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Government thinking of releasing CJP

Breaking News on Geo tv saying that the: Government is actually thinking of ending C.J Iftikhar Chaudhry’s house arrest

This is an important development worth keeping an eye on as Nawaz Sharif has taken oath from all its candidates that they will work towards the restoration of the Nov 3 judiciary


  • Paklawyer |

    Reports – The federal government started mulling over terminating the detention of the deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry.

    In the light of results of the recent general elections and pledges made by various political parties, the government is pondering to release the deposed Chief Justice.

    The consultation process in this connection has set in, as the government has been given the same advice from diverse quarters.

    The spokesman of President Musharraf, Rashid Qureshi refused to comment on any such news regarding the release of the deposed chief justice, The government may release him, however, I have no knowledge of the same.

    Also, Attorney General of Pakistan Malik Qayyum refused to comment on the same.

  • Web Designer Group |

    I welcome this offer, but I think it is rumor. Mr. Musharaff is not a person to whom we trust. Many time he bybass his own words. How can be believe? The next government, as expected, will try for CJ. Only Mr. Nawaz not musharaf nor zardari.

  • Jawan |

    This is a news thats very difficult to believe. Mush the dictator has so far proved that he can go to any extent and croos all limits of decency in order to remain in power.
    The fool does not realise that the lawyers movement succeeded when he was forced to doff uniform. He is no longer able to play the game he had been playing for a long time.
    Now I challenge him to do what he can in order to stop the release of the judiciary and their ultimate restoration. It depends on Nawaz Sharif that he does not change his stance on this issue. The ball is no more in Mush’s court.

    Yet I think that if he start realising that he is now on his way back to the dustbin of history, it will be a good sign for himself as well as Pakistan.

    Musharraf you have been shown the yellow card and remember that you have lost the teeth to bite.
    Forget about the use of 58 (2) B. He cannot. At this early stage of election and formation of assembly he just cannot. Army will not approve of it for sure as it is going to be too much of price for the nation.

    So pray for the wisdom for the foolish Mush.