Election Roundup (0630 PST)

The rigging observed today by many observers was not enough to hamper the voice of the people. While there is plenty of documented evidence of rigging by parties notably the Q-League and MQM this was not sufficient to save them from a crushing defeat at the hands of PML-N and PPP. Details of the rigging can be seen on:

This blog
Emergency Times

You are also encouraged in the live blog that is being hosted right now at Chapati Mystery

A quick round up of the stance of the political parties with our stance for the restoration of the judiciary and removal of Musharraf:

Parties who have taken a public stance for the restoration of the Nov 3 judiciary

  • PML-N
  • ANP

Parties who have “promised” to impeach Musharraf:

  • PML-N
  • ANP
  • PPPP

The following prominent members of the former government have lost their seats:

  • Chaudhry Shujaat
  • Chaudry Pervez Elahi lost 2 of his three seats
  • Sheikh Rashid lost both seats and rumor has it that he has run out to Dubai again!
  • Rao Sikander Iqbal
  • Sher Afghan
  • Hamid Nasir Chatha lost his NA seat but got elected to the PA
  • Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri
  • Liaquat Jatoi
  • Daniyal Aziz
  • Humayun Akhtar
  • Wasi Zafar (famous for his vile-mouth and “ball-tampering“)

In addition, a well known government puppet, Fazal-ur Rehman has lost one of his two seats. He was elected to the NA from the other one.

The following is the assembly wise break down of results. These are changing every minute. You can watch the results live at:
Aaj Tv

This also has a link to watch GEO coverage of the elections, live and free.

National Assembly
PML-N : 50
PPPP: 34
PML (Q): 17
ANP: 9
MQM: 5

PML-N leads considerably with the closest ones being at half the number of seats

PPPP leads comfortably with MQM trailing behind

Awami National Party leads with PPPP close by

PML-Q leads the assembly followed closely by PPPP

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One response to “Election Roundup (0630 PST)”

  1. pakistan insaaf Avatar
    pakistan insaaf

    who can ever expect mqm to be honest? people from karachi always knew what kind of party mqm was, we always knew that mqm only won by rigging. finally so many people are speaking out against it. type rigging in karachi on google and so many results will show up with mqm’s name. fianlly people are starting to speak up against them, there are several videos clearly showing rigging online, some of them are posted on youtube: http://youtube.com/results?uploaded=d&search_query=mqm+rigging

    the quality is not that great, but you can tell whats going on, there are several other videos over the internet along with people sharing their persona experiences on elections day in online blogs. on the 26th of feb, ppp is taking mqm to court to the sindh high court for rigging these elections. honestly, enough of living in fear from these thugs, they should go and let us karachi people live in peace.