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I cannot be impeached: Musharraf

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry specially when Musharraf makes statements like these, he sounds more like a deranged maniac who suddenly feel rejuvenated to defend the very same constitution which he ruthlessly raped not once but many times over – geez!!!

Published in Times of India – LONDON: President Pervez Musharraf has dismissed the possibility of being impeached for holding power “unconstitutionaly” if the opposition came to power in the February polls, insisting “I was elected according to the constitution of Pakistan.” Even as President Musharraf agreed that he could be removed from power by a two-thirds parliamentary majority, he made it clear that if the opposition formed the government after the crucial polls, they would be unable to impeach him on the ground that he held power unconstitutionally.

“I don’t care whether they like or not. I follow the constitution of Pakistan and I was elected according to the constitution of Pakistan. Anybody who says it was not done constitutionally is absolutely wrong,” Musharraf told Financial Times of Britain in an interview. The former army chief said he was prepared to work with a prime minister of the Pakistan People’s Party, whose leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated last month, or former premier Nawaz Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz. “I have no choice. According to the constitution, the president has certain powers, [but] the government is run by the prime minister of Pakistan,” he told the daily at the Davos World Economic Forum.

At the same time, the President slammed the retired generals who earlier this week demanded his resignation as he had lost the confidence of Pakistani people. “They are insignificant personalities,” Musharraf said, adding “Most of them are ones who served under me and I kicked them out … They are insignificant. I am not even bothered by them.” However, Musharraf acknowledged that opinion polls had shown a significant decline in public support for him. “I know that my popularity has reduced,” the president said, but argued that he could ride out the current political turmoil in the country.


  • temporal |

    awab you know he is right;)

    in pakistan the “tradition” dictates that a transfer of power occurs mostly through the GHQ …. mango basket excepted

  • Taunia Grindheim |

    My sentiments exactly! Musharraf is suddenly sounding a lot like Bush – “I’m going to do what I want regardless what anyone else thinks or what the repurcussions may be.”

    However, the difference is, that’s where Musharraf should have been for his own country all this time and now worried about what Bush may do. Musharraf isn’t screwing with other countries, simply trying to run his own. Granted Musharraf is in power due to his own military coup, but it’s what they’ve got, and not propped up by the U.S. as Bhutto would have been.

    Bush thrives on screwing with other countries to the loss of his own.

  • Silence |

    In 1971 when Genaral Niazi surrendered, there were paltoons of soliders who were too devastated and felt so much shame in giving up arms that they decided to shot each other rather then facing humilation.

    But…..General Niazi used to call him “Tiger Niazi” untill the day coward died.

    Is there something similar in Niazi and Musharaf!

  • Mansoor Ali |

    Impeachment ….Yeah!!!

    A strong wind blowing in opposite direction for Musharraf..How did he expect that the cries of thousands who were handed over to FBI like Dr. Afia would not reach the sky which would then bring closer the shameful end of a Military Ruler???

    The atrocities, the bloodshed and the terror inflicted in the bodies of Pakistanis during Musharraf era is beyond comparison to Saddam Hussain or any brutal dictator.

    Pleasure trips are virtually over for Musharraf…his weakening smile, and puzzled steps are giving signs of the broken wall….

    In my opinion the cries of innocent detainees are bringing results. Allah is closing the knot around Musharraf’s neck. Not a single eye would drop a tear when this Dictator would meet an agonizing and painful end. Dr. Afia and many others who are paying the price of his slavery to Bush are closer to Allah than the traitor on the run.

    This time we should not let him leave without answering us about his actions….

    I have also got no trust over PML-N or PPP…they are in on a brokerage deal and they would do the same as Musharraf did to innocent Pakistanis. They are even more humble slaves of USA than Musharraf…Lets change the face of our Leadership…Lets bring those who will prove that they deserve our support We need people like Mustafa Kamal (Karachi City Nazim) who are there to bring revolution and work sincerely to improve the lives of common people..!!!!

    Long Live Pakistan….Best of Luck Dr. Afia…