murder and mayhem are justifiable methods of social protest. Just simply sick.

  • durrani |

    The story of the government is in conflict with the rest of the video footage that has recently surfaced. Particularly the latest video that is being shown by Channel 4 and other international and Pakistani news channels.

    The government claims that she hit her head after the bomb exploded and it was an impact of the shock waves. They deny that she was hit by bullets. The new video that is being shown today shows that the assassin fired shots at her and she ducked almost immediately into the SUV, and BEFORE the explosion occured.

    You can determine this easily if you watch the video, some of the pictures and the video is posted on http://enizdomain.blogspot.com/ . It is also being telecast by CNN, Geo and Dawn.

  • Shawn |

    At the end of the Ch. 4 video, the Ballistics expert states the way her hair and scarf move up after the gunfire, it is most likely because she was shot in the neck or head.

    I hope this Ch. 4 video starts getting widespread coverage and pressure comes for an international investigation. And than the question will become, why did the government lie?

  • khan |

    No doubt you all are sick including the surgeon.neither the bullet. nor the explosion, it was Brutus!he is King now.