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Ahmed Quershi Challenged to a Live Debate

An open political debate challenge has been issued to Mr. Ahmed Qureshi who has been a prolific writer pushing pro-Musharraf views. The email was send on behalf of the Emergency Moderator and they await a response within 72 hours. Ahmed Qureshi has been writing quite activity on his website Ahmed Qureshi with an extensive mailing list but at the same time he also runs a show called on PTV. The open challenge letter is as follows

Mr. Quraishi,

Your orchestrated fallacious theories are severely detrimental for Pakistan. The conspiracy theories you craft and project, the ‘Immaculate Deception Creations Tailored to Your Senses’ are senseless, baseless and without any substance or material. Hence I challenge you to an open one-on-one live debate in the upcoming days. I am also forwarding this email to over 500 journalists, both national and international, as I am pretty certain you neither have the courage nor civility to come forward and accept this challenge and this should be enough to expose you.

In the highly unlikely event that you do end up accepting this challenge you will have to debate me in an open event which will ideally be broad casted live and in the presence of local and foreign media and security analysts apart from any audience that turns up there. Formal rules of parliamentary debate shall be observed. It will be held at a mutually acceptable location and time. All logistics will be worked out and agreed with you before hand. I will identify myself only at the event.

Failure to reply to this email within 72-hours shall mean a forfeiture on your part and acceptance that you are nothing more than a potty-mouthed deceiver hired by the agencies in Pakistan. The world will be made aware of your response, whatever it may be.


But to add to the mix, I share with you a recording of one of his shows on PTV, I saw this barely a week after the media clamp down on November 3rd. While all other channels lay silent, PTV was quite literally booming in this specific show he talked about the map published in the Armed Forces Journal where his guest weighed the new proposed boundaries for this region. In all honesty when you hear talk about the break up of Pakistan on state run television you tend to worry. You be the judge




  • durrani |

    This is a very good measure that has been taken to deal with this person. Good luck to the person who has challenged this guy.

  • Adnan Siddiqi |

    Once i replied his some lame article and then he mails his every article to all people who contacted him one way or another.

  • Chic |

    Why is so much importance being given to a nonentity? Nobody reads the nonsense he churns out or takes him seriously anyway. He is hopleless and pathetic, just leave the poor guy alone. And you’ll see once the Musharraf era ends, this man will become history soon. So just ignore him

  • Zain Abbass |

    You people are being naive if you think this man doesn’t have a following. In fact, I find myself agreeing with what he has to say for the most part. Can you please tell us specifically which parts harmed Pakistan?

  • ali hammad |

    well Mr.Sidique, I don’t know who you are and what you do. But only reading what you said made me suspicious even about you. If Mr.Qureshi is planted, so can be you. But your tone in the whole writing doesn’t convince me at all.
    We all Pakistani have to learn manners. I think that is very important. You can’t force your views on someone else. If he is pro-Musharraf, then you may be against him. Lets sit and discuss what could be a good way forward. In this age of technology every one has an equal chance to tell his views and thoughts. But unfortunately in this country even where freedom of speech is some kind of a new phenomena, every body wants popularity and a direct competition is going on among the tv channels , papers and persons. The best TV channel today is whose gonna show the most parts of a suicide bomber or who can create hipe out of nothing. shame on all of us …

  • Asad |

    I like reading articles by this guy. Makes for a refreshing change from the typical anti-Musharraf rhetoric.

    And if anyone outright rejects his articles, he/she is being blind and one-sided; ignoring an entire viewpoint of the issue.

    If people are so eager to counter his articles, why not publish a point by point rebuttal of his articles? But no, the only things we Pakistanis are successful at is overwhelming or intimidating a person physically rather than intellectually.

  • fireball_12fdm |

    some one who knows the dirty role played by indians and americans in the world politics,especially against pakistan(being the only islamic state which has got the courage and the potential to stop the anti-islamic forces),can not defy the article of mr ahmed qureshi. but if some one is thick headed enuf to do so,he should google about David Hazinski an ex US Navy qnd CASPER WEINBERGER, the two important persons who have made it possible to launch geo tv… try and noticed whats happening …take example of this geo tv…
    1.Geo continues to use Indian jargon like “partition.(we as a pakistani say INDEPENDANCE not partition,the word partition simply defys our ideology))
    2.geo never played the national anthem..not even on 14 august…
    3.Geo has strategic links with CNN, IBN-CNN in India …
    the list can go on and on but i just want to say that if ur eyes are shut, dont tell others to do so…
    may Allah give us wisdom and courage to accept the truth…AMEEN

  • salllman |

    I think what Ahmad Qureshi writes is common sense but the thing with common sense is that its not very common, specially in Pakistan. When will we come out of cheap street politics and be able to see the big picture.

  • Syed Bilal Haider |

    Mr. Al Sadiq I really don;t have a clue who you are but you better stop playing dirty games. If you want to refute Ahmed Quershi than you can reply on his website. When on earth will we understand the bigger picture. We need to stop fighting like cats and dogs. The only answer is UNITY. I believe Ahmed Quershi is doing a good job being a sincere Pakistani and educating us of the real problems in Pakistan. AHMED QUERSHI keep it up.