Justice Bhagwandas placed under House Arrest

It is being reported that the deposed non-PCO judge Justice Baghwandas has been placed under house arrest. Justice Bhagwandas was one of the judges who was forcibly thrown into retirement since he along with over 60 Supreme Court and High Court judges who refused to sign an illegal consitutionsl order as prescribed by General Pervaiz Musharraf on Nov 3rd. Justice Rana Bhagwandas was placed under a house arrest, shortly after he told lawyers that deposed judges will be restored in “a few weeks”.

It must be recalled that CJP Justice Iftikhar and Mr Aitzaz Ahsan have been under house arrest for over two months and counting.

We the Citizens of Pakistan whemently object to this move by General Musharraf to silence the voice of its citizens and we join the judges in protest. Here’s to hoping that democracy returns to Pakistan without a self appointed dictator as President and to the hope that the feedom of speech is respected by one and all especially by the powerful who have been making tall claims at the international levels to soon hold free and fair elections, when its ironic that they have s short temper unable to stomach opposing views



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2 responses to “Justice Bhagwandas placed under House Arrest”

  1. ?? Avatar

    Why does it seem that people are forgetting about the deposed judiciary?

  2. ??? Avatar

    What is the significance of that remark? And why has he in really been placed under house arrest?