Humor: Jat in London

Hit and run by Shakir Husain
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Pakistan is lucky enough to have a visionary leader in the form of`Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain whose family has sacrificed so much for the people of Pakistan. So when this great leader’s younger brother Wajahat Hussain and three nephews were detained under the anti-terrorist law at Gatwick Airport in London for several hours upon their arrival from Barcelona I felt insulted. I was then taken on an emotional roller coaster when they were deported from London for Pakistan without even being given an opportunity to shop at duty free. Here are the blood relatives of one of the greatest politicians the world has ever seen, and they are treated in this terrible manner and deported without even being allowed to pick up their favourite Marks & Spencer sweaters. Oh the cruelty.

Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain for those of you who need an introduction is the president of the PML-Q, and had a brief stint as prime minister as well. His cousin Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi served selflessly as the Chief Minister of Punjab and the family has given up so much to serve the people of Pakistan. But Chaudhry Shujaat will go down in the annals of history as one of the finest orators that this country has ever produced. Had Chaudhry Shujaat gone to Oxford, he would surely have been the president of the Oxford Union – I hear that Oxford is planning to give the veteran politician an honorary degree. What most people don’t know is that Chaudhry Shujaat is the honorary Consul General for South Korea, and as always he has underplayed his role in creating thousands of jobs created by the famed yellow cab scheme during the Nawaz years. The humble Chaudhry Shujaat and how he has served selflessly, yet the British Government treats his relatives like suspected terrorists? How low can Her Majesty’s security forces stoop?

On Friday the foreign office summoned Britain’s Acting High Commissioner Ray Kyles and conveyed their “concern” and “displeasure” over the way, Chaudhry Shujaat’s brother and little nephews were treated by British anti-terror police. What they should have communicated to the acting high commissioner was that Chaudhry Shujaat was actually our very own Winston Churchill and the high regard that the people of Pakistan have for him. The foreign office should also demand that the transcript of the interrogation should also be made public so that the people of Pakistan know that the Chaudhry brothers and their family are as clean as the driven snow. And that no attempt to tarnish their impeccable reputation will succeed, as the people of Pakistan know that all their dealings are above board.

In the same vein, President Musharraf should feel for his political ally and best friend. Here he is, the world’s most renowned anti-terrorist president who fought on the front line in the “War on Terror” for almost a decade, and his best friend’s younger brother is being detained and deported? I’m surprised that the president hasn’t found time from his lectures at Davos (the President is also an economist when he’s not fighting terror, lawyers, and judges) to call Gordon Brown and give him a military style dressing down. I’m also surprised that President Musharraf has not ordered that a commission be set up with the help of Scotland Yard to find out what exactly happened and why these friends of his were detained. After all they were in Barcelona to mobilize the Pakistani community there on his behalf. In essence they were presidential diplomats travelling on state business – no doubt on the expense of the state (and us lowly taxpayers of course) and since the state being General (r) Musharraf he should step up to the plate immediately.

While student groups across the country are planning vigils to mark this great disrespect to the Chaudhries of Gujrat, I believe that Moonis Elahi, who is well known in Lahore as one of the greatest young entrepreneurs this country has ever produced, is planning on abandoning all ventures in Great Britain. Not only that the son of Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, whose business acumen far outstrips his youth is also planning on liquidating the family’s assets in Great Britain as a sign of protest. Reportedly the British High Commission is quaking in their boots at this huge loss of investment. According to sources in the financial community, Marks & Spencer’s stock price is going to take a nosedive on the FTSE on Monday as the Gujrati clan has announced a boycott of all M&S products.

Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, a man of many talents is also reportedly extremely upset at the detention of his younger brother (and little nephews), and is said to be in a state of emotional distress. Insiders believe that this event may impact the fiery speeches the elder statesman was to give in the PML-Q’s election campaign, which in turn may be a blow to South Asian democracy. Had the British government thought about the far-reaching implications of their actions?

As a Pakistani I think it is the government’s duty to make the facts around the detention of Wajahat Hussain absolutely clear to the public, and he British government should also ensure that all the details are released to the press. Pakistan cannot afford to ignore the plight of one of its greatest politicians, linguist, orator, and most of all a visionary who has not gained an iota since he became a public servant.



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14 responses to “Humor: Jat in London”

  1. Atof Avatar

    Chaudhry Shujaat will go down in the annals of history as one of the finest orators that this country has ever produced

    hahahah, Irony at its best ! Nice one Teeth Maestro!

  2. nazia Avatar

    Its first time UK hunt the right men but they are real threat for Pakistan they have no courage to do any unalwful acts in UK.Last night ch sahib was on ARY and making excuses that we will not tolerate such acts as it is humilition of Pakistanis.So sir you can make complain on such acts as you have backing of Don mussarf but its routine of pakistanis now to humilate on airport by west authorities.yours mussarf has created a harassment culture for west as we are terrorist producing country and he is doing his best to fight against terroism.
    So ch sahib miti pao and waqt langhoo sooner pervaiz will be prime minister under pervaiz president so all would go green for you again.

  3. awais Avatar

    i am sure he will visit UK again :p

  4. Laila Ahmed Avatar
    Laila Ahmed

    chaudhry shujat is son of a corrupt ex-police head constable turned land grabber cum don of gujrat. He is a front man for the present mafia.. they financed the May 12 killings in Karachi. Pervez Elahi’ son is spending Rs. 600,000-Rs.700,000 on a single hoardings for his election compaign (today’s DAWN) No wonder because they are the pimps of the generals who own most of the prime urban residential property in addition to a vast industrial empire and commissions on arms purchases that have exceeded $9 billion during the past 6 years

  5. omar r. quraishi Avatar
    omar r. quraishi

    it seems you dont believe in attribution — this was taken from the news and should have been credited as such

    omar r. quraishi
    op-ed pages editor
    the news

  6. MALIK AMAN Avatar

    why is that every thing is turned political cant u see that they were pakistani(how ever bad they are)were treated like that we should at least protest agianst it rather than laughing on the matter.

  7. Zahra Naqvi Avatar

    Wonderful and ironical article

    Thumbs up for you Shakir Hussain

    Laila Ahmed you are true I have also read the news and its misery of our nation that we are leaded by such leaders.

  8. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Omar Sahib,

    Thank you for updating me about the issue, I had no clue where it was published and as of now I have updated the post providing the acknowledgment. I definitely value attribution to the original source, if I am aware of it.

  9. Jawan Avatar

    I salute the UK authorities for detaining the Choudhries. Now it seems that even the UK is aware of the real thieves and looters of Pakistan.

    I am glad that the Choudhries got their dose of the treatment being metted out to the common Pakistanis in Europe as well in USA. But they are shameless. Even Shoukat Aziz had undergo personnl search by the US authorities along with his team of slaves while on official visit. So they are shameless people. I wish they had kicked these looters too and it would have pleased the whole nation.

  10. amernazir Avatar

    I eventually feel elated… I have a higher world status than the Chaudhries… the British government gave me Humanitarian Protection in their country since some corrupt army officers took away my business – and the chaudhries have now been deported… the world is learning that not the common man but the great leaders of Pakistan are the crooks and the thieves… I will rejoice when Mushrraf, his wife and familly are searched and deported… who knows what is next…

  11. Karim Avatar

    Raj taking a stand on principal? Common folks.. If the Chaudrys are Dutch Scultz, Raj is Luciano. Raj’s interests are complicated and varied, don’t forget Altaf Bhai was granted citizenship, owner of Harrods was found not to desrve that privilage! But if it feels good that small time goons from Gujrat had a face rubbing, sure go ahead celebrate, Raj will certainly join.

  12. Kiran Avatar

    Chaudries has contrributed a lot for betterment of our Pakistan they r not thieves but they served Pakistan a lot.Salam to them.I support them.Zardari and Nawaz r the thieves.Shahbaz is named as “Ghunda e Punjab” We should respect Chaudry Brothers.Salam to them

  13. kashif Avatar

    may allah destroy the families of chaudery shujaat husain and pervaiz ilahi

    both of them are most corrupt politicians in history of world

    they are children of a police constable but made billions of dollars through corruption

    and only fasiq munafiqeen in pakistan support them

  14. Sindi Dacoit in Lond Avatar
    Sindi Dacoit in Lond

    BENAZIR will go down in the annals of history as the finest WHORE Pakistan has ever seen.

    This whore was rich enough to buy palaces in london, wear expensive clothes and marry the most infamous dacoit of Sindh.

    This whore also be-fooled millions of her countrymen by making false promises and looting and plundering the whole country….. Hahahahaha