Pakistan Army Helicopter Down?

In a tragic incident today a military helicopter crashed because of ‘technical reasons’ in practically the hot bed of armed conflict, South Waziristan. All eight passengers on board were killed including Major General Javed Sultan, the recently promoted as commanding officer of Kohat garrison as well as two brigadiers.

However, The Insider Brief reports sources that the helicopter was one of the brand new Bell 412 [wikipedia] helicopters provided to Pakistan by the United States. They also state that militants in South Waziristan have been using anti-aircraft missiles. Sources narrate further that the helicopter had been visiting a unit in South Waziristan and was on its way back when, within 3 minutes of taking off, it came down.

I think there must be more to what meets the eye and some how one can definitely speculate that this helicopter was shot down, though ISPR continues to blame it on a technical fault, but considering the botched up cover story during the BB assassination, I have lost faith in these media people







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  1. Shaan Avatar

    Dr. Alvi Sahib,

    Thanks for linking back to me. Would you do me one favor and replace sources with “The Insider Brief?”

    Much obliged.


  2. Jawan Avatar

    Very sad. Our troops are dying waging a war to protect US interests in Pakistan against their own people. When will our leaders wakeup? Why this in house fighting is going on and whta cost will Pakistan be forced to pay for serving the interest of Musharraf and USA?
    Pakistan is being weakened by every single day by this so called war on terror. This is helping no one in Pakistan but Musharraf. His presidency depends upon his continuation in his war against his own people.

    May Allah SWT Bless those killed on either side of the war thats common Pakistanis as we ll the army persons. Also may Allah SWT Rid us of the traitors like Musharraf so that Pakistani can decide for themselves how to proceed on this war against terror agenda of USA. Ameen

  3. irtaza Avatar

    i am very sad

    helicopter is down

    because wheather are fog?

    i am very sad in these day