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Bomb Blast in Lahore 25 killed

A suicide bomber, apparently targeting police officers, detonated an explosive outside a court in Lahore Thursday, killing at least 25 people and injuring 39 others, police said.

Among the dead were 22 police officers and three civilians the blast occurred in the city’s commercial district, moments before lawyers were set to begin a rally outside the high court in the eastern Pakistani city to protest the rule of President Pervez Musharraf.

Police said about 100 uniformed and plainclothes officers were at the scene ahead of the rally when the bomb went off about 11:45 a.m. Pakistan time


  • Ahsan Khalid |

    Army rise and execute CIA agents and Real Bhanchod Terrorists Musharraf, Kiyani, Taj.

    Save Pakistan.

  • :-/ |

    and things keep getting worse. God knows what will happen in the near future with this country.

  • .l. |

    its continuity of Bhutto’s game plan. So now some ppl wont vote for bhutto out of sympathies atleast providing that elections are held. Or else marshall law is coming. god damn Mush Fkr

  • MB |

    And why our media is not making a hue n cry on those 22 Shaheed Policemen. They were fast in making a theif a shaheed on 27.

  • MB |

    And why our media is not making a hue n cry on those 22 Shaheed Policemen. They were fast in making a thief a shaheed on 27.

    Those poor chaps died for RS. 6000. What an irony.

  • zakoota |

    What a loss for their families! May Allah rest them in peace, Ameen.
    I firmly believe India always behind any terrorist activities in Pakistan but our begairat leaders dont speak out. Even if a bird dies in India, those rascals name Pakistan behind it. Why are our so called leaders sleeping??? why?

  • M@ni |

    Should we still sit at home, and be happy we are safe.
    Its time to stand and come out for this Evil Musharaf.
    The fkr again said, we will not allow the terrorist to be sucessful. Lets come out for protest.

    (after the cyber crime law, i wonder how much my post is safe…can i be tracked down through my IP :-|, Welcome to 2008…)

  • Good Point MB |

    Yes MB, a feudal thief who caused massive human rights abuses along with her husband is a Shaheed, but these working class policeman working to feed their familes don’t matter. I guess their kids and families and lives don’t really matter. But her’s did.

    Pathetic Qaum.

  • Silence |

    My sympathies with families of all those who lost thier lives in this terrorist act.

    The Pakistan army and Talibans are like two sides of a coin, we all know who established, promoted and sponsored Taliban, although they have abandoned Talibans like a illegtimate child but still some elements in Pakistan Army are sponsoring and using them for rulers.

    Present attack was a warning for lawyers.

    If it had happened in to lawyers it would have began countrywide protests, but Musharaf has sent a strong signal that it can happen anytime, if, lawyers continue protesting.

    The beautiful thing in this sad incident was that Lawyers were providing water to injured policemen and taking care of them who were supposed to open their heads with beaton if this would not have happened.

    And lawyers have expressed grief and unity with families of victims.

    I hope this sense prevails in Army and Police as well and they too start refusing to obey the illegal orders of their superiors.

    We can get rid of Musharaf and corrupts so quickly.