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SAC Lahore activsts beaten up & manhandled

Reported via the Emergency Times blog

In two separate incidents of brutality, typical of the oppressive nature of the regime and its partisan brute components, a member and an advisers of the Students Action Committee were harassed and beaten up.

Outside the Punjab University New Campus mosque, students Rafi ullah Awan, Yasir Abdul Haleem, M Azhar Imran were peacefully distributing flyers and posters about the 3rd February protest. Members of the Jamiat, and Islami Jamiat Tulba, IJT, recognizable by their badges, descended upon the three students, by force snatched the flyers, posters and ripped them apart. When Rafi ullah Awan produced more flyers, the members of the Jamiat grabbed the three students, took them aside and started pushing them around, while threatening them if they didn’t stop distributing the harmless flyers and posters. Out of the Jamiat, only Mr. Wajid from Sheikh Zaid Islamic Centre, PU could be identified by the SAC (LAHORE) students.

In a separate incident outside Punjab College no 6, SAC’s (Lahore) seasoned advisers; two activists were distributing 3rd February protest flyers and posters when a Punjab College guard stopped them. The male activist objected: he stated they were on a public footpath not the college’s property. The guard adopted a brutal attitude and slapped him around. The female activist who tried intervening was pushed by the guard. Upon the crowd’s intervention, the guard backed off.

The SAC representatives came on the scene and accompanied the activists to the Muslim Town police station where they were delayed for over an hour after being informed that the situation was not ‘grave’ enough for an FIR. SAC (LAHORE) will pursue registering the case otherwise will take serious action.

These incidents are grave indicators that regardless of hollow promises by the current establishment, there are no civil liberties and our fundamental rights are still in strict abeyance. If our government was of the people, from the people and for the people, innocent students and peaceful activists would not be harassed by the hired and protected thugs of the regime. It is time the state is purged of corrupt elements that deprive us of the freedom of expression and association.


  • Silence |

    One thing which all of us need to understand is that Jamat i Islami (JI, IJT) is a civilian wing of ISI, be it for recruitment or Jihadi's or bringing down political governments, JI and IJT has always worked for oppressive forces and are the ones who supported "Mard e momen" Zia's dictatorship and gave a legtimacy to Musharaf.

    In present election they were left out of political process (as they never win any seats) on agencies behest and inducted in civil society movement to give it a colour that extremists are demanding restoration of judiciary.

    The incident of Imran's manhandling and handing over him to police by IJT was enough to show their true colour but sadly Imran has not realised as yet, its time for civil society and Lawyers to rethink about associating JI and IJT with judiciary's movement.

  • nazia |

    This is a clear example of jamiat culture in educational institutions and we are not surprised by it.As whole country is showing the picture of mafia state such incidents are common every where.