Musharraf – hits out at Journalist for tough Questions

President of Pakistan General (Retd) Pervaiz Musharaf while addressing a gathering of 800 or so Pakistanis in Hilton Hotel, Park Lane in London on 25th of January, incited violence by asking the Pakistani community to hit such people (in Urdu ‘or mayray khayal mein us ko dou teen tikka b dain tou acha hai”). He was referring to the senior Pakistani journalist M. Ziauddin, who asked him a grilling question at RUSI where Musharaf gave talk earlier in the day.

The so-called problematic question was about Rashid Raufs disappearance. If people may recall that barely a month back the Police came crying home saying that Rashid Rauf had slipped through their fingers while he was allowed to munch down a Big Mac, read more on the issue on the post made on Dec 24th ISI agents orchestrate a staged escape of Rashid Rauf

Musharraf felt that such grueling questions degraded the image of Pakistan and the journalist should have known better. Here attached is an audio clip of the talk, one must notice that the President seems to act more like a stand up comedian then actually a respectable President of Pakistan.

Original Link BBCUrdu

Credit to d0ct0r from the comment he posted on the Qazi Faez Isa post

While in another comment d0ct0r again shares with us the official rebuttal by Rashid Qureshi, who quite literally fails miserably in defending Musharraf’s statement and utter frustration hangs up the phone in midst conversation with the BBC correspondent

Original Link BBCUrdu

It seems to be yet another PR disaster to add to the ongoing miseries for Musharraf and his team of cronies



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  1. Laila Ahmed Avatar
    Laila Ahmed

    With Accent

    Your argument about Nationalization has nothing to do with East Pakistan. Please read Hamoodur Rehman commission report. They army raped, looted and plundered and sealed the chances of any reconciliation what so ever. And you have no idea, Bhutto never said, idhar hum udhar tum. This is a established fact. Talk to any Newspaper editor and they will tell it was quickly denied by Bhutto but the Army paid journalists keep printing it to deflect the criticism on Army. The problem is your history is corrupted by ISI and its paid agents like Cowasjee, etc.

  2. M.S Avatar

    Laila, try to read more attentively. I didn’t say that all who oppose Musharraf are duffers or have a low IQ. I said most, in my opinion, fall under these categories (one of them being you). You then confirm my impression when you, yet again, ignore the arguments and simply launch into senseless insults and unsubstantiated allegations. To correct your lies: I am not a “teenager.” Probably you are, judging from your incoherent writing. Nor do I live in “Defence society.” But, for arguments sake, even if I was, it does not negate anything I said. Besides being low on manners and etiquettes, you also appear to have a hatred for the dwellers of Defence society and are, therefore, stereotyping them. As for Aitezaz Ahsan, thanks for telling us about your bad and filthy company.

  3. M.S Avatar

    Vaneeza, you are a good representative of the low class standards of journalism prevalent in Pakistan. Your absurd statement that “Most of us hold a mirror onto society and if your face is ugly, its not our fault” is a a good excuse and cover to spread disinformation. That you are mentally unstable and almost completely incapable of thinking critically – something which a good, qualified and trained journalist/reporter is supposed to do – can be inferred from your statement that we should be proud of Ziauddin. I don’t think that even a moron would have a tough time seeing that Ziauddin committed a LOGICAL FALLACY in his question. Yet you are so far behind the standard of a moron that you cannot get something so straightforward into your head.

    Worse, you humiliate yourself by the false statement that Musharraf had incided “violence” towards the ever so daft Ziauddin. He did no such thing as I had explained. Musharraf simply made a light hearted joke and the audience took his statement as a joke as well. That’s all. Unless you can show to us that you have the powers to get into his mind, Musharraf had no intention of threatening Ziauddin with violence when he made his light hearted statement. Yet you guys, particularly a “journalist” such as yourself, are so full of hate and contempt that you will twist innocent statements and interpret them in unnatural ways, disregarding the context in which they were uttered. Again, you are a good representative of low level sub-tabloid styled journalism in Pakistan.

    Your entire hate filled tirade stands in stark contrast to your vain protests of being “critical” and for having a “committment with the truth.” You have no such qualities.

  4. M.S Avatar

    d0ct0r, I have heard the entire talk, it is available for download from the RUSI website. Musharraf was not particularly “insultive” towards Ziauddin, nor did he “humiliate” Ziauddin. Musharraf, quite understandably, was taken by surprise by Ziauddin’s daft comment…but he proceeded to answer him well.

    And no, Ziauddin was not “justified” in asking that question. You may say that he had the right to ask the question, even a silly irrelevant question, but it remains that the question was not “justified.” You said:

    “as for the nukes,west should first itself develop some proper commands and control system and then come teaching us a lesson or two about effective command and control system”

    Well, I only wish this is how Ziauddin thought. But sadly, no. Instead, if you listen to the entire episode, you will see that Ziauddin was attempting to directly contradict and question Musharraf’s argument that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal was safe. Briefly, Ziauddin was making this type of an argument (this is a paraphrase): “you talk about the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, yet you were not even able to hold Rauf…so if Rauf escaped, what about the safe-keeping of the nuclear weapons?” Now tell me, anyone who cares and loves Pakistan, would they not get slightly shocked at such a line of questioning? Of course they would.

    What many people here, who are writing only from hate and anger, cannot understand is that Ziauddin was comitting a logical fallacy in his questioning which, in turn, shows to us that he is not a very intelligent person. That Rauf escaped does not have any bearing upon the security mechanism and command structure over the nuclear arsenal. That Rauf escaped does not mean our weapons are not safe. The two are irrelevant issues. Why can’t others understand something so simple?

    Have there been no escapes of prisoners in the UK, US, Germany, India etc? And does that mean that their entire nuclear safety system is crap and without substance???!!

    In light of the above, all who try to defend this silly Ziauddin, simply out of spite for Musharraf, tells us that they are no better than the lowly IQ holder Ziauddin.

  5. Jawan Avatar


    History will not judge you what you felt in your heart but what were your actions/ deeds. So even if you love your country, it requires to be followed by the deeds and actions to confirm it.

    Please wakeup. Pakistan was not formed for military rule. If you are suffering from the inferiority complex and overwhlemed by the military and like wise evry citizen of Pakistan has been, then we should forget about the civilian rule. We need to rise and say that we want our country to be ruled by the civilians and the army should be one of the civil servant agencies like many others and nothing else. The COAS reporting to the defence secretary only.

    I hope civilians have the guts to come out of their inferiority complex while dealing with army.

  6. patriot Avatar

    To MS
    I agree with you on the point of the lawyers. Has anyone ever had dealings with the lawyers? if so you’ll know what a dishonest bunch they are. Furthermore, the crazy looking guy during the crisis last year was insulting the judges and questioning their paternity? these are professionals? come on! more like a shame to society!

    Also where does Nawaz Sharif get off talking of rule of law etc… has everyone forgotten his last tenure as PM! Pathetic man! a true ‘liar’

  7. Malik Aman Avatar
    Malik Aman


    ok mush didnt did a good thing by humilating the journalist but i ask u a question did the journalist did a good thing by humilating the president

  8. sameer Avatar

    Its a duty of generalist to ask questions, thats what they are paid for. The question was not unparliamentary, but Musharaf’s response was vehement n volatile. But since he is a president of PAKISTAN, anything is likely.

  9. sameer Avatar


  10. Tausif Hanif Avatar
    Tausif Hanif

    Arrest warrants of Editor of Yahoo News,Tausif Hanif issued

    Karachi : Arrest warrants of Editor of Yahoo News ,Tausif Hanif has been issued by the Judicial Magistrate.South Rubab Fatima in a defamation criminal case filed by the Chief Controller of Karachi Building Control Authority,Rauf Akthar Farooqui.

    Chief Controller of KBCA Rauf Akthar Farooqui filed a criminal defamation case,361/08 in the Court of Judicial Magistrate South Rubab Fatima ,claming that the Editor of Yahoo News wrongly published news against the allegedly corruption of KBCA officials and Chief Controller of KBCA.Chief Controller of KBCA in his case made DO Cordination of DCO Karachi ,Syed Mukaram Sultan Bukhari a respondent too, and arrests warrants for DO Syed Mukaram Sultan Bukhari also has been issued by the JM South Rubab Fatima in a similar way.

    It may be noted here that Chief Controller has earlier filed a defamation Civil Suit 1594/07 in the Sindh High Court claming 5 crore rupees as a damages for publishing news against his alleged corruption in Yahoo News, on the direction of Chief Controller Four other Town Building Controllers of KBCA have also filed defamation suits(134/08.33/08.34/08) in Sindh High court during previous days. Half of Dozens Cases have been filed against the Editor of Yahoo News by the Chief Contoller of KBCA Rauf Akthar Farooqui and his subordinates Town Building Control Officers.Chief Controller issued alleged directions to all 18 Town Building Control Officers for the filings of cases against the Editor of Yahoo News.

  11. Muslim Avatar

    Those who say that Musharraf degraded the nation and incited violence should look at the attitude of that journalist when he started to raise internal issues infront of the foreign media to degrade Pakistan, that journalist was wrong for attempting to degrade Pakistan in the eyes of the foreign media.

    Infact Musharraf never incited violence in the Pakistani community, he got a good feedback from the audience.

  12. Hash Avatar

    This is rich coming from the man who lead a coup to further his career and then stayed in power by screwing the country over and over. Is this not the person who said that Pakistanis are not capable and worthy of true democracy? and also that rape victims in Pakistan actually claim to have been raped to get visas for western countries.

    I think the only honorable option left for true Pakistanis is to expose people like Musharaf and confront them wherever and whenever possible and let the world also know that not all Pakistanis are without conscience. The shame is in the acts of treason not in pointing out these acts.

  13. M.S. Avatar

    Let me respond to Hash’s hashish laden lies:

    To claim that Musharraf “screwed” the country “over and over again” is just a bald faced lie. Instead, after the founding father he has been probably the best leader for Pakistan. More development took place under Musharraf in 7-8 years than in the whole of the 1947-1999 period. His performance, specially compared to the ones who came before him, is excellent to say the least.

    Hash asks: “Is this not the person who said that Pakistanis are not capable and worthy of true democracy?” Response: Produce your evidence if you are truthful. Period. I personally believe that Pakistanis are not worthy of true democracy and this view of mine has solidified since the past election which saw the return of the same old chor and lucchakas. But when has Musharraf claimed that “Pakistanis are not capable and worthy of true democracy?” NEVER. So stop telling LIES.

    Hash’s next lie:

    “…rape victims in Pakistan actually claim to have been raped to get visas for western countries.” Response: NEVER has Musharraf said this. Your hatred for Musharraf is so intense that it is forcing you to concoct lies from thin air.

    After engaging in the dishonourable act of telling lies, Hash has no right to advice others about “honourable” options. Someone honourably and ethically bankrupt (Hash) cannot tell others about honourable ways. This is akin to the pot calling the kettle black.

    Hash’s entire lie filled comments are also irrelevant to the original topic: Ziauddin making an ass of himself in posing a weird question to Musharraf.

    As a Pakistani of conscience, it is my duty to expose liars such as Hash and total duffers such as Ziauddin.

  14. M.S. Avatar

    Sameer, Musharraf’s reply was not “volatile” to the question posed by Ziauddin. Musharraf went on to explain why Ziauddin was wrong in his questioning.

    Also, I get the impression that many people who post comments here are either just thick in the head or have decided to oppose something merely for the sake of opposition. I’ve explained this a number of times yet the statement is still made that:

    “Its a duty of generalist to ask questions, thats what they are paid for.”

    No organization (at least professional ones) pay journalists to ask just about ANY question that may come to their mind. Journalists are paid to ask RELEVANT and SENSIBLE questions pertaining to the topic at hand. They cannot go to a conference dealing with the environment and ask: “do you have a radio in your car?” Well…sure, they CAN ask this question, but its a silly question and they would probably get fired doing so.

    What Ziauddin did was ask something that was 1. logical problematic (fallacy of non-sequitor); 2. irelevant (red-herring fallacy). I’ve explained the reasons for this above.

    If this type of a question was deemed “adequate” by his organization, then that just goes on to show the lowly standards of journalism maintained by Ziauddin’s organization.

    Get it? I DOUBT IT!

  15. Hash Avatar

    OK here we go.

    comments about rape victims:

    And try google you will find loads of other credible sources stating the same.

    comments about democracy:
    Again you can google it.

    I might as well add the reference to how the 2002 elections were rigged to so that the rest of the world would believe that that Pakistanis support religious extremists to win support for illegitimate govt.

    I think hate is a strong word, and yes I do have a strong dislike for dictators, which I believe is much petter than being madly in love with them.

    If you ever bother to remove your blindfold you will be able differentiate between lies and truth.

  16. M.S. Avatar

    Musharraf did not make a blanket comment regarding all rape victims, suggesting that anyone who gets raped or claims to have been raped is lying to make money and to get foreign visa. Notice the intial claim you attributed to Musharraf:

    “rape victims in Pakistan actually claim to have been raped to get visas for western countries.”

    This I repeat is a bald-faced lie. Never has Musharraf said anything even remotely along these lines.

    Your BBC link does not cite Musharraf saying this.

    Hash wrote:

    “And try google you will find loads of other credible sources stating the same.”

    I did and I came across tons of papers misquoting Musharraf and quoting him out of context. Further, I came across reports in which Musharraf denied ever making the above type of a claim.

    The second issue, democracy. Let me quote the initial assertion you attributed to Musharraf:

    “Is this not the person who said that Pakistanis are not capable and worthy of true democracy?

    You then provide a link from timesonline to prove your claim. But, guess what: THE ARTICLE NO WHERE QUOTES MUSHARRAF CLAIMING THE ABOVE.

    If you are truthful, then present your evidence for the claim that Musharraf said that Pakistanis are not capable and worthy of true democracy. That’s my challenge to you.

    Next, you talk about the alleged “rigged” elections of 2002. But this is a RED-HERRING – a common debating ploy. Assuming, for arguments sake, even if you are right, that does not in any way justify your above two lies. They still remain lies even if the elections were “rigged” in 2002.

    I agree that “hate” is a strong word, but considering the lies you have uttered and repeated twice, I would say that it is absolutely right to describe you as a hatefilled person since you are letting your hate drive you to extremes – telling lies (jhoot).

    I know how to differentiate between lies and truth, perhaps it is now time for you to learn the distinction?

    Musharraf is my President and I am proud of him. I will always select this “dictator” over scums choors and luchakkas such as Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Shabaz Sharif, Sherry Rehman, etc…

  17. Hash Avatar


    You can dance around the words all you want, with your blind love people like you can always find a reason to be rude as they are not interested in having a civilized discussion and being a civilian and being civilized are frowned upon by their military heros. You will keep on arguing either saying the wording does not match or any number of other such reasons. If I see a problem with democracy in Pakistan it is the attitude you displayed quite well here, blind worship of whoever is in power even when faced with the facts pointing to the contrary. I am quite sure if there was a discussion around corrupt practices of Sherif and Bhutto while they were in power someone not so different from yourself will come along claiming its against the interest of the country to do so.

    For a democratic society to exist the government is to be answerable to the people not the other way round. The military, the government and the country exist for the people not the other way round. It is my belief that given the right opportunity the people of Pakistan can and will overcome these obstacles.

    So now rush along and write some more dribble with a lot of words but not saying anything, other than showing that you will keep on supporting whoever is in power as long as they are in power and then you will start supporting whoever is in power next in hope of getting some crumbs from their tables. Its an easy life but certainly not an honorable one.

    I on my part am not going to respond to anymore of your posts as it is an exercise in futility.

    “There is a wide difference between speaking to deceive, and being silent to be impenetrable.” – Voltaire

    “So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize them will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious or otherwise, to put shackles on sleeping men. – Voltaire

  18. M.S. Avatar

    Hash, not only do you have a thick brain-dead head, you once again commit the fallacy of red-herring. Instead of engaging with the arguments and acknowledging that you lied, you again go on and regarding irrelevant issues. Let’s accept all of your claims at face value. It still remains that your two initial assertions were LIES.

    Lies do not transform into truth when you start harping over irrelevant issues.

    To give you an example: I claim that you, Hash, are a murderer and give a link from timesonline which, according to me, states that Hash is a murderer. You look at the timesonline article and discover that it has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to say about you. So you come back to me and say: “M.S., you lied, timesonline does not say I am a murderer; in fact, it says nothing about me! will you apologise for lying?” I reply: “but you cheated in your exams and you said this about me to someone else, and you are ugly” etc etc…on and on.

    This is precisely what you are doing here.

    Again, consider this allegation of yours about Musharraf:

    “Is this not the person who said that Pakistanis are not capable and worthy of true democracy?

    When I challenged you, you gave a link from timesonline. I read the article and it SAID NOTHING along the above lines. Simply put: YOU LIED.

    Why don’t you apologise for your lie?

    Instead, you have the audacity to accuse me of “dancing” around words! Unless you have a comprehension problem and the incurable mental sickness of SELF-DECEPTION, I used plain and simple words and kept my comments to the point.

    You, in contrast, are now waffling!

  19. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    i wished Pakistani people should have some respect for each other and except there defeat but seeing u two fight i now know from where the politcians get these kinds of behiviour
    answer:= from US example MS and HASH

  20. M.S. Avatar

    Thank you for your weird comment Malik Aman (weird as it makes no sense),

    People fight over all sorts of issues; sometimes they fight for good causes and reasons whereas sometimes they fight in defence of evil.

    I replied to two specific lies in circulation here. Why is this “wrong”?

    If you wish to defend Hash’s above exposed 2 outright lies, then say so clearly so we can have a discussion.

    I know where you (and so many other Pakistanis) acquire the behaviour of not speaking up against lies: from Nawaz Basdmash Sharif, BB, Zardari, Aitezaz, etc.

  21. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    i totaly agree with you that what ever HASH was saying was nonsense but it is not his fault it is the hate for musharraf that is driving him to write what he is writing .

    THere is a beautifull saying that
    ” when you do something good no one remembers and when you do something bad no one forgets”
    Well same is the case with poor Musharraf we have forgoten whatever good things he did and we diging up bad things that he may never have done.

    And beleive me i am not like all those politicans that u mentioned above. i am just a patriotic Pakistani

  22. proud to be a pakistani.. Avatar
    proud to be a pakistani..

    i think its not a fault of musharraf because he said that what he could…as he is a coward nonsense illitearte man so what else could be expected from him!!!!!!!whatever is going on in pakistan is only because of our sins….
    musharrf is actually( Azab ) on our nation.. we all should individually do toba astagfaar with pure heart and pray for the pakistan and pakistani people….
    musharaaf cant do anyhting he is coward,greedy man ..he has no ability to do good even he cant think good………………..
    so remember we have to rescue pakistanis and pakistan….this is our pakistan we are the real owners of this country….we should pray to Allah to get rid of this AZAB……….

  23. M.S. Avatar

    Mr. “proud to be a pakistani” is 100% correct when he says that “whatever is going on in pakistan is only because of our sins….”

    This consists of the sin of telling outright LIES and nonsense by idiots such as Mr. “proud to be a pakistani.” It is because so many of our people, such as Mr. “proud to be a pakistani”, happen to be HABITUAL LIARS, that Allah has decided to punish them for their sins by once again imposing upon them the lowly likes of Zardari and Sharifs.

    You DESERVE these looters to be your rulers for the sins you commit on this shoddy forum.

    You lack the elementary ability to READ carefully; to critically think using your brain once in a while (because you have no brains), and for telling BLATANT LIES (e.g., Musharraf being “illiterate”, a “coward”, “no ability to do good” etc…these are just gross abuses, and you IDIOT still have the audacity to invoke Allah Subhana watala!).

    I believe true Muslims (not Mr. “proud to be a pakistani”) should do toba astagfaar for the SINS of FABRICATING LIES committed by Mr. “proud to be a pakistani” and so many other stupid Pakistanis here….May be Allah MIGHT overlook YOUR sins and LIES and give us riddance from Zardari and Sharifs once again.

  24. Muslim Avatar

    Instead of abusing and cursing yourselves,
    why dont you correct yourselves.

  25. M.S. Avatar

    Jaan-e-Alalm, in response to your abuse, you’ve only given evidence of yourself being the real “sonofabitch” by providing a link to an article which basically gives a lie to much of what anti-Musharraf folks repeat time and time again. According to those who hate Musharraf, Musharraf has gone out of his way to assist the Americans in the so-called “war on terrorism”, so much so that the masses in the Tribal areas have risen up against the Pakistan army etc.

    But if we are to follow your link, then Musharraf has really not done anything against extremists and has taken merely artificial actions against them.


    This is indicative of your mental disorder, a disease with you and your sick type.

    On the one hand Musharraf is lambasted for having taken too much action against extremists and for failing to negotiate with them. At the same time he is lambasted for having taken next to no action against extremists and, in fact, strengthening the Islamists.

    If this ridiculously contradictory attitude and mental disorder does not prove you to be a “sonofabitch” and a maha kameena of the worst kind, then I don’t know what does.

  26. Humzie Syed Avatar
    Humzie Syed

    Dear all,

    I read quite a few article on this blog and have come to the conclusion that most of the posts are to either degrade or insult the President of Pakistan. The interesting fact is that most of the comments following posts are from literate people who can atleast use a computer and can traslate their urdu straight into presentable english format, without knowing what they are talking about.

    I would not cite exact figures from biased links. We dont deserve a leader like Musharraf thats all. Anything that I would say has a counter response,

    for e.g. if i say our national treasure is soaring with $$ .. the obvious response is this money came “by selling the national jewels like ptcl, hbl and few other national entities. You ignorant people these entities were nothing but big empty boxes, to your so called enlightment you could not find a single year where they have shown substantial profit, they were nothing but burden. You would not find a single year where they have reported anything but crap. Over employed from political workers and their relatives. Today they live again only to serve the ungrateful.

    I can comment on terrorism to wheat shortage and fuel prices but banging head against …. whatever is of no use. Let the corrupt politicians talk sweet and steal faith.

  27. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    thumbs up for the above post.

    One more thing people living outside Pakistan have more love for Pakistan and they tend to like Musharraf too inlcuding me.

    Because thay know that whats its like to live in a country thats not thiers.

  28. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar


  29. zaheer Avatar

    wat i do believe dat he is an aggresively st.forward person n he dnt know bout table talk.cuz he,s soppose to b a he trained.yes thr is some training fault of our army thy r always try to win da nation of pak.internationaly thy brought us to our,s embarissing u know 65,71 wars.the worst thing he hd done is dat he 99% weakn da strenght of defence n support of nation esp in war.may AALAH bless us all.we love our country n our country close to edge?(GOD forbid)

  30. amjad Avatar

    WE THE GOOF PAKISTANI’s. i have listened the audio recording whats wrong in it he is just explaining about an attitude of journalist who was trying to bring bad name to Pakistan. in fact we are goof that some body specially picked up a portion of his speech, writes an article and places it on internet we just started commenting on the President. he should not be ashamed you should be ashamed who are doing same thing which that journalist was doing. you will realize once he will leave this post and so called your leader will hand over your nuclear assets to America.Try to understand that this media campaign against your President who has only strong nerves to with stand the crises. dont expect from Zardari (morally corrupt) and Nawaz Sharif (Qadooo) to stand in front of crises they will run away.his image is intentionally being defamed and we the GOOF PAKISTANI’s ZINDABAD.

  31. Nasir Jamal Avatar

    I dont think that was a tough question. It has become fashionable to criticize Pervez Musharraf for everything. Mr. Ziauddin should not have asked that question in the bevy of foreign journalist who are always trying to find things to malign Pakistn.

    Mr. Ziauddin should have asked this question in Pakistan. That was not the right forum.

    I heared Musharraf say that “aik do tikka bhi daina chahiye” but I think that that was in lighter vein.

  32. ghalib Avatar

    chota mush gaya us baap aa gaya he is realy a curse on pakistan he promised n then said promises r not quran hadees he beleive in geeta n ramayan
    thats true i can prove khuda pakistan kay haal par reham karey ameen

  33. hamza Avatar

    LOL at all the punjabi duggay here! obviously you’re urdu is weak, so you were unable to properly understand what musharraf said (either that or you’re retarded). he didnt incite violence against anyone, he didnt tell anyone to go beat up ziauddin (who if he’s such a good journalist should have not asked a dumb question). musharraf made a joke, and initially only stated that such people who talk about the country negatively should be cautioned and given ‘hidayat.’ then he said, ‘mujh jaisa aadmi ho’…meaning if it was someone of his character he would ‘tikka’ one or two as well. he never says he would do it to ziauddin (who did ask a dumb question, regardless of what anyone here says). hope all the punjabi idiots here are enjoying their democracy. india on the borders, foreign reserves down 70%, foreign investment down 20%, rupee down 30%, and stock market down 40%. good job idiots!! good job.