No Evidence of Pakistani or US Signal Intercepts Of Al Qaeda

Wayne Madsen Reports have published a detailed article talking about if the Government of Pakistan does indeed have evidence of Baitul Mehsud calling his colleagues and congratulating them after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Though there maybe some bias in the article but its good food for thought considering this alleged tape was released during ‘the investigation’ where the govt deliberately distorted the facts about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, could this be yet another figment of their imagination.

WMR’s [Wayne Media Report] intelligence sources are scoffing at the Pakistani Interior Ministry contention that it could prove that former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated on the orders of “Al Qaeda’s” chief in South Waziristan, Baitullah Mehsud. The Interior Ministry claims that it recorded an “intercept” of Mehsud’s communications in which Mehsud allegedly congratulated his followers for the attack on Bhutto in the heavily-garrisoned city of Rawalpindi.

Bhutto’s political party and Mehsud both rejected the claims about the communications intercepts of Mehsud and said the Pervez Musharraf regime was behind the assassination of Bhutto.

US National Security Agency (NSA) sources have told WMR that signals intelligence (SIGINT) intercepts of Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders are rare in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere.

Not only is cell phone coverage spotty to non-existent in remote areas like Waziristan but ever since the 1996 NSA intercept of Chechen President Dzokhar Dudayev’s satellite telephone call to Moscow, which was passed in to Russian security authorities who triangulated his position and killed him with an air-to-surface missile, Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders, including Osama Bin Laden, have refrained from using electronic communications. mindful of U.S. intelligence’s capability to lock in on the locations of cell phone and sat phone signals.

But the juiciest part, quoted here, is probably when Wayne Media talks about their sources within the NSA saying that ISI has been fully engaged in provision of arms and ammunition to Taliban and Al-Qaeda forces in Afghanistan to use against American forces.

However, Pakistani Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) agents in Afghanistan and the Pakistani tribal regions in the northwest of the country have not been so reticent in using telecommunications. According to WMR’s source in NSA, U.S. SIGINT operators in Afghanistan and elsewhere have routinely intercepted communications of ISI agents dealing with the provision of arms and ammunition to Taliban and “Al Qaeda” forces in Afghanistan that use the weapons against U.S. and other NATO military forces in the country. The knowledge of ISI’s and the Musharraf regime’s involvement in arming the killers of American troops has resulted in a general belief by experienced U.S. SIGINT analysts that anything coming from the Musharraf government relating to Bhutto’s assassination can be completely disregarded as falsehoods.




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2 responses to “No Evidence of Pakistani or US Signal Intercepts Of Al Qaeda”

  1. Silence Avatar

    Pakistan army can do anything and make anything happen.

    Great grandson of “Meer Jafar” Skindar Mirza can become first Martial Law Administrator of Pakistan.

    Fatimah Jinnah can loose election from Ayub.

    Zia can hang Bhutto and win “free and fair refferundum”.

    Niazi can surrunder with 70,000 soliders and still burried with “Medal of Bravery”,

    Musharaf can destroy every institution in country and kill anyone but still is a champion of “democarcy”.

    War on terror is successful and he is favourite of White House when anywhere and anytime can be a succide blast.

    Miricles do happen and Pakistan Army can design any miricle anytime and make it happen any time.

    Why Baituallah was not stopped when he had a dozen of followrs and easy to capture? He is just a scapegoat like LAL Masjid Mullah and will add to scores of PA’s successes.

    They will deserve another Defence Housing and another decade to rule Pakistan.

    If someday (God Forbid) we have a real war, our nation would be collecting weapons surrendered by our forces!!!

  2. AAmir Avatar

    Really starnge! But inside, everyone knows that this is a self made story. Well there is more abt investigations regardind Benazir’s murder at: