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Aitizaz Ahsan Released

Aitzaz Ahsan FreedIt is being reported in Dawn that Aitzaz Ahsan has finally been released, Bushra his wife, is reported to have said that he was released late last night in Lahore “He’s very upbeat about life. He’s very happy. He has gone to Lahore High Court to address the bar.

Aitzaz Ahsan FreedAitzaz Ahsan, president of the Supreme Court Bar Association, was held at Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi for nearly three weeks before being transferred to house arrest in Lahore. Iftikhar Chaudhry and other prominent lawyers still remain under house arrest.

I wish him all the best and hope that he can continue to muster support throughout the country to work in sending Musharraf back into the retirement barracks, once in for all


  • M Junaid Khan |

    The wikipedia has shown the picture of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon him) in their article on Muhammad. It is highly deplorable act and i request you all to order the wikipedia to remove this picture which is fueling religious hatred. Who ever has placed this picture is a true terrorist as he is trying to incite more then 1 billion Muslims of the world


    Please visit the site to sign the petition. Also try to write to the Wikipedia authorities so that they can remove it immediately.
    M Junaid Khan
    The Land of Pure

  • nazia |

    We as a muslims are so much bound ourselves in restricted boundaries that is not showing our broad vision in our religion.If non muslim uses Holy Prophet photo as the part of history then how it is becoming dangerous for muslim community.Holy prophet is a symbol of peace,unity, forgiveness and liberalism in conservative and backward society of arabs.He had forbidden sculpture and paintings so that arabs got rid of many hand made gods in the arab culture.It was requirement of time and considered on the top of islamic values to focus people to obey only one God.At this era our muslim community is taking such steps that are taking them again in stone age era.That has already been done in Iraq, afghanistan,Pakistan,Lebnon and many many many more muslim countries are coming in this row.Instead of such petitons why not muslim community take such unified stand to get rid of dynastic rulers of muslim states where family chains are only allowed to rule and surely enjoying the best life styles.Left overs are spilled to common man.I am telling such things as family rule was strictly forbidden by Holy Prophet,that’s why first khalifat of Islamic history was transferred on the basis of one’s efficieny.Here all top muslims community become silent.At this moment try to protect those muslims who are living in west due to social, economical and unprotective climate in their own countries.In recent years they have become vulnerable to more racial discriminations for baseless and useless issues of weak muslim communities.

  • nazia |

    well come back to dictator’s world again.Try to protect you because now u have lot of dangers around u.Not from ruling army mafia but also from political parties even in ppp too.As now you are the most honest and trustworthy political characters in our home land and this is not acceptable to mafia group of Pakistan.

  • Silence |


    Dear, I dont know why you are equating PPP with something as Arab rulers or something like “Sharine Mafia” in Pakistan. The thing which needs to be understood is that even once a head of family passes away, you have to find which family member can keep family united, it can be a little sister.

    Political parties around the world work on same principal, if immidiately starts a power struggle inside party, it will end all dreams of fight for democracy, the first priorty is to keep party intact and PPP’s situation Bilawal was the only choice to keep party intact after sudden shock, Bilawal is just a symbolic Chairman, every decision is made by PPP’s central commettee and in intrest of party, if there was a power struggle inside party today, there have been no struggle against dictatorship.

    The question is, had party worker of PPP objected on this? Surely not because they understand the implications, and secondly there had been intrepted political process in Pakistan, we never had a chance to develop political culture, truth is we are would be under personality influance for next few decades, untill political mindset matures and we have leadership which is not intrested in power but in ideology.

    Our army have killed and will keep on killing everyone who comes up with an ideology and unites the nation.

    Before we jump on PPP, lets see who is who,

    Gohar Ayub is son of Ayub khan,

    Ijaz ul Haq is son of Zia,

    The first “savior” of Pakistan who imposed Marital law in country was great “grandson” of Mir Jafar and inducted in military as a payout for his grandfather’s service to British occupation.

    If, we can digest that all and understand that we have a process of democracy which only had 15 years (that too shared) in power while rest of 45 years were under army dicators, why can not we let the process work, might be its worst democracy, but still its better then dictatorship and will lead us to some better future.

    Dont you think, people need a chance and ultimately process will be refined?

  • To Silence |


    You have completely missed the point, and are dangerously euphoric – to the point that progressive, constructive change will be impeded by your overly optimistic analysis. We are in too deep, and can no longer gloss over or soften the major existing issues which have led us to this point.

    There is simply no room to re-interpret.

    Only to tackle everything the best we can by understanding the flaws before rectifying them.
    Re-interpetation is definitely NOT the need of the day.

  • d0ct0r |

    while talking to dawn Aitzaz Ahsan said that they legally can’t hold him under arrest after 90 days and he was surprised when further extension orders were issued and signed hastily by caretaker punjab’s cm who has also served as a judge and should have been well aware that according to pakistani law he his detention couldn’t have been further extended legally.. (just to save his neck from dictator’s wrath he hastily issued the orders which legally were not possible)

  • Jawan |

    Welcome Aitezaz from the smaller prison of the dictator to the larger one. Remember you and we all Pakistanis are still under detention of the dictator. Has some mother given birth to a leader brave enough who could liberate Pakistan and its national from the clutches of the dictatorship?

    Don’t be very happy about your release all the lawyers. The moment i heard on tv that Malik Qayyum (dictators puppy) has said that extension of detention of the lawyer Aitezaz is not justified beyond Jan 31, 2008, I had a feeling that a new plan is ready to tackle them. This could be their detention again after a break of few days in order to avoid the legal issues (as if govt cares about these). The fresh detention order starting from zero can be handed over to these lawyers any day in near future. If one knows Abdul Qayyum, one can easily smell the conspiracy. He is master of such dirty tricks. Otherwise he cannot dare to speak against his master the dictator.
    Wish you a very good time during your short time out of the smaller jail.

  • nazia |

    to silence
    PPP was never a symbol of democracy as it is was made by typical feudal lords of sind.At the time of bhutto’s rise,popular chinese movement was started under mao zy tung and bhutto like leaders stole his popular manefesto for poularity in lower class.I have no doubt about the management skills of Bhutto and we could nt reproduced such calibre leader who could even touch his sense of apprehnesions,but we should accept his feudilism nature and it is as such transferred into his next geenration.At this crucial moments we are not in mood of relying feudal and corrupt characters of society.I myself seen the luxurious living standards and busines ventures of benazir in NY,London, and dubai and then made comparison of backward life styles of people who live in their constituency and blindly love the name bhutto.They betrayed them and all nation for power grabbing and still want slave master culture,that is why she made under hand contact with army and US intelligence groups in her self exiled period who were involved in killings of his father.She never opted to support Atizaz and judiciary who are still fighting for the basic cause of democracy because she wants to grab the power with the help of power mafia and for us bilwal is also indicator of such mafiaism and we as working class are rejecting such mode of governanace that has already destroyed the original cause of creation of Pakistan.

  • zohaib |

    Peoples party must announce the name of aitizaz ahsan for prime minister for next election.Zardari must widraw himself for prime minister race & from presendency if he wants to serve as a ppl party chair man.I am realy dissapoint to see that ppl partyis not taking

    advantage from a man like aitizaz ahsan.

    I am from karachi i didnt judge people from ethnicity but always from work.i would like to convay my message to each pakistani pls judge ppl from their work not from their ethnicity.