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15 Questions For Mr. Asif Ali Zardari

A list of questions poised by Mr. Akram Sheikh for Mr. Asif Zardari where he has raised some good and valid questions for everyone to ponder over

  1. With the NRO still around, striking down all corruption cases, and having become president of PPP and also having sole control over all of Benazir’s property and assets, is there anyone in the world who has benefited more from late Benazir’s death than Mr. Zardari? Does it not make him Suspect Number One for her murder, especially when he is also facing various murder charges, including that for murder of Mir Murtaza Bhutto? Mr. Zardari is already implicated in a murder case.
  2. Benazir knew about the workers’ and her party leaders’ reservations about Mr. Zardari. Why did she not consult or even share this decision with the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the party? And if not the CEC, is there any person in the whole world who can testify that she shared with him or her, the decision that, after her death, Mr. Asif Zardari will to lead the party?
  3. If Benazir was so careful to write a will, then what was so secret about it? She should have taken the CEC into confidence or announce it at a rally, to protect Mr. Zardari from any later claims that the will is fake.
  4. Keeping secret the contents of the will must have been a huge burden for Mr. Zardari. From 18th October till her murder, did Mr. Zardari share with any person Benazirs will or decision that in case of her death, she wanted him to lead the party?
  5. Why has Mr. Zardari not made the whole document, the will, public? On the excuse of the document being the property of Bilawal, Mr. Zardari has kept hidden that document in his pocket on the basis of which he has claimed to be head of one of the largest parties in Pakistan. The will makes all the difference. Why is it a secret?
  6. Why would Benazir want her father’s party to be headed by a man who didn’t love or respect her and who she did not even think worthy of giving him a party ticket for running as a Member of National Assembly?
  7. The foundation of all murder investigations is the postmortem. It confirms cause of death, which then becomes the focus of all investigation. It was not any Pakistan Muslim League party official or government official, but it was Mr. Zardari himself who stopped the authorities from conducting a postmortem and buried Benazir Bhutto without it. What did he have to hide, if anything at all?
  8. Why is it that since her arrival in Pakistan on the 18th of October and till her assassination on the 27th of December, Mr. Zardari was not by her side, looking after the security of his wife? Is it not the foremost responsibility of any husband to ensure safety of his wife? Yet when it came to ensuring her burial without a postmortem and taking over her party, he rushed to be in Pakistan in no time.
  9. On the death of his beloved wife, has Mr. Asif Zardari skipped shaving for a single day? [This question may sound silly but it says a lot about the spouse’s mental condition after such a tragedy.]
  10. The suicide bomber and the shooter(s) were working according to a plan. And their plan depended on Benazir coming out of the sunroof, with Makhdoom Amin Fahim safely inside. Why were they so sure that Benazir will come out? It was a gamble. Could it be possible that Mr. Fahim encouraged her to stand up and wave to party workers outside?
  11. So far, the one person who has benefited most from that secret document, Benazir’s will, is the very person who is keeping custody of that document and who produced it at the time when CEC was in session to decide the question of party leadership. No one, not even any party leader, has read that document, let alone confirms that it is in Benazir’s handwriting.
  12. Has Mr. Asif Zardari and Makhdoom Amin Fahim planned what they will do in case of Benazir’s murder? Why none of these two (future Chairman and future Prime Minister) looked confused or angry on the day of the murder? They worked together with strange smoothness and coordination. There was no outburst and no anger. Both knew their moves. Why was it that the only person who cried and showed anger at Benazirs death was her biggest political rival, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, and not her husband?
  13. After her death, what is Mr. Zardari going to do with the sale proceeds of Surrey Palace and other assets that the couple have all over the world?
  14. Close party circles have information about the nature of relationship between Mr. Zardari and Benazir. Was he used to beating and abusing Benazir? Only party officials who were close to Benazir can shed light on this.
  15. And, finally, is Mr. Zardari remarried to anyone else?

Mr. Akram Sheikh is a prominent Pakistani lawyer. This article is based on an email written by Mr. Sheikh that is circulating on the Internet. The views expressed here are his own. He can be reached at makram.sheikh786@gmail.com



    WEll if Zardari ever comes in to power i will be the first one to shoot him.
    MAy Allah save my country from people like him.

    • sweety |

      Public of Pakistan is too much… pata nahe itna paisa lay ker kahan jain gay. mer jana hai ak din Asif zardari nay b apni wife ke terha. wo kia lay gai jo ye mohtaram lay jain kuch. in ke ainda anay wali naslain inhain ak kalma bakhswa dain bari bat ho ge.

  • M.Hassan |

    I will also shoot that bastard zardari he is an ass hole , corrupt, selfish and decoit.

  • zakoota |

    Whole PPP (may be except Aitezaz Ahsan), is a bunch full of liars, full of corruption and full of anti-Pakistan bastards.

    Its very unfortunate but our beloved nation is occupied completely by these scoundrels from top to bottom.

  • Jawan |

    Yes if Mr. Zardari fall prey to the offer made by the corrupt Qayyum (Mush’s dog) then we may think that that Mr. Zardari is not loyal to the nation as well as the party. Because supporting the dictator at this time when he is at his weakest in the past 8 to9 years of dictatorial rule, will be a crime.
    Otherwise we Pakistanis feel that Mr. Zardari is not at all responsible for the death of his wife. Those are responsible for her death who wanted to remain the only love of the USA and could not share this love with anyone.
    If we agree to the logic of Mr. Akram Shaikh then every wife who is killed, her husband has to be a prime suspect. In case of the death of the husband, his wife has to be a prime suspect. This is silly. We must not hurt the feelings of the husband of the deceased wife with such allegations.
    We must not forget the real enemies of Pakistan who are destroying Pakistan by supporting dictator’s rule in the country to fulfill their dirty plans against Pakistan and Islam.

  • M@ni |

    Why dont PPP register a case/Fir against the government on the murder of Baynazir and the suspicious investigations, instead of yelling…. This can create alot of pressure on Mush (Localy &Internationally), plus it will clear their stance that they are not with the dictator. PPP might say they dont trust the police/courts but even a kid knows if they do it, MUSH will be under immense pressure. May be they dont want mush to be week…..seems only who cares for her death are the peoples who were against her…

  • redsnapper |

    Similar tactics have been used in the past for all political personalities like Wali Khan (breakup of country), Imran Khan (promiscuity) etc. To my mind, this is just a ploy by news-feeders-from-military or below-the-belt-commentators to deflect attention from the real issue – which is removal of military from politics.

    …and by the way, can you contact Mr.Akram Shaikh (not on the email given, it could be fake) to check the veracity of what you posted ?

    If these were not sent by Mr. Akram Shaikh, the reputation of your [facts based] blog is at stake. If it WAS sent by Mr.Akram Shaikh, I’m disappointed.

  • Cheema |

    People who think from their asses end up like you bullshiting on internet ….
    If you are so fucking macho man, why dont you try to answer these questions …

  • faisal |

    redsnapper is a bit right, it can be a propaganda. jawan described a better way, let us wait and see what happen in regard of NRO


    Well from above blogs it is clear that majority at least on this topic is agiants zardari so we all have to accept that. he is really a blood sucker vampire .
    i dont see how still some people are defending him we all know what he is made up off its not abt that he killed his wife or not but one thing is for sure that he wants to KIll Pakistan .

  • Tabish |

    I personally agree with the writer. Zardari is implicated in many cases :
    – Killing of a bank manager who wouldn’t honour this check.
    – Possible killing of Sultan Rai (the famous Pakistani film star)over a plot dispute.
    – Illegal forceful acquistion of land, and countless others …
    I would not be suprised if he has masterminded this crime. Zardari is a ‘wadira’ and these ‘wadiras’ will always be ‘wadiras’. They don’t care about the common person, it is their own personal gains that they care about and they will and can do anything to achieve their goals; killing a person means nothing to them. I pray Pakistan is saved from people like Zardari.

  • shakeel ahmed |

    I think, these 15 questions are made by one who is not familiar from politics.. and i read all comments, i am sorry to say that these are also emotional persons once time poeple were blaming shahid mohtarma that she had killed her brother Murtaza in her govt. Now they are blaming Asif but they donot know that all case, blames did not proved on Mr. Asif Zardari even govt had establihsed NAB only for Mr. Asif and her wife S.mohtarma BHUTTO not for Chodari who are involved many cases like bribery illegal actions as well as they had kidnaped thounsand people using their govt power.. i think, s.mohtarm murder is target killing, and govt is invlove in this…

  • Wasiq |

    Teeth Maestro,
    Even by your standards of disdain for Pakistani politicians, this post is in very poor taste.
    Mr Zardari has been a target of vilification by Pakistan’s invisible government. They have never proved anything against him. They only keep innuendo alive and your are a facilitator for that.
    When you’re not looking at teeth, find time to read Pakistan’s history since the establishment takeover of 1951 (after Liaquat Ali Khan’s death). Since then such rubbish has always been circulated about every politician.
    Read Feldman’s book on the Ayub era and read what Ayub’s minions circulated about Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, including her “mistreatment” of her servants. All our independence heroes (thank God Quaid-e-Azam was spared) were painted as corrupt and horrible.
    Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was flawed but certainly did not deserve the denunciations imposed on him. Shaikh Mujib, Wali Khan, Altaf Hussain, Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan, Benazir Bhutto and Asif Zardari have all been targeted because they challenge the right of Generals, colonels, bureaucrats and World Bank or Citibank-palat members of Pakistan’s establishment to run the country.
    The Chief Justice and other Supreme Court judges were also vilified when they crossed paths with the dictatorship. After that, why is anyone even willing to believe any of this vilification crap I do not know. If the Chief Justice can be described as corrupt and nepotistic and the sex lives of judges can be “documented” with videos what else is left?
    Pakistani politicians are not perfect. Nor is the human race.
    Please stop being part of this establishment-inspired vilification. Incidentally, this is not Akram SHAIKH, the former head of Supreme Court Bar. It is some other Akram SHEIKH.
    As they say in desi language, 2 number aadmi, 2 number kaam…

  • Syed shahid Abbas |


  • laila ahmed |

    Dr. Awab: Please stop targetting Asif Zardari. He spent 11 years in jail without a proper trial. No charges could be proved. Now he is the leader of the largest and most popular party.. the people have spoken. Respect their verdict and stop behaving as if you know something they don’t!

  • Laila ahmed |

    This email and the people who publish are just full of shit… thinking from their ass… prejudiced bastards… who can not see who washed the crime scene and destroyed evidence within a couple of hours of BB’s murder: Musharraf!

  • rizwan |

    This is all just a sjit . we pakistanies are taken by these shit shiekh like people who after committing the crime spread in different shapes in the society and create differenr angles about that crime and thus confuse the people. every body knows that it is being done by our agencies.

  • Jason |

    Zardari is an ass. Whoever doesnt understand that is just retarded. When everything can be blown up these days, and so many people can be assasinated, why can’t Zardari…i think its time for him to go. People seem to hate musharaff so much, but love Zardari? LOL…Laila Ahmed….are you high? Yes, Mush is no saint, but if he’s even done one good thing for the country, thats more than Zardari!!!

  • saman,mahnoor |

    A.A!we are one of the greatest fans of PPP.we are very happy that PPP has been won the elections.And one thing more,sorry to say mr.malik Aman whatever Asif zardari now the future of Pakistan is in the hands of him and we should always hope for the best.okay dont ever say any thing wrong about asif zardari

  • najmi |

    wat % he will charge this time ?
    mr.10% or 20 % ?
    b coz he & nawaz both will have equal share

  • Sakif Abro |

    After viewing all the comments regarding mr. Zardari, It has been cleared that most of peoples are in darkness.. See! Be good, think good and do good, yes its quite true that in begning in the 2 times government of Muhatarma Zardari was involves in lots of unaccepted ellegal matters.. (as per peoples/news statements)

    But currently if you people realize that fact, that fact is that, that zardari is now totally changed.

    A person can be change within a second, if Allah may bless on some body, then it takes few seconds to chnge their path from Wrong to Rgiht.

    i dont know that in the begning Zardari was wrong, But i am dam sure that Zardi is on right path now, Zardari has all athorities yet, but he is not using it illegally, He want Unity, He wants to support the peoples, what the previous government has been done, you people should view it and realize it.

    and One thing i want to show here heartly, that if on this time Muhtarma will be live and will be in power, she might be not handle the matters as Zardari is currently handling…

    Zardari is Rich person, and have legal properties of billions dollors. if he want he can spend his life with ease. but this all is for your MY PEOPLEs of Pakistan.

  • Sakif Abro |

    Zardai is best…
    you all peoples are in darkness, and are in ego.

    go shit them.

    be good
    do good
    think good

  • Syed Ali Abid Bokhar |

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  • Syed Izhar Hussain |

    Dear All,

    I read yours all comments after about 1 year and 2 months. Now this picture is clear enogh. Who is Wrong and Who is Right? One of my brother sadi the Zardari has been Changed, See Is he Changed today? So please stop this all bull shit. ONLY pray from Almighty ALLAH that SAVE pakistan from every politision, every dictator, every bad one. ONLY we need GOOD person from any Party…….We need good Leader. We Love Pakistan……..We dont love PPPP, PML(N), PML(Q), MQM and any other parties of GREAD PAKISTAN. Dont love with parties, only love with Pakistan. Who is wrong tell the others even he belongs with your party. UNDERSTAND. Dont feel ashame is your are belongs to wrong party…..Go for good man……………Pakistan zinda bad(Ameen).

  • amir ikram |

    Zardai is not a president he is a baluf master and Mr 100% so i wish he is gone in Pakistan as soon as possible

  • Nabeel |

    Pakistan can never be a happy place when people like zardari have got fans and actual followers, open your goddamn eyes people

  • Nabeel |


  • Raza M.Qureshi |

    I don't blame Zardari, but i blame to all those ppp workers who have supported this evil on earth,they are all blind and they are all stupid and sick.Muslims hate Israel in the world but this Zardari is the most hatred animal on earth.

  • M.Ali.Kamal |

    Zardari is the most corrupt man in this world.He is not able to be peon of my house and he is president of Pakistan.Can u believe it.

  • s. a baloch |

    yar me hairan hon aap logo ki soch per…. zardari corrupt he ya nai wo Khuda janta he, baki wrong comments regarding him without any prove r stupid… pehle hum khud ko to dekhain k hum kitne eemandar hain?hum itnay suljhay hue hain k yaha coments dete hue bhi hamaray mo say gaalyan nikal rahi hain aur keh zardari ko galat rahay hain…… pehlay apne galay me jhaanko pirr zardari sahab ki baat karain

  • rashid |

    i must say zardari ur bluddy bastard & selfish dog. can u see what happenning in ur country just giving ur hip here n there shaaam on u go n die in a glass of water