Musharraf Addresses Nation – Nothing Special !!

Pervaiz MusharrafGeneral Pervaiz Musharraf just finished his address to the nation but sadly its the same old dictatorship full of himself, in all honesty nothing has changed, Benazir Bhutto is out of the equation and the elections delayed by 40 days but its the same corrupt election commission, the same greedy President dearly clenching onto his seat of power and a the new face of Zardari on the set to win some influential seats in the upcoming polls.

During his speech the President offered condolences to the grieving family of Benazir Bhutto, and also raised concern over the security problem that engulfed the country, he has hence forth deployed the Army and Rangers throughout the country with immediate effect entrusted to control the law and order situation. With the upcoming Muharram month the country will go through a very tense time, and we all dearly hope that the law and order situation holds up.




4 responses to “Musharraf Addresses Nation – Nothing Special !!”

  1. Hammad Avatar

    hm…..nothing special. Being a president he would have give his nation something which soothes them. Where is over country is leading to … this aftermath is inviting foreign forces to not only laugh at us but they may have deadly thinking for us. Already RFS has rated the Pakistan as the unsecure land for press. Its not like we wanted for our country to flourish.

  2. Vandana Avatar

    Its very difficult to post a comment on ur blog.I wonder why.

  3. Jawan Avatar

    His master’s voice again graced the nation of slaves with another sddress. He did not feel even an iota of responsibility regarding the tragedy in which BB was ruthlessly killed. He talks bullshit, he thinks bullshit and he acts bullshit and nothing else. I wonder how the nation of slaves has the patience and guts to listen to his bullshit every npow and then.

    I request you earnestly, the “founder of the nation of slaves”, not to bother your slaves any more by revealing your filthy face so often. We smell of blood of innocent people whenever we have a look at you. Keep doing whatever you intend doing as slaves neither have any rights nor say in your misdeeds. They will bow down to your each and every command.

  4. NAZIA Avatar

    If you think you have served the nation as per yours desire and now seeing yours magnificant performance we should request you with humble and pain that please let us live as we are. We dont need US aide not yours enlightened moderation logics.We love our culture but we dont need bullets instead of flour.When nation has no power you give us Nuclear missile,when we dont have fuel you give us F16.When we want jobs you and yours army mafia give us suicidial bombers.You want to fight with India by distributing hunger and fame to poor nation.How much more land or money you want in account of yours brutal services.We as a nation would arrange for you but please leave us with your team