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Justice Tariq Advised Physiotherapy & Surgery

It has been reported in Dawn that Justice Tariq has been advised physiotherapy for his ailing backche and swollen knees and with further investigation it reveled that he had a hair line fracture in his left knee

Doctors at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) here on Saturday advised physiotherapy to justice Tariq Mehmood (retired). He was accompanied by a magistrate and police personnel was brought from his residence to the hospital for his medical checkup, where doctors suggested physiotherapy to him for 10-15 days on daily basis, the sources said. They said Mr Mahmood had sever backache and swelling on his knees. After consulting the doctors, he left for his house, which has been declared a sub-jail since December 6.

He was brought to the hospital after a day of his release by the government, but again was detained in his house. Earlier, the PIMS doctors examined him at his besieged house and advised physiotherapy on daily basis for December. Detained soon after the November-3 emergency, Mr Mahmood continues to be under detention.

He developed pain in the early days of detention, when he was shifted to the Sahiwal jail from Rawalpindi. With the decrease in temperature, the pain worsened. He was treated with pain killers, as there was no facility of conducting medical tests in the jail.

Later, he was shifted to Kot Lakpat jail Lahore on November 26, when his condition deteriorated and was taken to the Services Hospital for treatment. There he underwent an MRI and X-rays and doctors found a hair-line fracture on his left knee. Mr Mahmood was asked to undergo a surgery, which he refused. With deterioration in his condition, the government shifted him to the capital.

Story Credit: Durrani

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