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Bilawal Zardari, thrust into the Limelight – Facebook Style

Bilawal Zardari in Devils Clothes at Christ Church FunctionSince the day after the assassination of his mother Benazir Bhutto, Bilawal Zardari has suddenly grown himself a fan club, young Pakistanis look at this new face of a future leader in Pakistan and quite naturally young women around the country throng to his fan club. The latest fad seems to be a series of Facebook groups that have sprung in the past few days to discuss this new leader, and as of last count there were 19 such groups with the highest member count hovering around 450 members

It is also not surprising that a few fake-facebook profiles have also come forward which impersonate the young new star, to the extent that a bogus statement, which appeared seemed to be a sincere response to condolences sent to a Facebook profile in the name of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. “I am not a born leader. I am not a politician or a great thinker, it says. “Im merely a student. I do the things that students do like make mistakes, eat junk food, watch Buffy [the Vampire Slayer] but most importantly of all . . . learn. My time to lead will come but for now Im the one asking questions, not the one answering them.

Its no surprise that the real Facebook profile remains camouflaged under a pseudonym which was researched and located from the Chirst Church Freshers 2007 group and he appears as Bilawal [actual name removed to protest his privacy] which the close family sources claim Bilawal has not accessed since his mothers death.

The Sun was able to pull this picture from his profile on facebook which features him dressed up as a devil for a University function. — Bilawal, all I can say is welcome to stardom, Pakistan needs to know you better before they can trust you with their vote, but until then you have a few years before you come back so enjoy the limelight but at the same time just be careful, our hopes and the reputation of Pakistan lies interlinked, sorry for the added pressure, but that’s the price you might have to pay.

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